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  1. Totally agree with you
  2. I managed to fix it by restarting my computer! Thank u for your fast reply Have a nice day
  3. I've updates my affinity photo two days ago and it keeps on freezing, lagging and has become super slow. I hope the issue will be fixed soon. Thank u for your hard work Leeyhan
  4. Qri

    Winter Snow Scene

    I am loving this so much! great work
  5. Thank you very much! You have defnitely helped me Have a nice day Leeyhan
  6. Hello, I've been using Affinity Photo for a few months now and love it! but there's one thing that disturbs me everytime I use it : When I add a png icon/logo (like the one in the attachement) and add put it on a picture, it always looks distorted or blurry no matter how high in resolution the png is. I've been wondering if this only is a problem I have, or if I am doing something wrong. Is there a way to fix this issue? Thank you very much for reading Leeyhan