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  1. bodobe

    Full Heart

    I have been a fan of Moby for many years, I like his melancholic style. The song "Harbour" reads: "My heart is full, my heart is wide". I thought about how big a heart can be. No idea. But when it's big, it should be filled with love rather than hate. https://www.bodobe.de/full-heart/
  2. Nice if someone is there when she's sad. Someone like Mr Mautz ... https://www.bodobe.de/please-dont-cry-anymore/
  3. bodobe

    View from the big cave

  4. bodobe

    Selfie from Enceladus

    This is human behavior: thinking of small things faaaar away from home. (created with affinity photo) https://www.bodobe.de/selfie-from-enceladus/
  5. bodobe

    Agent Girl

    Hi Stuart, I'm very pleased that you like my drawing style. And of course I really appreciate your work, it's just great what you do there. Keep it up! Thank you for your Likes
  6. bodobe

    Hi Granny, it’s me …

    Something from the fairyland https://www.bodobe.de/red-riding-hood/
  7. bodobe


    Hi Gregory, really nice work with attention to detail, absolutely great.
  8. bodobe

    Agent Girl

    Who dressed this pretty Agent Girl with this silly 70's agent suit? Another character model: no overly long legs and not necessarily happy about the work https://www.bodobe.de/agent-girl/
  9. bodobe

    Magical Girl

    Hi Guys, I 've now inserted in some posts (like this one) Slideshows with "Step To Step" images, so you can see the development of the drawings better. Maybe you like it, would be glad for feedback and your opinion .
  10. bodobe

    Magical Girl

    A new drawing to train the fingers https://www.bodobe.de/magical-girl/
  11. bodobe

    Some new projects

    very nice work!
  12. bodobe

    girl wearing boots

    girl wearing boots a drawing in four steps: https://www.bodobe.de/maedchen-in-stiefeln/
  13. Hey guys, here's another drawing from me. https://www.bodobe.de/mela-luna-mr-mautz-vor-dem-mond/
  14. A variant of the figure (comic character) "Mela Luna", this time with a small picture gallery with most important steps. https://www.bodobe.de/mela-luna-mr-mautz-und-der-mond/
  15. bodobe

    Vector portrait of a wolf

    Amazing and impressive art.