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  1. I also own all the Affinity apps since they came out, and I'm glad Affinity is making a gesture of help again, lowering prices. This is a great opportunity to recommend software and encourage you to try it out. Collaboration and work sharing is easier when there are more users of the same software
  2. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all Serif staff and the entire Affinity community! Thank you for Your work and help in this difficult year.
  3. Thank you very much for your work. In Affinity Publisher text is the most important!
  4. Thank you very much for your work. For me, the performance of the PC application is noticeably better.
  5. In tools like Clone Brush Tool i Healing Brush Tool must Alt + Click to set a source before trying to clone. As of version, the first click does not set the clone source, or not does it appear in the brush preview. Only the second click set/shows the source. It's a bit annoying and extends the working time. I use One by Wacom CTL-671 (in pen mode), I do not use Windows Ink, with the mouse the problem does not occur.
  6. You don't need Windows Ink enabled in 1.8 to use pressure. In Preferences > Tools, disable "Use Windows Ink for tablet input".
  7. Attempting to open or import some * .psd files closes the Affinity v. 1.8 application. Turning the "Import PSD smart object where possible" option on / off has no effect. I attach a problem file. Podhalanka.psd
  8. Thank you for wonderful applications and support. Amazing offer is very welcome at this troubling time. Stay well, all of you!
  9. Integration with Windows Ink causes so many problems that the pen is useless in Affinity 1.8 programs After reading many threads on the forum regarding tablet support under Windows and experimenting with options, I got rid of problems. I returned to the old Wacom driver (Preferences Bamboo) and disabled Windows handwriting in it. At the moment I do not have support for pen pressure, but I can do without it waiting for corrections.
  10. AD 1.8 sometimes closes during duplication using the ALT shortcut + pen drag (One by WACOM CTL-671). Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. However, it works well with the mouse. Windows Ink works. Holding down the CTRL key and dragging the object also closes AD 1.8. If I grab the object first and move it and then press CTRL (holding the object), I manage to create a copy without closing the program.
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