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  1. wildfox76

    Suggestions for Drawing

    I think will be Wonderful to have a "Drawings Persona" with only the essential menĂ¹ for Drawings and sketches ( plus with isometric grids and mirror tool)... will be WONDERFUL with the great brushes and possibility of Affinity Photo!!! i dream for this great wish! Best regards and thanx affinity staff for the great works!
  2. wildfox76

    Affinity Designer Workbook

    Great, my copy just dispatched today, can't wait for it!!!! Awesome Job! :)
  3. +1 even for me! Really like to have vectorize tracing tool! :D
  4. wildfox76

    Fantasy Tree House

    Really awesome!
  5. i encounter same problem today, tryng to export some business cards from 5 artboards.... :(
  6. wildfox76

    Perspective Warp

    I'm waiting too for a perspective tools....will be a fantastic feature for affinity designer!
  7. wildfox76


    Awesome Works, seriusly great my friend.... i wish you can do a tutorial of your beautiful tecnique.... will be a great Honor and gift for us!!!! Have a nice week!!!
  8. wildfox76

    Floppy Disk (Icon)

    Great Work! Remember me the fantastic Amiga 500!
  9. wildfox76

    Isometric 80'Arcade Sprites

    I remember the great classic bubble bobble in this simple work!
  10. Thanx a lot, now works like a charm! have a nice week!!!
  11. hello, sorry but the link doesn't work for me! ( got an error "access denied") :(
  12. wildfox76

    Fairy Tales Illustration

    Hello to all, I show you my latest creation, is fully developed in affinity designers, the trees I applied the finishing touches with the pixel persona. I enjoyed myself to realize it, and my idea of starting er aun colorful illustration suitable for example for a storybook, hope you like it, Greetings to all of you. and thanks for taking a few minutes of your time to look at my work.
  13. A little Tribute to Nintendo, i realized this artwork with the idea of the Master Sword lost in a misterious wood at night, a legendary weapon from the Famous Saga "Legend Of Zelda". All Vectors, i Use Wacom tablet for help me to draw the details! Thanx Affinity Team!!!
  14. no problem :) I was becoming crazy about this thing hahahahah