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  1. I create book covers for different clients, but I would like to highlight a work. For the author Ulrike Schelhove I have done many book cover designs so far. A complete crime series (Eifel, Germany), another (Cologne crime story) starts now (in the fall). I created ALL DESIGNS with Affinity Photo. I want to show my working examples, it should not be a direct advertising for the books. I work with this software every day. I love this app and I do not want to miss it anymore. https://www.bodobe.de/zorneswut/ https://www.bodobe.de/buchcoverdesign-fuer-spannungsgeladene-eifel-krimis/
  2. Another work on this topic. Please take a look at my work and write something about it. I would be happy https://www.bodobe.de/mela-mondkind-und-mr-mautz-beobachten-den-mond/
  3. bodobe

    Another Dude

    Here is the Dude. The white glow in his eyes makes you believe he's looking at you. But it's not like that. His eyes have wandered into his brain and he sees the unbelievable.
  4. bodobe

    girl wearing boots

    Hello ClarityDynamic, I almost only draw on the graphics tablet. We have arrived in the digital age. For drawing on the computer, I use great apps, such as Affinity Photo / Designer.
  5. bodobe

    girl wearing boots

  6. bodobe

    Another Dude

    Thanks for the Likes
  7. Another dude, a new drawing https://www.bodobe.de/another-dude/
  8. bodobe

    Green Eyes

    In black and white
  9. bodobe

    love against hate

    Hi Pedro, very nice photo art on your website, I like it. Best regards to australia.
  10. With so much hate on our planet, it's good to refuel some love. It's free! https://www.bodobe.de/full-heart/
  11. bodobe

    Green Eyes

    GarryP, thank you so much!
  12. bodobe

    Green Eyes

    A portrait drawing: green eyes and a surprised facial expression. https://www.bodobe.de/facial-expression/
  13. A new drawing on my portfolio https://www.bodobe.de/earth-first/
  14. Thank you, Noe_g

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