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  1. Great! I am always afraid of hard edged skin highlights. Yours look perfect. I love the hair.
  2. Pretty cool! It would be nice to see the logo before the redrawing, as well as the tri-color t-shirt logo.
  3. The jar is my favorite. Pretty nice.
  4. @denironaut, Well... ... yeah. I don't know. The color for the nipples was something I pondered for some time. If they were too pink or light, I thought the image would loose strength. But maybe I went a bit too far. Thanks for pointing it out. :)
  5. Hello, I bought Affinity Designer a few days ago. I had practically no experience with vector graphics. I tried Illustrator once, but found out I needed to see tutorials or read books in order to use it (maybe I am just too dumb). With AD I started drawing right away and with almost no documentation needed (though it would be nice to have an actual manual other than the Help in AD). All critiques are welcome! Thanks!
  6. Hello! Sorry if this is a way too obvious question, but I can't find the handles of a sharp node. I created a crescent shape, converted it to curves and added a node. This newly created smooth node I turned it into a sharp one. But this sharp node has no handles! After the crescent shape was converted to curves, it already contaied two sharp nodes WITH handles, but the new sharp node I created has none. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance! H.
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