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  1. It's not about comparing the layout of dialogs. It's about usability. The purpose determines the shape of every tool. A hammer is better at driving nails than a rock but the hammer must be of the right size and its handle must be of the appropriate length. Adobe just has been producing "hammers" for some time and they got pretty close to the ideal shape.
  2. Actually, the curve from point [0, 0] is not that complicated. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ y = a*x^2 + b*x (or y = a*x^3 + b*x^2 + c*x with three control points and so on) You just have to put in the control points and solve the coefficients a and b (and c). I did that for one of my utilities and it worked just like old Photoshop. I guess it's a matter of taste. I am also used to the range <0, 255> but float values enable more accurate control. The downside is that you can't simply tell RGB values from that because they are <0, 255>.
  3. It's not that simple. Photoshop could rely on 8bit channels in the old days , but today you can have 16bit or 32bit channels so having universal representation <0, 1> makes some sense. Having numbers like 32123 and 30524 would not be too helpful either and the range <0, 255> might not precise enough for some users. But I still believe Affinity could add another control to the dialog od Levels and Curve to switch the values from <0, 1> to <0, 255>. Or make it a global setting for all dialogs. After all, the colour picker still uses the 8bit range <0, 255>.
  4. Unbelievable! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Actually, Levels display values as float <0, 1> too so it keeps the style but I think it would be nice if we could change the display range to 8bit integer <0, 255>.
  5. FYI the bug is still present in (RC1) What about blocking the "Native resolution" option with odd pixel resolutions at least?
  6. Export in HD resolution works fine but I could not export a video of a document 1001x1001 pixels in its native resolution. It seemed to do something but the result was an empty file (0 bytes). 1000x1000 worked fine. I think the app has to handle odd dimensions because FFMPEG can not process them.
  7. There is a check box "Include undo/redo steps" in the dialog but it's greyed out so I'm not sure how is it supposed to work.
  8. I suppose YouTube will get flooded with timelapse videos. This could be nice promotion. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Are there any limitations of this? Does the app really remember the whole session? Or does it even remember the whole history of the document? And what about "undid" steps?
  9. It does not quite explain why we *CAN* add the exactly same style again. The "if" condition must be mixed up. Anyway, it seems to be a very simple bug so I hope it will be finally fixed. ๐Ÿ™
  10. And I don't really understand why I can't change the range of pixel rectangle selection. The other options are nice but less important.
  11. It seems you can disable steps that you don't need but it's still very crude. I often forget something while recording longer macros (20+ steps) and I have to record them several times to get it right. Some more editing options would be very useful (i.e. deleting steps and changing their order - now you can add new steps only at the end of the macro).
  12. And here it is. The original stroke was created with mouse (i.e. without any pressure settings), no fill, width of 16 pixels aka 3,8 pt. The applied style looks like this (no fill, simple pressure curve, width 16,4 pt).
  13. I though I did that. If not, it was unintentional. I saw the second issue several times during one session but (un)fortunately I still can't figure out all necessary conditions to demonstrate it again. I suppose it will pop up again soon.
  14. Spotted in AD in Windows 10 using Wacom tablet 1. Applying style is sometimes "one step behind". I.e. I apply Style1 and nothing happens. Then I apply Style2 and the style of the selected object finally changes to Style1. The easiest workaround is to apply the desired style twice. It does not happen always but it does happen. 2. I noticed that sometimes the stroke does not refresh properly. If the width of the stroke is too different AD refreshes/redraws only the rectangle of the original look so the changed object seems to be slightly cropped. It's just a temporarily glitch that disappears after the next refresh of the object or the document (zoom, etc.). However I have not found the exact scenario how to demonstrate it yet. (Pressure enabled? Does it happen only with the first change of the style?)
  15. +1 I certainly do. I expect the groups in any app to reduce the number of necessary clicks... ๐Ÿคจ
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