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  1. pgraficzny

    Affinity Photo for Windows - 1.7.0

    Great! Thank you very much for your work!
  2. Thank you for your great work with regular expressions. It met my expectations and works well with Polish conjunctions. On the screenshots, you can see how regular expressions correct conjunctions at the end of the line. "Search and replace", where we enter the following expressions: Search for a regular expression: (\s[iuawzoIUAWZO])(\s) - for individual characters (\s(Do|W|We|Z|Za|Ze|I|O|U|A|do|w|we|z|za|ze|i|o|u|a))(\s) or (\s\b.{1,2}\b)\s - for longer words Tekst zastępujący: \1[Non Breaking Space - from the pop-up menu] The rules come from: https://swiatczytnikow.pl/jak-pozbyc-sie-wiszacych-spojnikow-w-calibre/ It would be useful to be able to save the rule in the Publisher. Maybe it exists and I did not find it? PS. Sorry for my English - Google translate
  3. Actually! The new table created in the new version is good! Nothing strange is happening
  4. Sorry, this method does not work. The last row lengthens with each edition of the table indefinitely...
  5. Unfortunately, version did not improve this error
  6. Try to enter the text in the cells of the attached file - you will see how the last row increases.
  7. Tables in an uncontrolled manner change the height when writing text. File in attachment. table.afpub
  8. Thank you very much for your answers and tips!
  9. pgraficzny

    Russian dictionary

    Not necessarily. The recent update did not damage the dictionary directory
  10. The numerical transparency values for the fill in the table are missing...
  11. walt.farrell This thread contains a description of the problem:
  12. I understand. The way to do this is to flatten the shadows and background for one bitmap layer The drop shadow is only K channel. Thanks!
  13. Please check CMYK channels. The shadow should only be in the K (black)channel. I also opened the PDF file in AD, unfortunately the shadow is in all channels.