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    Yes, Here's to us old guys having fun with this stuff!!!!
  2. Sam Ramzan

    Introduce Yourself

    Hello Matt, my name is Sam, I have been in graphic design and full web development for 19 years. I am from Tijuana, Mexico, and a happy member of this forum. I have all the Affinity design programs (Designer, Photo and Publisher), and I could not be more excited about the Affinity toolkit. In my home office, we are a team of 3, as you can all imagine, it was a lot of money for the monthly subscription to the company "A", so I bought the Affinity licenses for the 3 of us. Thanks to Serif, we are a much more productive creative team. By the way, I am 55 years old and Affinity returned me to the enthusiasm of my way back 30s
  3. Hello friends, any news on the non-destructive distort for nested, smart objects etc in Affinity Photo? For me as a GD and WD would be fabulous. That is the only thing missing for me to fully acknowledge that I'm glad to have dumped Adobe's products.