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  1. I know this has been asked before, but I'll ask again in case there is a new feature that I've missed. Is there any way to reset (i.e., remove) the "recent" color choices, so that Affinity Designer rebuilds a fresh recent color list? Using the attached image as an example, I find myself selecting the wrong red from the recent list, and only discovering my error later. I know, not the biggest problem one can have in life, but it would be great to remove the recent colors and have the list rebuild itself. Thx.
  2. Yes, I am editing each letter by hand to achieve the desired effect. I was just looking for something less tedious.
  3. I would like some "how to" advice please. In the attached image, look at the word TIMES. The tops of the letters form a straight horizontal line, but the bottoms of the letters form a curve. Using Designer Persona (vector) in Affinity Designer, how can I accomplish this text effect? Thank you in advance for your suggestions.
  4. I have a 2021 M1 Mac running macOS 12.2 (the current version of macOS). On the built-in trackpad, the two-finger, pinch-to-zoom functionality works fine within Apple apps (e.g., Safari) and with all the non-Apple apps I use, with one exception: Affinity Designer. Pinch-to-zoom does not work when using Affinity Designer. Is there a setting somewhere within Affinity Designer that I have to turn on to activate pinch-to-zoom? Probably not relevant, but I will mention that I also have a 2015 Intel Mac running macOS 11.6 (Big Sur), and pinch-to-zoom works fine when using Affinity Designer on that machine.
  5. I am trying to use the rasterize to mask feature in Affinity Designer to create a grunge effect. The tutorials I've watched seem simple enough, but when I select the texture layer, the texture layer and the underlying layer (the one I'm trying to apply the texture to) both disappear. Help pls? Attached is my test file. Test.afdesign
  6. Hi. I purchased and downloaded a font named Swung Note from Creative Market. I then used Font Book to load the font on my Mac. In Affinity Designer, however, I cannot get the ligatures to appear. Any advice on how to activate the ligatures? In the attached image, I've highlighted "Ri" so that you can see what appears on my screen. FYI that when I use the font in Apple Pages, the ligatures work fine. Thx.
  7. Hi Wosven. In this. instance, the "printer" is RedBubble. You probably know that they use a network of printers around the world. I did ask RedBubble, but they said they don't offer advice on color profiles. Argh. So I will go with your recommendation and use Generic CMYK. Thank you very much for your assistance. I appreciate it.
  8. I am designing using the CMYK/8 color format. Once I select this format, I am presented with a host of color profile options. See attached image. I really don't understand the difference among all these color profiles, and a web search has not helped. Can anyone point me to a source that explains them? Alternatively, can anyone recommend the appropriate color profile for me? I am designing vector artwork to print as small posters (up to 16x20 inches in size) with a matte finish on 100% cotton paper. Thx.
  9. I think this might be a PDF-generation question. I am creating an image with skiers in the style of Samivel. If I print the image directly from Affinity Designer, all looks well. If, however, I generate a PDF from Affinity Designer using the "for print" setting, then print the PDF, I get some dark rectangles on the print-out. I have printed the PDF on my home printer, and on a printer at Staples, both with the same result, so I'm guessing it's not a printer issue. I've also re-confirmed that I have no layers or objects in my Affinity Designer file that contain the dark rectangles. I've haven't tried all the different PDF settings yet (PDF/X-1a-2003, etc), and really don't understand what they all mean, but I thought I'd ask: Does anyone know why I might be getting the strange rectangles when I generate and print a PDF from Affinity Designer? Thx. FYI: The PDF image looks fine if viewed on screen. The rectangles appear only when printing.
  10. Yes, I used the recommended format and all went well. And yes, I had some images in the book. But the images were charts and graphs, not stylish artwork or photo-like images.
  11. Hi all. In the attached image, note the area within the red circle, and note the textured look with the blue fading from dark to light. I know how to accomplish this in Pixel Persona, but not in Designer Persona. Can anyone offer some guidance on how to create this effect with vector (not raster) tools? Thx
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