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  1. I guess I'll have to use Pixel Persona. I was hoping for a vector solution, as I will need to scale the image up and down for various purposes. Thanks though. Appreciate the responses.
  2. Note the attached image with the green, mottled background. I would like to create this woodcut print effect using Designer Persona, not Pixel Persona. Any advice on how to do that? Thx
  3. Anyway to calculate word count in Affinity Publisher? Or do I have to export to PDF then use another tool to determine the number of words in the document?
  4. I know how to set hyphenation rules in View > Studio > Paragraph per the attached image. But is there a way to mark a specific word so that it will never be auto-hyphenated by Affinity Publisher? For example, let's say I'm ok with hyphenation that creates 2-letter syllables (such as "hu-man"), but I never want the word "woman" to be hyphenated. Thx
  5. That did the trick. Thank you Walt. You are the best.
  6. I am using copy-and-paste to import a large amount of text (80,000 words) into Affinity Publisher. The source text, formatted as Arial 12, comes from a PDF. I need to change the font to Verdana 9. The source text contains a lot of text in italics and bold. Within Affinity Publisher, if I apply Verdana 9 to the text, the stroke changes to "regular", and I lose all the italic and bold formatting. I hope to avoid having to go thru all the text, changing the regular stroke back to italics or bold where needed. Is there a way to apply a new font family to text (in this case, Verdana) and a new
  7. In Publisher, there is a thumbnails pane and a main editing pane. See attached image. Is there a toggle switch somewhere to sync / unsync the two panes, such that when I scroll up and down in one pane, the content in the other pane moves in unison? Thank you.
  8. Your tutorials are great. This is a request that you create an additional tutorial video. Read on please. I suggest you create a tutorial on how to import book-length text (50,000 to 100,000 words) into Affinity Publisher. Talk about the various source formats that can / should be used (e.g., PDF, TXT, RFT) and the various benefits of each. Talk about how best to import text while still retaining the formats and styles from the source text (or, if that is not possible, make clear what is / is not possible). Talk about what you should already have set up in your Affinity Publisher document
  9. I imported some brushes (an ABR file) into Affinity Designer. A message appeared saying the brushes were imported successfully. But now, where do I find them? They do not appear in the View > Studio > Brushes panel. Thx
  10. I didn't phrase my question very well. I wanted to remove Master B from every page of my project. But. your answer helps. Thanks.
  11. In Affinity Publisher, I often apply a lot of Masters to a single page. For example, with the "replace existing" box ticked, I apply Master A to the page. Then, with the "replace existing" box unticked, I apply Master B. I then repeat this process to apply Master C. This process works fairly well for me, and seems to provide a lot of formatting flexibility without creating an excessive number of Masters. But sometimes I want to delete Master B from a page. To do this, I currently delete all Masters from the page, then re-apply Master A and Master C. This works but is tedious. Is the
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