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  1. I am just saying, that my first impression of Studio Link was way better, than the actual experience after playing with it. The "Edit in Publisher" menu item will definitely help.
  2. Yep, also Brushes and Assets are not synchronized
  3. For example, you don't have an Export Persona like in the Designer app or a Liquify Persona like in Photo app.
  4. I think Studio Link is kind of misleading. At first I thought, that if I choose Publisher as a main app for my workflow, I will get all the features of other apps, so I don't need to start every of them, but as it discovered, that's only partially true, because Photo and Designer personas inside Publisher doesn't have all the features of corresponding standalone apps.
  5. Is there an option to open file in Publisher if you work in Designer or Photo? Also, while in Publisher, if you choose Designer or Photo persona, other personas like Export persona are missing. Any plans to get them integrated without starting Designer and Photo separately?
  6. So, if I want to export an icon, I have to start Designer and there is no way to go back, except saving the file and opening it with Publisher from a folder? Can we have at least an option "File -> Edit in Publisher" added to Designer and Photo?
  7. Yes, I know, that you can just open a file from a folder. I mean, we have such options as "File -> Edit in Designer" and "File -> Edit in Photo", but we don't have an option "File - > Edit in Publisher". If we had other personas like "Export persona" inside Publisher, that would be great. Isn't the idea of Studio Link that you don't have to jump between apps? That's why I am asking.
  8. Hello, I am sorry, if this was asked for hundred times already (didn't find anything within forum search). So the problem is, that for web-design AD isn't well suited, because currently there are no options to share a file with someone, who is going to make an HTML layout out of it and doesn't own Affinity app. Exporting to PSD partially solves it, but if your design has a lot of text, it is going to be rasterized and lose all the data about the size and etc. It will be really good if you could make a viewer app, where you can not edit anything, but you can see all the measurements, copy text and export layers. A possibility to copy CSS would be good, but no really needed. And what is aswell very important is that this app must be free. Something like figma did, where you share your work with other developers for viewing purposes.
  9. Look, I don't have any problems with exporting to PDF. And I don't want to hear about other software. I just want Affinity to be more usable for web-design. I don't know, why you are against it. Do you have any concerns? Currently AD is very good for my own needs if I do all the work by myself, including design, HTML conversion and programming the damn website. But as soon as I need to share my designs with other developers, that's where all the problems start. Currently I can not and I am not allowed to use AD in my company only because of these issues. In my opinion, the viewer app is the best way to solve them. One more way is to export to PSD without text being rasterized, but it solves it only for Photoshop users and I am not sure, if Affinity developers will ever make it happen.
  10. Maybe because I want to use Affinity and Figma supports only Sketch files?
  11. Something like in figma, where you can share your work with people, but they are not able to edit your design. View the files Get color codes, font-families and sizes View the guides, grid and distances between objects Export images and icons I guess, that's all you need to convert a design to HTML template
  12. Did you ever tried to use exported PDF? I don't say it is impossible, but it's a pain. First of all, you can not use it in Photoshop. If you try to use Illustrator (and most of developers don't use it), it's still a pain. Why? Because a lot of objects are inside a clipping masks and, usually, developers don't know how to deal with them. Because you don't get guides, because paragraph texts are converted to single line texts. And so on. Yes, I do, but it is a nice feature to have in a viewer app oriented to web-design. I am from eastern Europe. It's not the case here, unless you work for a very big studio. My company outsourcing heavily and hire many freelancers. Most of them use Photoshop or Sketch. When you tell them, that they need Affinity Designer, they tell you: "Never heard of it, are you nuts?". Don't forget, that most of them do not know the program as good as a designer. They use it just to get information. This takes a lot of time, especially for the big projects. And why should I do this, if all the data developer needs is in the file? Hey, guys from my company are already not happy to hear about Affinity products. Do you think they would like to spend 50$ for every freelancer? I bet, they will pay me 50$ to shut up and forget about it. The viewer app can fill the gap between a designer and developer, that's why I need it. And since we have 3 apps built on the same engine (or how do you call it), why not to get a very simple one with very limited features? You will not be able to use it to create anything, but it will make Affinity software much more attractive.
  13. I agree. AD should get some improvements regarding web-design features. As a workaround you can try https://jakearchibald.github.io/svgomg/ to optimize your exported icons.
  14. I guess, this is the way Serif set their business priorities. We can cry and pray, but things are not going to change unless Serif change plans. They try to make money and if a version for iPad will earn them more money in less time, iPad app wins in the priorities list. We can't really do anything about it. This the way modern business models work.
  15. + for better UI. Current UI is kind of clunky. It should be more consistent, less distracting, without unneeded decorations as shadows and stuff. Interactive elements could use some more love (hover, active states). The usability should be addressed, for example, HEX color field is a must for all color dialogs. Better spacing, size and alignment for UI elements. I wish, Serif spent their time for these issues, not the "Light UI" thing.
  16. How are we going to get updates? I can't see any menu option, like "Check for updates".
  17. Is there any progress, regarding this issue. This thing drives me mad. https://youtu.be/pzGrckYv38Q AP, same thing in AD
  18. Hey, Is there a way to turn off artboard white outline? If there is no such option, this should go to the suggestions thread.
  19. Just a feedback, guys. Paragraph panel is a total mess: 1. What happened to paragraph leading dropdawn button (see screenshot)? 2. Paragraph icons are inconsistent. "Space after paragraph" icon has an indent and others don't. This just makes no sense. 3. The spacing is very bad. Icons should be visually closer to the corresponding input boxes 4. UI elements are misaligned 5. Icons are not sharp. Yeah, they should look good on retina screens, but on a basic monitor they are ugly. I don't want to fix only these mentioned issues, I think, that UI should be looked at and redesigned. The paragraph panel is a good and very important example, because we use it very often and it should look solid. For now it's hard to understand how to use it and you need to spend a lot of time to get familiar with the options, even that all of these options you've already seen in other application.
  20. Are we going to get a discount if we already own the 1.x version?
  21. Hello, I had a few crashes while using AD, so how can I find crash logs? Do you have some automatic crash reporting tool?
  22. MadMak

    How to report crashes?

    No folder for AD https://yadi.sk/i/V4BTq9KJ3DZ4nD, but I have it for AP. Also found some dumps https://yadi.sk/i/EMdz2zcE3DZ5XuI don't know if they are related or not. Screenshot from the system events https://yadi.sk/i/Wii8jpcH3DZAPS I will try to create this folder manually, maybe this will help with reporting. If you need some other related info, just ask.
  23. MadMak

    How to report crashes?

    Hmm... I don't have CrashReports folder at %AppData%\Affinity\Designer\1.0\ . And I've never been asked to report a crash, but AD crashed a few times for sure.
  24. I think, he meant the faster way to get values for CSS, not getting the generated CSS.