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  1. You don't need Windows Ink enabled in 1.8 to use pressure. In Preferences > Tools, disable "Use Windows Ink for tablet input".
  2. Attempting to open or import some * .psd files closes the Affinity v. 1.8 application. Turning the "Import PSD smart object where possible" option on / off has no effect. I attach a problem file. Podhalanka.psd
  3. Thank you for wonderful applications and support. Amazing offer is very welcome at this troubling time. Stay well, all of you!
  4. Integration with Windows Ink causes so many problems that the pen is useless in Affinity 1.8 programs After reading many threads on the forum regarding tablet support under Windows and experimenting with options, I got rid of problems. I returned to the old Wacom driver (Preferences Bamboo) and disabled Windows handwriting in it. At the moment I do not have support for pen pressure, but I can do without it waiting for corrections.
  5. AD 1.8 sometimes closes during duplication using the ALT shortcut + pen drag (One by WACOM CTL-671). Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. However, it works well with the mouse. Windows Ink works. Holding down the CTRL key and dragging the object also closes AD 1.8. If I grab the object first and move it and then press CTRL (holding the object), I manage to create a copy without closing the program.
  6. Thanks for another great update. I was waiting a lot for manual lens correction and they were not disappointed - that was it - great work!
  7. Cool! To complete the miracle you still need to grasp hanging Polish conjunctions (do, w, we, z, za, ze, i, o, u, a etc.) Read and use:
  8. Sorry, this was the palette below: Character / Language / Spelling: Polski (Polska)
  9. Do you have the correct language set in the Paragraph panel under Language / Spelling?
  10. Hi mokry, if you attached screenshots together with text palettes, it would be easier to help. Did you select the "Use auto-hypenation" option in the "Hypenation" palette? This is a frequently overlooked step. Maybe this thread will help you: Also look at the attached screenshot.
  11. Congratulations´╗┐ to the Affinity Team on the First 5 Year!
  12. Thats great! Thank you very much! The files have probably been replaced somewhere. Indeed, my old version of PS CS6 is great for testing PDF files - it includes a PostScript interpreter. Thank you for your answer
  13. Preflight at the printers warns that the PDF does not overprint black even though the option "Overprint black" was selected when exporting. I don't have Acrobat, so I can't check it. Attached is a sample source file, exported pdf and export settings screen. Please check and confirm. If confirmed, report an error. Link Dropbox for source file https://www.dropbox.com/s/fgz70g1y6mmxom3/Test_DLx3.afpub?dl=0 Link Dropbox for PDF file https://www.dropbox.com/s/qfrjiizopxj3fkg/Test_DLx3.pdf?dl=0 I apologize for my English - Google translate.
  14. Now I have read about the properties of the "Set viewBox" option - this option is enough for me
  15. Width and height dimensions in exported files have a value of 100%. Sometimes values are needed in pixels. You must then change them in a text editor. Is it possible to enter an additional option in the "Export Options" panel that enables widtch and height values expressed in pixels?
  16. When copying and pasting content in a table from one cell to another the row size expands exponentially downwards. When the expanded cell is selected the deleted the cell above takes on the expanded cell size.
  17. There are still problems using brushes, especially when using the Wacom One tablet. At times, painting with a feather does not bring results and the mouse succeeds.
  18. There are still problems using brushes, especially when using the Wacom One tablet. At times, painting with a feather does not bring results and the mouse succeeds.
  19. In Photo Persona, the mask added to the layer is moved (screen-02). Added as "New layer with mask" is good (screen-03).
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