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  1. The new drag and drop function between projects is phenomenal, but when I copy or drag from one project to the other, all the layers end up from top to bottom instead of having the same order and position as the original on the layers inspector.
  2. Yes, Here's to us old guys having fun with this stuff!!!!
  3. Hello Matt, my name is Sam, I have been in graphic design and full web development for 19 years. I am from Tijuana, Mexico, and a happy member of this forum. I have all the Affinity design programs (Designer, Photo and Publisher), and I could not be more excited about the Affinity toolkit. In my home office, we are a team of 3, as you can all imagine, it was a lot of money for the monthly subscription to the company "A", so I bought the Affinity licenses for the 3 of us. Thanks to Serif, we are a much more productive creative team. By the way, I am 55 years old and Affinity returned me to the enthusiasm of my way back 30s
  4. Hello friends, any news on the non-destructive distort for nested, smart objects etc in Affinity Photo? For me as a GD and WD would be fabulous. That is the only thing missing for me to fully acknowledge that I'm glad to have dumped Adobe's products.
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