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  1. Hello, I have a question. Are there the live filters present in the ADesigner? I have made an illustration in the ADesigner (*.afdesign), then i opened it in the APhoto, added a live filter layer and saved. Now, when i open it in the ADesigner again (*.afphoto this time) I can see the live filter layer, and I can even edit the values. But I don't see any possibility to add a new one. Is that true, I can edit filters, that are allready added by the APhoto, but not adding new ones? Thanx, Stepaan
  2. Hello. Is there an assignable shortcut for enabling/disabling snapping? I have found only a shortcut for evoking a Snapping Manager, but not the trigger itself. Thank you.
  3. Please, how do I make it to work inside the Publisher? I have followed this: Everything went OK, I restarted Publisher, but my language still isn't present there (Czech language (cs-CZ), Publisher 1.8.3., Windows 10). Thank you. EDIT: Now it works well. I made a mistake and pointed to the cs-CZ directory itself. Later I changed the path so that now it ends in the 'Dictionaries' directory. Thank you so much for the tutorial.
  4. Hello! I have a problem with symbols in Publisher's Designer Persona. When I try to drag and drop a symbol from the palette to the page, the application crashes (goes unresponsive, then goes bright). Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V from page to page works OK. I'm on Windows 10 and the latest Publisher 1.8.3. Thank you.
  5. I apologize for the confusion. At the time of posting the question I thought, the Photo persona was a complete Affinity Photo opened within the publisher itself. Now I know I was wrong. And yes, I was editing an embedded image. I wanted do save the preset for a later use. It's not possible. I also wonder why we don't have any Central library of presets of all kinds for use in various Affinity applications...
  6. Thank you. I didn't specify I was in the Publisher's Photo persona. It's not possible to do so in there.
  7. Thank you. My notebook is ancient. 😄 Also the nVidia drivers are quite old. I can understand I can't expect modern software to run flawlessly here. But thank you for your answer.
  8. Hi all! Please, is it possible to save presets of adjustment layers? I didn't find any answer to it yet. Thank you.
  9. Oh no. It seems it has something to do with my nVidia graphic card. When I switch to the basic integrated card on my notebook, these artifacts are gone 😞
  10. Hello community! Being completely new here, I have maybe a silly question. When I open any image in AP, I get these strange gray artifacts (notable in shadows behind the book and also everywhere else where light gradients should be). When I edit or view this image anywhere else, it's OK, also when i save the image and re-open it in Photoshop, everything is OK. It happens only in Affinity Photo. Could someone help me? Thank you, Stepaan
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