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  1. I can't find the force pressure setting and I have a Huion Kanvas 13 tablet & pen. The pen works just like a mouse (no pressure sensitivity) but outside of Affinity the pressure works. Tried various setting and windowsink both on & off and there is no way I can get pen pressure to work. @NathanC can you help?
  2. My Huion Zanvas 13 Pen Pressure not working in Affinity but it works when I do a test in the Huion Software. Windows 10 Ink Workspace is enabled and I'm using 2.2, I have the latest HuionTablet_WinDriver_v15.7.6.485. Does anyone know what I need to do?
  3. I didn't quite figure out what Walt was meaning. I have faffed on so much I needed a break. You have made it clear and I can do it now. Thanks.
  4. To appear like this Problem with indent is it moves the start of line 1 to the right, I need it to the left as above.
  5. Another thing Walt, I need to indent lines 2 up to ??? with line 1 starting 3 or 4 characters 'leading'. I can indent line 1 but can't find a way to leave that and indent the rest other than using bullets which is not what I want/need. Can you help with that ?
  6. Yes it was a PDF file I downloaded for the equipment manufactures site long ago, I couldn't use the group text option as there are lots of artistic text that have to be separate despite being close the get grouped in to text frames. No I din not know you could convert to text frames but thought there should be that option (I could not find it despite looking many times, lol). Here is a Blue Peter badge for you as well.
  7. I have searched every dropdown several time looking for that option and must have missed it every time. You are a HERO. Here is a highly sort after blue peter badge for you lol .
  8. I have linked frames many times so I know how to do it but I have a problem with single lines of text in boxes that I want in a single text box. There would be a lot of cutting & pasting, deleting etc. Is there a way to merge multiple text boxes in to one other than linking them resizing the 1st and deleting the rest? If not how do I get the blue/red link arrow on a single line text box as it just isn't working. Ooops, just realised it is artistic text, can it be converted to a text box?
  9. Thanks for the replies. This is not an approach I would take, it is to simplify a task for someone at present is struggling to learn Affinity and usually make a mess resizing objects. I keep telling them you can't change a rectangular image to a square image & keep all the scene and have it look right but they keep trying. I know they would have stretched these to fit and said 'but it now looks awful', one day they will stop trying to run faster than Usain Bolt and learn to walk first. Yes I ended up doing the unhide, export, hide & repeat 129 times, lol. Wasn't as bad as I had expected. Don't think I'll be doing it again as I don't need it and they will just have to learn Affinity from 'the bottom up'.
  10. Hi, can anyone help. I have a document set to 5000 x 5000 pixels. These are to be exported at that size despite the 'image' taking up less of the area. By this I mean the image is (for example) 2000px by 1500px but needs to be on a transparent background 5000px by 5000px. I can do this using FILE - EXPORT and selecting png format but as I have 130 layers and want each layer as a png in its own right I would need to repeat the export 130 having only one layer visible each time. I have tried the export persona but although it exports all 130 layers as an individual png the size default to the image bounding box size of 2000 by 1500. I can't find a way to export the doc. size unless I manually set every single slice size & position. Is what I want possible?
  11. It is show in the video attached to my first post. Did you watch it?
  12. I was asked to solve an issue for someone which was cased by an embedded image witch consisted of a small image on a large background. This had been added to a document (AD) as an embedded image. The person wanted all the empty area deleted as much of it was off canvas. I double clicked to edit in another tab, select the group of layers and made an artboard from the selection. Closing the tab back to the main doc, repositioned the smaller edit to the correct position. I was asked to change a couple of things so double click again, switch to the embedded image tab and I could not edit or even select the layer. Turning them off didn't work either, they remained visible. Is this a bug or the way it supposed to work? Video shows the process I took. Seams like it only happens if I add an artboard! Embedded Bug.mp4
  13. I contacted chat, she said to exclude the file name. I mean I have to download it, exclude it, download it again, run it, ok the report 'McAfee Framework Host must be closed' notice, ok it when it returns a 2nd time and do that for all 3 programs. She rang and said we got disconnected, I said no I ended the chat after that stupid 'fix'. I don't think she was impressed but she did then offer a more acceptable way to deal with it. Now just waiting for a reply. lol.
  14. It is strange that McAfee did not detect them as a virus the last downloads (2.1.0 and earlier updates inc ver 1)and installs.
  15. The MSI install worked fine this time (2.1.1. unlike 2.1.0) but this time McAfee Total Protection identified it as a threat and quarantined the file. I have managed to copy them to a different drive before they were quarantined and was also able to copy them back to the user download library but on install Affinity reports that McAfee Framework Host must be closed and clicking ok the install continues, repeats the notice and after clicking ok again continues and installs correctly. I am also raising this issue with McAfee.
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