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  1. Hi titch, no this is not normal. Please see my reply to your other post on this exact topic. Also note: you're not alone. Many have posted about this, and hopefully it's resolved quickly.
  2. Hi titch, I don't think this is something you can adjust on your own. This has been reported by multiple users on other threads and would seem to be a bug or some other developmental oversight. I'm running a 9th gen Intel Core i7 with 32GB RAM on a M.2 SSD HD and the "develop" function takes way too long, though not as long as some others are reporting. Hopefully Serif will address this soon.
  3. Hi Thors, In my experience so far... opening raw images in 1.7 is faster than 1.6. Editing a raw image is not only faster, but improved in 1.7. But, exporting (hitting the "develop" button) from the Develop persona seems to take ages, which is weird. 1.6 was considerably faster in this regard. I'm not sure why this is, and it has been reported in other threads. Hopefully this will be addressed soon.
  4. I have experienced this same issue. Hope it's resolved quickly.
  5. DannyBCreative

    Panorama with Affinity

    Awesome. Now did you stitch jpegs or raw images? In the past I'd use Lighroom to stitch a pano of raw images, resulting in a raw (DNG) pano which was awesome for editing. One of the only things I miss about Adobe.
  6. DannyBCreative

    Panorama with Affinity

    Cool. 2 hours isn't bad, right? I mean, it's not that bad for the amount of work you did to get to the final image. Was this for a paying client or for personal enjoyment? If a paying client, than I definitely think 2 hours is more than reasonable.
  7. DannyBCreative

    Headshot Edit

    For anyone wondering about when to or when not to critique, I offer this. It's pretty old in web standards, but the message and the messenger are spot on. I happen follow Joe Edleman's YouTube channel and he's a great resource for photo related info, I suggest you do the same if you're into photography. Make sure you watch the entire video, take notes if you have to as he makes some very important points. Note the bit about the science of cognitive psychology, and ask before you speak. Finally remember, I did none of this. I never asked for criticism, nor did I need anyone to approve or disapprove of my image. That was not the purpose of the post. https://youtu.be/-mgmkLzrvqc I'd also recommend this video from Sean Tucker, a great photographer I follow and support. His view is pretty much spot on about certain trolls errr... I mean members here. On that note, I should take Sean's advice in regards to how I respond to said individuals. https://youtu.be/FYNjKxv1Akk
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    Headshot Edit

    First time for everything as they say.
  9. DannyBCreative

    Panorama with Affinity

    Welcome aboard! This is cool. What were your thoughts on processing time? I've not done panos in a long while and the last time I used Lightroom. I'm getting ready to shoot some HDR pano background plates (but not this wide) for some composite images I'm working on. I'd like to process the images entirely in AP if possible, as like you, have removed Photoshop (All Adobe) from my machines.
  10. DannyBCreative

    Headshot Edit

    Thank you for this true understanding of how this all works.
  11. DannyBCreative

    Headshot Edit

    Please re-read the entire thread. You'll see a few points of interest. One, I never said I was an art god, but your rebuttal proved my point on the whole what is art topic. Two, I wasn't the one using my gear as pedestal from which to assert my authority. Three, Please look up the definition of condescending and re-read your own posts. Your consideration of what art is or isn't, or the "bar" you set for yourself is irrelevant. This is all fine in your own mind and you're entitled to your opinions, but this has no bearing on anyone else. If it helps you achieve a goal and reach this personal manifestation of what "art" should be, then awesome! Remember, "art" is subjective and your personal definition is yours and yours alone. I said it before, I'll say it until the end of time. I speak my mind, just as you do. I'm honest, and at times abrasive (though I don't mean to be) when being honest. BUT, I never feel the need to advise others on work that, one, I can't myself produce, or two, I wasn't asked. You are right about one thing. Posting on these forums. A good look around tells you that these forums are geared more towards illustrators, concept artists, experimental artists, etc... with the majority of the posted work being done in Affinity Designer. Come join and have a look around a forum for professional photographers, you'll notice a significant difference, both in content and context. Forums set up for critiques, others setup for discussing lighting, retouching, etc... And a whole bunch of "boring" photos that you wouldn't consider art. So again, you're right. These forums aren't a place to talk about workflows, lighting concepts, how Affinity Photo would fit into a Capture One & Nik workflow. Nope these forums are all about everyone telling everyone how they'd do it better. Got it! Again... Internet. Right? Take care and keep up the good work!
  12. DannyBCreative

    Headshot Edit

    Opinions are like assholes, everyone's got one, right? Thank you for yours, but you missed the entire point of this dialog. I am on sites that are geared for critiques, forums that are specifically made for critiques. On those boards you expect a critique, that's the purpose and there's no issues what-so-ever. The problem is this internet phenomenon where everyone feels they have to critique others when they themselves can't produce a body of work that even comes close to supporting their own argument. I look for critiques from professionals that I admire and wish to learn from, not some armchair warrior who finally got a puter and a $50.00 piece of software, who's now an "expert" in every given subject. If this forum was titled "Share Your Work for and Receive Critiques" I would expect critiques. It isn't. I wasn't looking for comments on the image, good or bad. I was expressing the greatness of combining new apps to achieve a new workflow. Why is this so hard to understand? I wasn't pretending it was art as you suggest. I was making a point that Photography is art, just as illustration is art, just as music is art, get it? My statement is 100% true whether you agree or not. Photography is a form of art, and thus, there are no hard/fast rules and a photograph can be whatever the artist/photographer wishes it to be. This is not for anyone else to critique, unless that artist is trying to achieve a goal and wishes to learn the steps need to that end. You can absolutely have an opinion on my or anyone's art (don't be a drama queen), and I never said anyone can't have an opinion, but that's my point (my point all along), it's your opinion. Lastly, to call it "a boring photo and not art" tells me that you are a fantastic illustrator, great for you by the way, but not a working photographer. I can point you to several portrait/head shot photographers if you'd like so you can see that this type of art is actually a thing. I think you're of the mindset that if you didn't draw, paint, airbrush, etc... than it isn't art. If so, you're wrong and need to open your mind a bit. I'll end with this. I don't do what you do. I have AD, but I'm nowhere close to your level of illustration ability, I won't even try to fake it. If I have an opinion about one of your pieces, I don't feel compelled to tell you about it. It's my opinion and I can live with that. Now if you came to me and asked for my opinion, I would share it, and you'd probably ignore it, and that's fine, I wouldn't be upset or insult you. But I know this is the internet...
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    Affinity Photo for Windows - 1.7.0

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    A little monster selfy....

    Very cool!
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    Headshot Edit

    This sounds like a cool idea. I've heard of people using thin coats of grease but never hairspray. Though with today's software options you can avoid the mess.