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  1. Well ... I'm SUPER Fan of Affinity Designer ... But unfortunately there is no feature that comes close to the Mesh Tool. See in the link what you can do with the tool. There is no way to compare! It is a super advanced feature that is needed for those who want to illustrate. Apart from this Mario, I saw a bunch of other wonderful illustrations looking like 3D effects with Mesh Tool. https://www.behance.net/gallery/53157365/Super-Mario-Vector-Illustrator-Mesh-Tool
  2. Hi! Our friend Aappaa has already "solved" the issue. In Affinity 1.6 when clicking on the thumbnail in any persona you can make a selection, and in 1.7 only in the persona pixel. It would be better not to have to change persona only to do this... But... That's what we have! And solve my problem! Thank you!
  3. Ah! Thanks for the tip! Is that in version 1.6 it was not necessary to change to persona pixel ... So ... I did not even think about switching to persona pixel (no, I do not even remember when I used this persona for the last time). It was a bug that was between the keyboard and chair then ... :-D
  4. Hi! In Affinity 1.7 it is not possible to create a selection by clicking on the object (ctrl + click in object) and there is no other option to create a selection from the object (or group of objects).
  5. Hi! First ... I apologize for my bad English. Well ... I'm a big enthusiast of Afinnity Design ... But ... Lately I've been having problems with SVG exported. Nowadays to have a light website it is necessary to use SVG instead of PNG. Of course! My clients pay me to have a beautiful and super light website. The big problem is the way Affinity writes its output XML / SVG code. It is slightly larger than the Illustrator code (more significantly if you think of an entire site with many SVGs. The sum of all SVGs makes a big impact on the final upload performance of the site). The worst are th
  6. Hi! One more thing about SVGs. I bothered to open in my HTML editor to compare the differences between an SVG generated by Affinity and Illustrator. The reason the Illsutrator file is smaller is very clear. In Affinity, with each object created, all properties are rewritten. Example: style = "fill: # 231f20 In Illustrator, it creates a style inline where you create classes and only reuse this class in the elements. Example: .st27 { clip-path: url (# SVGID_2_); fill: # 231F20; } The Affinty path looks like this: <path d = "M86.883,87.755
  7. Hi Traveler! I just opened your logo on Affinity ... And it has 2 basic problems ... The first, that has an image inside. The second is that has "millions" of points! The amount of points, the higher the number of points, increase the file size. I suggest you rewrite "David Oliver Art" and then turn into curves. Use the "Smooth Curves" tool that helps you decrease the amount of points.
  8. Hi! Unfortunately I had the same problem here. I did everything as recommended, but the difference in size between Affinity Designer and Illustrator is great! In low complexity images, it has little gain, approximately 2kbites (imagine a site with 30 SVG! It makes a lot of difference). In images with higher complexity, it reached a difference of 7/8 kbites. What am I doing? I just open SVG in Illustrator and give a simple "save" and the size already reduces. But ... The Ideal would not have to open Illustrator. But I would like to emphasize that PNG also needs to improve too. The dif
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