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    Czech and Polish are actually quite similar so the exact translation would rhyme just fine ("niedziela - odwiedzam przyjaciela" -> "neděle - navštěvuji přítele"). The problem are other cultural differences. The Czechs generally don't go to church on Sunday (maybe except of some parts of South Moravia) and no Czech would describe it as "seeing a friend". "Bartek" is Polish equivalent of "Bart".
  2. Gunny


    That' really very Polish. No matter how hard I try the Sunday image & rhyme do not make sense in Czech... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religion_in_Europe#/media/File:Eurobarometer_poll.png
  3. I am quite surprised Affinity suite still does not provide a function for simple arranging windows with opened documents. I don't use it very often but it's quite annoying to set up two or more windows by hand when other apps could do this for you with a single click. The current "Float All" could be renamed to "Float All - Cascade" and a few more options should be added (Float All - Tile Horizontally, Float All - Tile Vertically, maybe Float All - Tile as Table, etc.)
  4. I understand that you want users to use presets through Adjustment, but I feel that it requires quite a lot of clicking so the presets should be accessible directly from filter dialogs too (Ctrl+L, select preset and I'm done). A combo box would be really handy for quick switching of different presets.
  5. It's nice to see that filters "remember" last used parameters (Gaussian Blur - Radius, etc.) but it seems it caused a minor bug. The filter's dialog pops out with the correct previous settings but the image is not immediately updated. You have to move the slider to invoke the update of the image. I suppose it's not intentional... (Photo
  6. The moral is that it's more efficient to post suggestions to Beta section...
  7. Please add this item to the local pop up menu - it's rather inconvenient to go to main menu and it actually took me a while to find this command because I expected it here in the first place. Or is there any other shortcut to this function? (except defining custom hot key)
  8. I guess you're right - I did not noticed the new beta. * Fixed temporary files not being cleared properly on shutdown (causing prompts to save or discard on subsequent app runs) * Changed file recovery dialog to let you quit the app, and added a 'No' option
  9. Photo on Windows 10 64 I had some trouble with yesterday's session and since that Photo always starts with Untitled recovered document. I actually had a valid copy of the image so I just wanted to close the document but Cancel did not close it. (By the way, should not be the second button "No" or "Discard"?) I was forced to save it with a different name and then I was finally able to close Photo. However the same scenario repeats every time I start Photo again and again...
  10. I guess Serif just did not care about Wikipedia at all so the article is still free to edit. That means you can fix the misleading article yourself. =)
  11. It's really nice to see that the new option "Use Shift key to cycle tool groups" in also disables switching to "previous tool". Thanks!
  12. I understand your intention but it doesn't really work for me. =( While I'm sketching I usually place my left hand on hotkeys for Brush and Erase and I am totally focused on the picture. From time to time I take a short break to analyze the latest changes and then I'm not sure what tool is selected. Instead of looking at tools I just press B and I start painting - only to find out that I am actually erasing. It might not sound like a big problem but it happens to me quite often and it's really distracting. Please make this behaviour optional - I'm sure there are more people who would be pleased with such change. (I have seen several threads discussing this feature.)
  13. Sorry - actually I already did that long time ago so you are right it can be solved without additional option. =} Unfortunately I can't find any way how to get rid of switching between "Brush" and "previous tool": 1. "V" sets "Move Tool" 2. "B" sets "Paint Brush Tool" 3. "B" now sets "Move Tool" and it's rather confusing. =( I suppose this behaviour could be made optional without breaking other hot keys etc.
  14. Another option would be a check box that would completely disable tool cycling. I usually use just the basic tool of each group and when I sometimes need to select another one I do it with my pen. Just my two cents...
  15. It has been discussed before. I am not sure why it's not optional... It should not be too difficult to implement. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/58957-whats-with-the-tool-toggling/