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  1. Another village council board with a map.
  2. @jmwellborn Thank you for the kind words. I also love the lands of the Polish-Czech border, where I live, I like graphic works on interesting objects, of which there are many. The term "monumental beech" refers to the official term "natural monument" given to legally protected natural objects. Sorry for my English.
  3. Look at this: Boolean operations and non-destructive compounds | Affinity Designer for desktop tutorials (serif.com) Expand stroke | Affinity Designer for desktop tutorials (serif.com) I couldn't see this file SVG files dragged into Figma have problem with object scale (with viewbox option) and line (stroke) thickness. You should be aware of what kind of objects this logo consists of.
  4. Layers and groups shouldn't be a problem in Figma, only the set viewbox option turned on. Attach the problematic SVG file here.
  5. Hi and welcome! I am working with AD and Figma under Windows. When I export SVG with no Set viewbox, after dragging to Figma (desktop app) the logo is generally OK, but Your troubles happen. Then it is enough to change the size of the graphic as shown in screenshot. Sorry for my English. If the image consists of contour lines (stroke), they are so thin that you cannot see them and you need to change their thickness.
  6. @Wosven I forgot to add that i also used texture from The Dirk Wüstenhagen Fine Art Texture Collection for the map background - which are a bonus to Affinity Photo 1.6
  7. @GarryP It is a mountain valley - roads, rivers and railroads are indeed very picturesquely intertwined. The brown line is the border of the county. Map are not for precise locating. In the context of the place where the board with the map is presented, everything is clear 🙂
  8. Interactive development plan on the flats developer's website. The work included minimalist design - drawing in Affinity Designer, export to SVG and integration with the CMS system.
  9. Illustrated maps for village promotion and tourist places. Created in Affinity Designer using vector technique combined with bitmap using Concept Master Vol.1: Nature Brush Pack brushes and those created by myself. So far, for several maps, I have drawn about 200 objects with varying degrees of accuracy.
  10. I believe this is the right direction. There are already many DAM / RAW applications that everyone will find something for their camera.
  11. Perfect job. Thanks to the Affinity team and the users of this forum for their work and continuous improvement. Sorry for my English.
  12. Thank you to the Affinity team and the active users of this forum for your work and for not letting go and constantly striving to improve. Thanks also for another free update (many were convinced there would be a paid version) which is especially good at this difficult time for all of us. Sorry for my English.
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