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  1. 1.7.3 has froze up on me twice since updating. Gonna have to go back to 1.7.2.
  2. Thank You, Wosven and Chris_K!! That's what I was looking for. Now I, at least, know that it's not my video card, it's just my intelligence (did I say "intelligence"??). Thanks again for the explanation, and my thanks to all for their valued help.
  3. reglico, my thanks for your video. However, what you are doing doesn't quite fit in with the "problem" I ran into. I've enclosed a video to show you what happens when I do what I was talking about in my first post. Note that I am using the English version of Affinity Photo and the word Wrap is there in place of "Ajustement" on your version. Also notice that the option Extend is missing when I attempt to refill the rectangle with a different pattern. Here are the exact steps I'm taking which lead up to the problem... 1. I fill the rectangle with a bitmap pattern (Extend option is set to Wrap) 2. I I use Distort: Perspective to narrow the bottom of the rectangle 3. I refill the rectangle with a different pattern (Extend option in Toolbar is missing) 4. Bang! The entire document if filled with a "stretched" version of the pattern. The same thing will happen when I eliminate Step 1 and use Perspective followed by filling with a Bitmap pattern. Perhaps you can duplicate this problem on your system? I've included a video of the whole process. 2018-06-24_16h31_47.avi
  4. Alfred: Yes, it is on "None", but upon changing it to Bitmap, the Extend drop-down menu is set to Wrap by default. Then, after changing Perspective and trying to fill with a different pattern, as soon as I click on the pattern I want, the screen fills up with a stretched/distorted version as in the second image of my original post, And please note this: Extend in the Toolbar disappears after the first time I use it and so I cannot change the setting before I fill with the second pattern. I assume it must be still on the default of Wrap since I could not change it. I hope I'm explaining things correctly, and thank you for trying to help.
  5. I understand what all of you are saying, but I cannot find the drop-down options of Wrap or Repeat anywhere. I looked in Affinity Help and also online. My apologies if this is something I should know already, but "Extend" does not seem to be in the Toolbar . See my screen-capture (You'll notice I have gradient chosen).
  6. I'm running Windows 64bit w/dual AMD 8950 video cards. In Affinity Photo, below, the image on the left is what I'm working with: I created a rectangle and then inserted a bitmap. Then I use Perspective to narrow the bottom of the rectangle. Afterwards, in the image on the right, I have chosen to change the bitmap with a different one and this is what happens. Is this a problem with AP or does it mean my vid card is screwing up? I've repeated this several times with other bitmaps and got the same results.
  7. Gnobelix, thank you for your help. However, time was critical for me and I needed the Affinity apps ASAP, so I ended up reinstalling Windows 10 in order to hopefully fix the problem. It did work, but now I have no idea what caused it in the first place. Thanks for the uninstall link, though, because I never knew about it before and I think it'll come in handy someday.
  8. Today I installed an updated graphics driver for my desktop PC running Windows 64-bit. Both Affinity Photo & Affinity Designer were open when the computer had to restart. After the reboot, both Photo and Designer crash every time I try to start a new document OR try to open a saved file. I get an error message (I've enclosed in an attachment). So I uninstalled both programs and downloaded Photo, but it still crashes with the same error (I have not bothered to download Designer). I then rolled back the graphics driver to the version that was working before with Photo & Designer, but the apps still crashed. Don't know what else to try.
  9. Thanks, dutchsader. Just goes to show how much I try to understand apps I use (embarrassing).
  10. How about an optional combined Copy & Paste choice (preferably in the context menu) so that both tasks can be performed in one click. I know that feature sure would save me a lot of extra moves & clicks.
  11. I have a Logitech MX Master 25 mouse. The onscreen cursor moves at appropriate set speed in all apps & on the desktop except in Affinity Designer. It moves at much faster (and uncontrollable) speed. I don't have that problem in Affinity Photo, just Designer. I've tried all speed settings and the mouse works accordingly in everything other than Designer. This may not be a problem with Affinity, maybe it's a fault with the mouse software/driver, but I thought I'd check if anyone else has encountered such a problem and could they fix it. I am also contacting Logitech for their help.
  12. Please forgive me. I misunderstood the wording at the end of the email I received today from Affinity, but all is well now. Thank you for your kind response and not pointing out my stupidity.
  13. At the risk of sounding like a complete idiot, where are the apps available for Photo and Designer on Windows? I haven't had any luck locating them on the Affinity web site.
  14. This problem has persisted at completely random times since I purchased the programs in February, 2017: When selecting "Edit in Photo" or "Edit in Designer" either one will crash. Sometimes the file is retrievable, but often not. I am running Windows 10 updated and on a more than capable desktop PC.
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