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  1. Reviving the thread a little bit with the latest beta... Unfortunately it seems there is nothing new in this area. Changing the width of a short stroke made with a pressure sensitive pen (Designer still does crazy things (zoom 600 %):
  2. Yes, I'm sure similar things has been suggested many times...
  3. I had an idea to test this bug on my second computer too and I got slightly different result. The possible reason of the change may (or may not) be disabled Windows Ink. reg add "HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\WindowsInkWorkspace" /f /v AllowWindowsInkWorkspace /t REG_DWORD /d 0 Designer creates a lot of unwanted points probably on the position of the previous click. I had seen this behaviour on my primary computer too but I had been unable to repeat it. The final result looks like this:
  4. I wanted to capture the video with Cocos' LiceCap but it did not work - probably because of double buffering or some kind of direct access of Designer to the screen. The recording contained just the original white background. So this time I used the easiest method I could - my phone. =) I used probably the simplest brushes I could - category Pens - "Solid Pen" or "Solid Pen with Pressure". It really happens only close to the edge of the visible area and it seems to me that the width of this problematic area varies when I change zoom. The bigger is the zoom the wider seems to be the problematic area. I noticed it for the first time with 500 % zoom.
  5. I have noticed that strange flashing artifacts appear when I'm (slowly) drawing with brush close to the edge of the window (i.e. the visible window, not necessarily the edge of the document). It's hard to describe it but unfortunately I can't save it as an animated gif. The diffused transparent pixels close to the brush change their position with every little move of the pen. It's a temporary defect - when I lift the pen from tablet the stroke redraws itself to its final form and the pixel artifacts disappear. Only the usual (sigh) permanent vector defects stay: It does not happen always but it happens very often. I am quite sure it happens only when the Controller is set to Pressure. It seems the app can't decide what size of the brush it should use (because the pressure is always slightly changing) and that it even uses different size during every refresh/redraw cycle. I also feel the probability is getting higher as I get closer to the scroll bar but I am not quite sure about it. Designer for Windows Vector brush tool - black outline, no fill, width 7.1 pt, Controller: Pressure
  6. I can change the order of strokes in Appearance panel by dragging them up and down. Unfortunately it does not work when the stroke is disabled (unchecked) and surprisingly it swaps the checkboxes of the strokes.
  7. Gunny

    Add Style from Selection

    I don't even dare to think about it. That would require more work.
  8. Gunny

    Add Style from Selection

    I though about it too but it is really rather inconvenient. I wanted to use styles to speed up my workflow so this isn't really an improvement. (I have to tweak the parameters of almost every new stroke while drawing because the pressure does not work the way I want.) That's an interesting trick. But I feel bad about creating so many invisible objects that are not really used. I think you also have to make sure that the invisible stroke is placed below the used one. Otherwise it could cause some troubles later while changing colours of several objects at once. (EDIT: And I think I have just found another bug - I can't properly sort disabled strokes.) Actually, I decided to create the styles with slightly different dark colours for now. When I am satisfied with the outlines I use "select all" and set their colours to 100 % black.
  9. Gunny

    Add Style from Selection

    I suppose I was not clear enough - I can import a style category from AP to AD so I hoped I could create the styles I wanted (different black strokes without any fill) in Photo. Unfortunately it is impossible because of the same bug so I've got nothing to export from AP.
  10. Gunny

    Add Style from Selection

    By the way, the same behaviour can be seen in Affinity Photo on Windows. (I hoped I could create the style category in AP and import it to AD.) It's a shame that .afstyles are binary files - I wish they they were plain text and I could edit them.
  11. I thought that this is called "bug-reporting" and it is usually considered useful. (I'm sorry for being "not helpful.)
  12. Gunny

    Add Style from Selection

    I can confirm that behaviour too. I could not add a new style from a different stroke unless I deleted the previous style. By the way, manual sorting of styles does not work for me too although it is possible in other similar lists (brushes, swatches).
  13. Gunny

    Add Style from Selection

    I have just stumbled on this issue with on Windows. I was trying to create a Style Category with different black lines (i.e. no fill, just different widths and pressure profiles) but it seems it is still impossible. I could create just one style like this and the second one can't be added. I had to add a solid fill to the selected stroke to add another style but that's obviously not the style I wanted. EDIT: The funny thing is that if you select a stroke, apply a style and then click "Add Style" it works and it creates a copy of the style. If you apply a style to stroke and then change its width or pressure profile it does not work. It seems there is a typo in the "if" condition - something like "!=" instead of "==".
  14. I can't find any easy way how to *really* crop the whole document. The crop just changes the size of the canvas but it keeps the bigger layers intact. That's usually fine but my documents tend to become rather messy so I often want to get rid of all leftovers beyond the edges of the canvas. As far as I know I have to use Layer - Rasterize & Trim on each layer and that's rather tedious. It would be really nice if you could add a new option "Trim" directly to Crop.