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  1. @walt.farrell I think I've learned my lesson to do that going forward. I don't know why I've never thought of doing that before.
  2. Hello, I'm freaking out. I've been working on a cover design for a few weeks now in Affinity Photo. And it seems in my last edit, I accidentally rasterized all the layers of the face I've been putting together into one pixel. Maybe I started working on the Group instead of a single layer without realizing and it automatically rasterized without me realizing. I just opened up the file to start working on the design and couldn't find the hair layers, only to realize the "Face" group is now one single pixel layer! Please, is there any way to undo this? Or am I doomed and have to start from scratch?
  3. Yes, I am. Also not using WARP. Set to default ( VMWare SVGA 3D) Not currently using my Mac so here's specs for Windows laptop: Processor: Intel (R) CoreTM i3-2328M CPU @ 2.20 GHz 2.20 GHz RAM: 8.00 GB (Don't know if I did that right!)
  4. Just to add that I, too, am having the same issue after the update. When simply trying to move a layer around everything sticks and moves in static like fashion. I thought it was my computer so I rebooted a couple of times. Checked task manager when the issues persisted and realized it is indeed affinity.
  5. Back when the update just came out, I lamented that Affinity wasn't loading my fonts. A few helpful folks recommended I uninstall all my fonts and use a font manager. Which I did. It worked well for a little while. But over the past few weeks, I have been battling serious font issues with Affinity. I have less than 200 fonts installed, if that many, and try to manage the rest with Fontbase. But now Affinity is not even cooperating with Fontbase. Whenever I activate a font in Fontbase to use it, Affinity crashes and closes when "updating font cache". Okay, I decided to just install a font if I need it instead since it no longer works with Fontbase. Should solve the issue, right? No. It doesn't load the font AT ALL. This is greatly slowing down my productivity. I'm designing flyers and covers all day long and now I have a bunch of art drafts with no typography because the fonts aren't loading. HELP, please? What should I do?
  6. This one just happened after I opened Font Base. 51f448ce-599b-4bd3-8c1d-57ee87893b0d.dmp
  7. @Chris B Where do I find the crash report? Affinity keeps closing on me without warning.
  8. I am having this exact issue. Affinity freezes and crashes whenever I try to use LUTs. I recently installed the 10-pack LUTs I downloaded from Olivio. Also, (please let me know if I should create a separate post for this) as of about a last week or so, affinity has been closing randomly in the middle of working. Sometimes it crashes first, and other times it just closes on me without warning. I came on here to see if anyone else was having these issues.
  9. @Mark Ingram No I don't. Though his issue is about files that're already there. For me, it's reverse, affinity is telling me I already have a file with that name. Since yesterday though, I notice I haven't been getting the prompt whenever I try to save to the "Downloads" folder. But I get it when trying to save anywhere else - Dropbox, One Drive Desktop etc.
  10. @MarshallHarrison I'm using a MacBook Pro. I'm running Windows in Bootcamp, because I find that Windows is more compatible with apps that I use on a daily basis and OS makes everything unnecessarily complicated. So I would have to disagree.
  11. I have AVG only now. I had Malwarebytes also, but uninstalled it a few days ago to test if it might have been a culprit also, but now it's off and I'm still having issues.
  12. @Mark Ingram Just opening the app alone sometimes freeze my computer. These days I try to make sure every single software on my computer is closed (especially MS Word) and all my WIPs are saved before I open AP because I never know what's going to happen. I use AP daily.
  13. @Mark Ingram It wasn't just that one file, it was any file. The app itself freezes and monopolizes my entire computer.
  14. Hi, @Chris B. When I am saving both locally and in the cloud. I would make up names like "tttkkklllllhyJuly2nd2019" just to test it, and I would still get the prompt that there's already a file by that name. It's happening with every single document, new or old.
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