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  1. Look at the screen, after \1 I choose Non-Breaking Space from the context menu.
  2. This is why I usually use (\s\b.{1,2}\b)\s - also previously described. You can repeat many times and spaces are not duplicated.
  3. And this regular expression and replacement text are the best. And I think that's what it was all about.
  4. Affinity Designer V2's measuring and scaling tools are a major breakthrough and speed up my workflow of large-format ad design and vehicle wrapping. Up until now I have been calculating the scale of projects myself and the new tools do this for me in an intuitive and simple way. Thank you!
  5. Once again a big thank you for the great work of the Affinity team. Version 2 of all three programs is very efficient on my old computer (Windows 10) and the new tools were much anticipated. Thank you also for the starter discount. This is a great support for freelancers, as is the universal licence. I won't be limited by the system when choosing my next computer. Also glad to see lots of small improvements and a great new education panel. Great job!
  6. @jmwellborn Thank you for the kind words. I also love the lands of the Polish-Czech border, where I live, I like graphic works on interesting objects, of which there are many. The term "monumental beech" refers to the official term "natural monument" given to legally protected natural objects. Sorry for my English.
  7. Look at this: Boolean operations and non-destructive compounds | Affinity Designer for desktop tutorials (serif.com) Expand stroke | Affinity Designer for desktop tutorials (serif.com) I couldn't see this file SVG files dragged into Figma have problem with object scale (with viewbox option) and line (stroke) thickness. You should be aware of what kind of objects this logo consists of.
  8. Layers and groups shouldn't be a problem in Figma, only the set viewbox option turned on. Attach the problematic SVG file here.
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