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  1. I often struggle with choosing the "right" widths of strokes and contours so I keep changing them throughout the process. Unfortunately Designer is not really sensitive with them. If you select several strokes at once and change their width Designer sets the width of all of them to the same value. It makes sense but I often want to keep the ratios between the thick and the thin stokes so I suggest some possible solutions: 1. Add an checkbox "Adjust average value" With this option On you would change the average value of the selected group and the values of each member would change proportionally. (I.e. average 5->10, stroke A 4->8, stroke B 7->14) 2. Slider with two (or even three) control points I like this option more because it would give me a better control and it would be universal. With a group of many different strokes the first control point would represent the minimal existing value and the second point the maximum (they could use slightly different colours, etc.). Moving any of these points would spread all the values. You can also merge both control points together and set all strokes to the same values. You could even add the third (middle) control point representing the average to make the transformation function a curve. 3. Two (or more) sliders These would basically handle the same thing as suggestion 2 but they would require additional space so I think two-point slider would be more convenient from the designer's point of view. I am talking mostly about the width of strokes but I am sure the extended two-point slider would be useful for many other group values.
  2. I noticed it is a slightly different issue but I wanted to see and compare what had changed since my last post on this topic.
  3. Affinity Designer Windows Customer Beta - * Fixed line caps on strokes with pressure profiles that have sharp pressure changes at the start getting incorrectly expanded Well, it seems some details look a bit better then in 1.7.2. but I still think it should be completely rewritten... =( Changing width of a stroke Bunch of strokes and dots... Dots made with Wacom are still deadly and expand screws them even more.
  4. I had high hopes for but "Select Sampled Colour" is still crashing the app...
  5. 4. Yet another Colour picker suggestion: I don't think it was a good idea to keep separate active colours for each open document. I think it's not very common to edit several images at once. It's more likely that the user is working on a single image and the other open images serve only as a reference. Now when I need to pick a colour from a different document I have to perform one (un)necessary click to transfer the colour from the small colour picker circle. I prefer having just one active colour for all open documents. At least there should be an option to synchronize selected colours across all documents.
  6. Forget the old variable theory. =) I did another test on my second computer and it seems I did not test it properly yesterday. I think I opened too many documents to see the real problem. Clicking a menu item restores all minimized documents except the one that is checked as active. That also means it does not work with a single open document. I suppose it should work too.
  7. 3. Another Brush/Colour picker quirk: Both tools "remember" their own settings of primary and secondary colours (i.e. which one is active). I often end up painting with a wrong colour because I pick a colour to a primary colour circle, but when I switch to Brush it swaps the colours back to its last settings (which can be different) and I start to paint with the secondary colour.
  8. 1. "Grow/Shrink selection", "Feather", "Smooth", "Refine edges" and "Outline" (and I'm sure there are other similar options too) still do not remember the last used parameters - not even in a current session. That's really rather annoying. 2. Another similar thing is a colour picker. I usually prefer picking colours from the current layer but the default setting is "Global", it is document dependent and it does not get saved with the document. The option "Synchronise tools between documents" does not seem to affect this at all (a bug?) so I keep changing that setting over and over again every time I start a new document or load an old one... I think the colour-picker settings should apply to brush Alt+click too... https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/100377-request-change-altclick-colour-picker-shortcut-settings/
  9. I have just tried that in (installed over It did not work at first but it started to work as expected after I changed some settings ("Documents open in a new floating Window" and "Documents open in a current windows group") back and forth. Maybe some old variable in settings did not get overwritten? While experimenting with it I noticed another oddity: if you open the preferences windows and Alt+Tab to another app and back, the preferences windows hides behind floating documents and it becomes virtually invisible. I had to move or minimize the floating documents to get back to the preferences.
  10. As far as I remember AP by default creates "global" Layer Adjustment so if you want to adjust just one layer you have to place the adjustment as a child layer by mouse. The other option is to go to Assistant Manager and set "Add adjustment as child layer" which I did a long time ago. What about tinting the bird a bit to match the overall lighting..?
  11. I find it quite funny that you came up with a classic Czech joke or typo: the city's name is "Ostrava" (probably derived from "sharp water") while "otrava" means "poisoning".
  12. I suspected that too. I hope it will get eventually fixed - it's really a small detail but it should be quite easy to add those characters to a template...
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