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  1. Hi! Please, is it possible to change the colour of multiple selected curves at one, BUT relatively to their innitial value? EG some sort of slight colorize effect. I swear, I have seen it before somewhere. There were several dots on the colour wheel moving together. Or was it Affinity Photo? Thank you
  2. I did it before, forgot to mention it. The problem is with the swatches itself. They look differently in the swatch panel and in the Paragraph Decoration selection:
  3. Hello, I came across another mystery. I have several Global Colours set in the document. But with one special text frame, these colours look differently. They're much brighter almost like they're in another color space. Please, help me 🙂
  4. Hi, recently I came across a bug or a strange behavior in the Publisher. When I try to open the Text Style palette, Publisher takes some 15–25 % of the CPU and freezes. Also it takes more and more memory till it's full. I've been working on a document for several days now and today I encountered this. The other documents are fine. Also opening a backup file I do every day doesn't help. Does anybody have a clue, what's going on? Is there a way how could I figure out, where's the problem? I am on the latest Publisher and the latest Windows. Thank you very much!
  5. Please, the link is brokem. Does your answer mean, it's possible to set the scaling of exported slices? Thank you.
  6. Hi! Please, is it possible? I have document done in the Publisher and saved as afpub. Is it possible to continue the work in Publisher with all the pages opened as artboards? Thank you.
  7. I also don't get it. It's discussed here regularly on the Forum. It is not a bug. Do you want to use Spray Paint Textures by MiksKS in all three apps? Go ahead and download 3 × 1GB of the same package...
  8. I don't think, this is friendly to the SSD EDIT: Rasterise & Trim got me here: The same document, but images are not linked, but embeded as pixel layers. But it's just a workaround, not a solution. Because in this case, I lose an important part of the Publisher's abbilities. 😕
  9. There is simplier solution. Place PDF, convert the rectangle to a Picture frame, and now click on Clear Fill on Populate button in the top left corner. Now you can set the colour of the background and the stroke.
  10. It's 4 images per page on average, I'm on page 22 now, and still counting Image size is around A4 in most cases. And is it really irrelevant whether it's "flat" jpg or psd with layers or even a print PDF with fonts embeded, raster and vector graphics and so on? I know, everybody must hate this sentence... But... In InDesign, it wouldn't be any issue, since it works with lowres thumbnails. And frankly, I don't see any advantage for this kind of task to work with hires data. Would be the Rasterise & Trim or Convert pixel layer to image node a solution for me? Would I get the (let'
  11. OK. Would it be a solution if I re-compute all the images using the new feature? What is it called? "Convert pixel layer to image node" Or "Rasterise & Trim"...
  12. I'm preparing my portfolio. So it's quite mixed. From simple JPGs, through PSDs to print PDFs. So if I understand correctly, Affinity apps just need all the data stored in memory, so they can perform all the tasks we love. It's not possible with lowres "dummies" (or how to call it) My SSD is swapping all the time and it doesn't matter if it's re-loading pictures or just swapping because of the insufficent memory. I have 16GB RAM and I never thought I needed an upgrade for simple DTP tasks before.
  13. Please, could someone help me? I'm preparing some stuff in the Publisher. And I wonder, why is the RAM usage so high. All my images are linked none is embeded. But I get a full memory right after opening the afpub file i'm working on for several days. And I mean totally full. No other piece of software demand so much. Even 3D, audio, video applications. It happens only with the Publisher. Is it normal or is it some sort of bug? Thank you.
  14. Hi. After finishing my first serious project, few questions crossed my mind: Imagine I have a linked JPG. Then I edit the picture in Publisher's Photo Persona and I need to swap the original jpg for the new *.afpub picture. Is there a way how to do this automatically? Or do I have save the picture first and then re-link the picture in Publisher Persona? (Yes. I don't want to bounce my edits back to the jpg. I'd lilke to keep all the changes.) Also, when I bounce the image back to jpg, Publisher crashes immediately. Re-linking the picture means, I loose the placement of the original
  15. Oh. I found it. I just deactivated the "Clear Fill On Populate" button (whatever it means :-D). If anyone else is interested
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