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  1. Thanks firstdefence! Hugs for you
  2. Thanks Alfred!, should be ok now.
  3. Hi everybody, Must be a couple of years since my last post, Ive been busy raising kids and other stuff, I decided to load up Designer the last few days to see whats new. Some software feels so alien when you don't use it for ages, Designer feels like slipping on an old pair of comfy shoes, nice! So here is my efforts. Craig.
  4. http://theagsc.com/community/tutorials/so-whats-the-big-deal-with-horizontal-vertical-bezier-handles-anyway/ I stumbled upon this article recently, I'd like to know if anybody using designer follows this workflow, and if there are real benifits from being so strict with node placement. I never create any text, just general shapes. Cheers Craig.
  5. Top trumps cards? garbage pale kids style?
  6. http://gomedia.com/zine/tutorials/comic_book_style/ Check out this tutorial, this guy doesn't create outlines at all. Not sure if it applies but a good read anyway. Craig.
  7. Sorry if this is a basic question, If I choose a texture brush how do I keep the style when laying down new paths with the pen tool? Thanks!
  8. Cool, the reflections on the helmet look great.
  9. Quite an interesting style, I like it! Personally I think the nipples are too prominent or too dark, all I can see is nipples! Is this the desired effect?
  10. Goodnight Sweetheart, Channel GOLD have started showing them again through the day, I watched the first episode last week! Strange.
  11. peter, hahaha, your mind is a labyrinth of eighties tv, I'm starting to think you still have the Only Fools and horses video box set under your tv?!! The chinese symbols just say 'Giant Panda', I hope!
  12. Thanks affinity4Christ15, I used one of the standard spray paint brushes available in pixel persona. Cheers.
  13. My latest image, again trying new things out, pretty pleased with this one. Thanks for viewing! Craig.
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