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  1. That is what I do but I don't use Ver 1 for my files anymore.
  2. Yeah, I keep forgetting you can crop bigger as well as smaller but it can go wrong if you have some vector work in the document that extends beyond the canvas and you don't want to lose the vector stuff by using 'rasterise & trim', that is ok if it is all raster. You have the same issue with resize canvas but in either case you can always create a rectangle, make the stroke the width you need for the border and make it white so it hides any vector work that was off canvas.
  3. As Joe says it is the 'Resize Canvas' you need to do, That increases the canvas and leaves the document size as it was. Works perfectly on Windows.
  4. metadata readers I have tried can't open native Affinity files. Easiest way is try & open in Ver 1 and if it does not then it is a Ver 2 file. Either that or stop using Ver 1 (or Ver 2).
  5. Yes, the old school method only works with msi installed programs, apps have to be uninstalled from the start menu list or from the 'page' if pinned to start.
  6. Thanks for the prompt reply. I have confidence that the msi version will not introduce any (additional?) issues that the msix version has so I will install, do a quick test run then uninstall the app version. Again, Thanks for your help.
  7. I have downloaded the MSI versions and installed Photo. I had been wondering if the installer would remove the MSIX (app) version but it didn't. Do I uninstall the app versions before or after running the MSI install?
  8. Yes that works as does the ?(px)/4.17, that seems strange as 1pt does not equal 4.17px or vice versa. Hope the issue is sorted soon. Ver1 still works correctly after update to 1.10
  9. I can workround this issue by setting my line widths as 5/4.17 and this sets it as 5px. It may have happened when I upgraded to ver 2.0.3 but as I have been busy and not done much in affinity I haven't noticed. I checked scale and it was not set. set it and tried but the line width still was 4.17 times entered value. Unset scale & still no change with the issue
  10. For some reason both A-Photo & A-Designer line width settings have started going wrong. If I create a new line & try to set a width of 1px (doc set to measure in px) it sets the width to 4.17px. Whatever width I try to set is multiplied by 4.17 so if I set to 100px it changes to 417px. Even the slider setting goes wrong. I can draw a line which when compared against the ruler is approx. 1px wide but when I change the width then the lain jumps in width to 4.17 times the px width. Same happens with the pencil?
  11. For some reason both A-Photo & A-Designer line width settings have started going wrong. If I create a new line & try to set a width of 1px (doc set to measure in px) it sets the width to 4.17px. Whatever width I try to set is multiplied by 4.17 so if I set to 100px it changes to 417px. Even the slider setting goes wrong. Does anyone know what is wrong? Windows 10 Affinity Ver 2
  12. My computer is old, All three downloaded & installed in around 5 mins doing one at a time. No complaints from me about the speed.
  13. If you do announce all the updates in one thread (which I do think is a good idea) maybe one comment for the updates and the next comment for the improvements, fixes, new features (or better still the links to them) then locking the thread to keep it purely for Serif announcements. Goes without saying the linked thread would also be locked.
  14. I'v not found a way to check but I guess if you don't know then you have the games ready driver. Go to Nvidia driver site https://www.nvidia.com/download/index.aspx fill in the boxes selecting download type - studio. search for the driver for your card, download & install.
  15. Are you using the STUDIO DRIVER as it works better than the GAMES READY DRIVER. Sometimes with the studio driver you can switch on OpenCL and speed up the workflow but try first with it disabled. Also the Windows 22H2 update has to be done manually at the moment and that also speeds things up.
  16. Enabling OpenCL causes the problems on some (but not all) systems, are you using a Nvidia graphics card? PSD files open fine on my system. Win 10
  17. The export persona is quick & simple to export image Layers/image groups. I have exported 40+ images in a minute or two. The slow part is when you want those 40 images exported in 4 or 5 different file formats but then you could export the 40 and then use a batch job but then there is less file formats available. If you do the same thing often it would save time to set the file up once and save it as a template. I have.
  18. I had the 'not responding' issue with Ver 1 AP & AD. Improved a bit with a graphics card driver update to the Nvidia Studio Driver. Cured by upgrade to Ver 2 although Affinity slow to load and slow to open larger files. Much improved by Windows update 22H2 which seem to be an optional upgrade at the moment. My system is several years old, not win 11 compatible (no TPM), 32gig 6th gen I5 @ 2.7mh & no longer 'fast' with the OS/Software of today but since the 3 'fixes' above I can put off a major hardware update for a while longer.
  19. No, raw is the actual data captured by the camera's sensor (plus exif & a jpg thumb). .afphoto is Affinity 'copy' of the data with and adjustments/post processing you do applied (Ver 1) or stored non destructively (Ver 2) when you 'develop' the raw data. The important data to keep is your camera's raw file. It pay you to also keep the .aphoto file so you can go back to your adjustments should you need to. Jpgs, pngs etc. can be reproduced at any time so unless you re-use them several times (or have masses of drive space) you don't need to keep them. The more formats you keep the harder it can be to maintain your photo organisation/cataloguing.
  20. If you just take one program for one platform ie A-Designer for Windows PC it is difficult if not impossible to send out a bug free version for every combination of hardware out there. Yes in theory every PC works exactly the same but in practice that is not the case. Users will be 'beta testers' for a while yet till most of the bugs are sorted. Serif are not the only ones who have issues, Photoshop was out for many years before I started using it and I had to have Adobe sort out the bugs to get PS CC to be stable 4 years ago. I had no problems with the purchase, download or install on both PC & ipad. Two issues I have and one is a bug that is currently being looked in to but seems to only affect windows computers. The other & put down to my older computer causing Affinity to load & open files to be slow. Turns out the Windows 22H2 update fixes my problem and I have now put aside thoughts that I need to upgrade the computer as it is as fast as it was 6plus years ago. Now for me the products works as advertised other than the print bug I have.
  21. Reading all these posts I feel hard done by as I have no reason to whinge. I've had AP for 18 months and the Issues I've had with it are mostly down to windows/graphics driver updates. I purchased AD about 6 months ago and shortly after APub (after fantastic customer service from Serif). Three or four months later all the signs pointed to a Ver 2 release would be 'soon'. After a few weeks Ver 2 was released and as soon as I could get online I purchased the full package. No problems with payment, download or install on the PC & Ipad. Running the pc versions the I found that it runs a bit slow at times, probably due to my old computer. I did find a 'bug' but I can't whinge about that either as after I reported it I've had word Serif have recreated the issue and are looking in to a fix but again (as I suspected) it is windows based. I am a private user who is unlikely to use the software commercially, can still use Ver 1 if I wish, can use on two platforms (not that I will use the ipad version as I won't use the ipad) and will get updates to both Ver 1 & 2 and won't have to buy the upgrade to Ver 3 for a good while yet. Add to that the fact that I have still paid a lot than I did to rent the 'industry standard' that cost me £480 ish (for one program) and I have no software to use now I don't pay them. OK so I'm not that keen on the fact the pc version is an app but it runs well, no issue (other than the external program issue for which I have a workround till the msi version is released) because it is an app. I don't care that new customers can buy it for the same price as me, I got a good deal I'm happy with. I can appreciate that those that paid full price for Ver 1 a few weeks before Ver 2 was released could feel 'ripped off' but that's life, I went to the supermarket today where things I bought Wednesday at full price are now on offer, it happens! Well done Serif, I am more than happy with how I've been treated and hope to have several years of updates & new features before Ver 3 comes alone. Maybe it is time this thread was locked.
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