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  1. Vector files exported by AD are at least twice as big as the same file exported by Adobe Illustrator. I've just now exported a logo: 28.108 bytes with AD ("SVG for web"), 15.365 10.663 bytes with AI. (Updated: Smaller file had display errors) Small files sizes are IMHO still important when exporting graphics for the web... Can we expect improvements in this case?
  2. Now that I've tried another spectacle, I see it as well... Thank you Carl and MEB!
  3. Hm, there is no such command in the context menu or anywhere else... I've tried "Lock" but that does not prevent the masked image from being scaled.
  4. Hi, I want to resize a layer mask I have created before by dragging an image-layer below. The mask layer is just a vector rectangle. When selecting and scaling the mask layer I always scale the masked image as well – and that's what I don't want. The only ways to achieve that seems to be dragging out the image of the mask layer... but I hope that there's a more effective way.?.
  5. Tomeric

    OS X

    Wayne, have a look at Photoline. That's also a very powerful image processor and compositing tool, but only requires OS 10.6: http://www.pl32.com
  6. Is it possible to use a selection for cropping in AP? (In PhotoShop this can be done via "Image/Crop".) Or is there an easy way to export only the selected part of a composition? Thanks Tom
  7. Tomeric

    Reducing points

    Ah sorry, I wasn't precise. The culprit is the "Expand stroke" command in the "Layer" menu, which I use quite often. If you draw a circle, give it an outline but no fill, and than call "Expand stroke", you'll get what I illustrated.
  8. AD is already an impressive tool... but it produces far too many points when converting shapes to curves. That makes it a poor choice for creating glyphs which shall be used on websites and for creating fonts. Example/attachment: Here I've drawn an ellipsis and converted it to curves. Illustrator needs 4 points for a circle, AD about 25. Hope, you will improve that...
  9. It would be very helpful, if dragging & dropping a picture from the "Stock" palette in AP would create a layer with the filename of the image. Currently it creates a layer that is just called "(Picture)" which makes it "a bit" difficult to find that image again in case you want to buy it... Thanks & best wishes Tom
  10. Tomeric

    Rendering error

    Hi, I've created a new document with 1024 x 640 px/96 dpi (see attachment) and a layer with the exact same size (via "transform" palette). Now I would expect the gray layer to cover the white background perfectly, but instead I do see a 1 px line flashing at varying borders (depending on the zoom level and the position of the stars). This happens in vector and pixel preview mode and at almost every zoom level (100 % included). Setting the document background to "transparent" brings some improvement, but doesn't fix this rendering/rounding (?) bug. bb Tom 1024x640.afdesign
  11. Tomeric

    Auto Kerning

    To me it seems that the "Auto" checkbox in the character palette (Cmt+T) doesn't work. When I set the kerning manually to let's say 50 % the white space in my text grows. Fine. But when I then enable "Auto" again, nothing happens. Instead I would expect the selected text to reset to normal (0 %) kerning.
  12. Tomeric

    Expand Stroke behaves unexpectedly

    I'd just like to second what Matthias reported. "Expand Stroke" seems to use the objects initial thickness instead of its current state. And, in this context, there's a little UI bug too: * Select a simple object, e. g. a circle * Click on the upper "line" tool * The left "style" button will be "glowing" (focused?) – always (In contrast, the "line" tool at the right hand side displays the buttons state correctly)