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  1. 2022 still the same. I had to google the meaning of this warning. JohaWeber is right.
  2. I use plain search/replace function with: (\<[szkvaiouSZKVAIOU])[ ]+ replaced by: $1<NBSP> Replace all works on the whole document.
  3. When I need to change the size of a picture frame AND its content, i have to drag the point A. But what if i need the point A to stay at its position and resize the image from the point C? I can't. I know, there are several possibilities in the Picture Frame Properties. But then I begin a circle of turning fitting options on and off/opening the Properties/choosing the proper anchor point to which measure the transformations/closing the Properties/ and so on repeatedly. This workflow is terrible. I need a smooth system to work with frames. Change its size WITH or WITHOUT transforming picture from ANY side. So the points B, C, D are my original feature request P.S. I know I can choose picture frame layer or picture layer, and transform them, or double clicking the frame, but again. Point and click. Like back in the days of LucasArts games.
  4. Greetings to Serif! Please, would it be possible to add the additional anchor points for scaling a picture frame with its content to all four corners? It would be a great timesaver. Now i can scale the frame with a picture only using the bottom right corner. Thank you, sincerely Stepan
  5. Oh, now I get it! It's essential to create or move Artboards with "Force Pixel Alignment" turned on. Then, the export performs well. Also, if you need to move pixel misaligned Artboards for the first time, don't forget to turn 'Move By Whole Pixels" off. Otherwise, you'll again snap between pixels. Once you're pixel perfect, you can turn the feature on.
  6. Hi guys! Any news? I can confirm the issue is still here. Although the background of all Artboards within the Designer's document overlaps their borders, I still get the transparent frame around exported PNGs. The two attachments show the Artboard and the exported PNG. (BTW, I'm on the latest 1.10.4. Windows)
  7. Quite late, but here's the answer. If anybody else is interested. I've got a Lenovo Thinkbook YOGA 14s with Intel Iris XE and I can confirm that it works, but terribly slow and at 100 % CPU. With the acceleration turned off everything is lighting fast
  8. Hello. I have a problem... I thought, the black swatch in the color palette (the default black – see the screenshot) was 0, 0, 0, 100 in CMYK. But mine is 84, 84, 78, 99. Unfortunately, I sent a magazine PDF to the printer and the whole document had a wrong text color (this composite black). Can someone help me how to force Publisher, so the default black is pure 100% K? Thank you
  9. Thank you for the reply @stokerg! Here I attached the document. As you can see, I have created a document swatches palette called "Portfolio" with some global colors in it. If you open the Decorations dialog within the Paragraph panel, click on the Fill field and choose Swatches, there is the same "Portfolio" color palette, but displayed colors differ from these in Swatches dialog panel (some more, some less, it's obvious on first three swatches violet/blue variations of same colors). See the screenshot in my post from April 4/3/2021 above. I have a new computer and the issue is present on both machines. (Windows 10, always the latest update.) Sincerely Stepan Trnka_portfolio_Swatches_mismatch.afpub
  10. Thank you. But meanwhile, strangely, the issue disappeared with the new 1.10 update. Let me know if you still want to examine the document, I'll post it somewhere. EDIT: It crossed my mind right now. I've also got a new computer. I could bring back my old one to check it once again with the new update on the old machine...
  11. Of course this is the case. I need to specify the lenght of the text overflow... Quite often. Of course, there's a workaround, but why not to have it directly in the Publisher? In the bottom info row for example.
  12. Unfortunately not. It's a Pen tool. But it looks completely different.
  13. Thank you. In most cases, here on Windows, the Ctrl key has a simmilar functionality to a Command key on Mac. But it means, you have one extra modiffier key on Mac. On the screenshot I'm holding Ctrl. So now there isn't any difference between Click and Ctrl Click.
  14. So it's not possible to add an anchor between two existing anchors of a closed path using Pen tool? I can't just temporarily switch to Node tool (Ctrl) and click (as I would do in Anchor tool), beacuse it performs Ctrl + Click, which means Delete segment.
  15. Hold on! This is very well known issue with files synchronized with OneDrive as AlanPickup mentioned before.
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