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  1. I have two different uses for my RAW processing: Fast clean-up of the shots combined with basic RAW editing like WB, Color correction, lens distortion correction, cropping, leveling and batch conversion to JPG followed by erasing the most RAW files - keeping the top rated ones (selected by searching by rating). This process I do on all photos. The second process is done on the top rated pictures from the first process. The first process is done in DPP4 (Canon software). The second one is done in Affinity Photo. I mainly need a DAM software for keeping order of my photos and to easily find them again. My dream scenario would be a piece of software that can replace DPP4 enabling me to do my first process combined with meta tagging. It should be a database that store thumbnails of the photos locally on my laptop so that I can search my photos even though I do not have access to my photos, that is stored on a NAS at my home. Connection to a cloud service would be nice when I'm on the run. I use Amazon Photos for backup. It would also be nice if I could switch databases. Like if I had one for private use and one for professional use. Or one for sport and one for landscape. I have tried DigiKam but find is slow and heavy to use. I do like the face detection feature though. I do not use the editing functionality at all. But I'm pretty sure that I would use Serif's basic editing tools if they were implemented. Just keep in mind not to clutter it up with a lot of functionality if I loose speed. Finally I hope Serif does add an export function, so that I do not have to start all over if I switch solution if for instance Serif decide to stop support of their DAM one day in the future. I have started to look elsewhere because Serif doesn't give me any clue about when they will come up with a solution. No news must be equal looong time before they have a beta version ready I guess...
  2. I’m a huge fan of Serif software. And are waiting excitedly for the DAM to be announced. But frankly I am getting a bit impatient. And also start to look for other solutions. Skylum has announced their DAM will be available before 2019. Please Serif. Give me some sort of sign that can keep me within the serif family.
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