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  1. bodobe

    magnetic fields

    A new drawing has landed in my portfolio. Please take a look at it, I look forward to your feedback https://www.bodobe.de/magnetic-fields/
  2. bodobe

    watching the moon

    thanks for your reactions
  3. bodobe

    Miss Butterfly

    A new drawing has landed in my portfolio https://www.bodobe.de/miss-butterfly/
  4. bodobe

    watching the moon

    A drawing with Mela Mondkind & Mr Mautz https://www.bodobe.de/mela-mondkind-und-mr-mautz-beobachten-den-mond/
  5. bodobe

    In the mood of drawing

  6. bodobe

    View from the big cave

    Thank you VectorWhiz, somewhere between eerie and beautiful ... has the same effect for me.
  7. bodobe

    Britty’s Finest

    A drawing about rusk. I drew the portrait after a child photo of a good friend. https://www.bodobe.de/brittys-finest/
  8. bodobe

    In the mood of drawing

    Thank you Madame, I'm glad if you like it. Best regards
  9. bodobe

    Full Heart

    Thank you GarryP & VectorWhiz
  10. bodobe

    In the mood of drawing

    In the Mood of Love (directed by Wong Kar-Wai) is one of my favorite movies, and I’ve drawn a scene from the movie. With polychromos (pens from Faber-Castell) and acrylic paints. https://www.bodobe.de/in-the-mood-of-drawing
  11. bodobe

    Full Heart

  12. bodobe

    Full Heart

    I have been a fan of Moby for many years, I like his melancholic style. The song "Harbour" reads: "My heart is full, my heart is wide". I thought about how big a heart can be. No idea. But when it's big, it should be filled with love rather than hate. https://www.bodobe.de/full-heart/
  13. Nice if someone is there when she's sad. Someone like Mr Mautz ... https://www.bodobe.de/please-dont-cry-anymore/
  14. bodobe

    View from the big cave

  15. bodobe

    Selfie from Enceladus

    This is human behavior: thinking of small things faaaar away from home. (created with affinity photo) https://www.bodobe.de/selfie-from-enceladus/