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  1. bodobe

    Shutter Island

    Scene from the movie Shutter Island, oil chalk pencils (Polychromos), acrylic watercolor on paper (100 x 70 cm). Shutter Island Scene
  2. Vector Graphic - Portrait created with Affinity Designer. Guaranteed without pixels http://b-bertuleit.de/vektor-grafik-portrait/
  3. bodobe

    Portrait (watercolors) afphoto

    Thank you Guys, thank you Madame. I worked with watercolor for a while in the 1990s. Working with a pen on afphoto gives me that good feeling back.
  4. bodobe

    Portrait (watercolors) afphoto

    @ Peter: really ...?
  5. Portait of the German writer Thomas Mann, created with afphoto (various brushes). In exile (USA) he fought against the Nazi state, and there he said: Where I am is Germany. Thomas Mann was born in my hometown Lübeck, where there are also many facilities and memories of him (Buddenbrookhaus). http://b-bertuleit.de/portrait-watercolors/
  6. bodobe

    America First (FHD Wallpaper)

    oooh ... I think it's not Peter Gabriel
  7. bodobe

    America First (FHD Wallpaper)

    Hello Peter, I'm glad to hear from you, thank you!
  8. bodobe

    America First (FHD Wallpaper)

    Thanks, Ros. Silent hill vibe, that sounds very good
  9. America First (FHD Wallpaper) Affinity Photo http://b-bertuleit.de/america-first/
  10. bodobe

    CATE, vector portrait (Download)

    Thank you Stuart, your work is also wonderful just great!
  11. bodobe

    CATE, vector portrait (Download)

    Hi Alfred, thanks for the translation Jetzt kann ich es verstehen.
  12. bodobe

    CATE, vector portrait (Download)

    Thanks, but what exactly does your text mean: "It's always fascinating to see how the experts achieve the kind of end result that you've posted." I can't translate that directly, and I'm curious
  13. bodobe

    CATE, vector portrait (Download)

    Hi Stuart, "to see how other people work", that's exactly my opinion, exchange, show, learn. Thank you for your comment
  14. bodobe

    CATE, vector portrait (Download)

  15. A vector portrait created with Affinity Designer. Take a look at this http://b-bertuleit.de/cate-vector-drawing/ Download the original file (Affinity Designer), if you like it. Cate.afdesign