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  1. Hi! In V1.9.1, I've just edited one picture and used my prepared adjustments settings (asset) containing a group and multiple sub groups. Drag and drop worked. I could see the result. Now I've updated to V1.9.2. The adjustment settings (drag&drop asset) do not work anymore. I have to ungroup, uncheck and re-check every single adjustment layer like in a few version before. This is odd.
  2. Thank you all. But I still think that if even your workaround works, it is too much effort. So I ask for this function as a new standalone solution.
  3. And how do you share your local "Symbols" over several Publisher projects?
  4. Though I have all 3 apps installed, it is not that thing I was asking for. I was asking for the possibility to create content once, and used it several times (as references). Let's say you have a paragraph of text you want to reuse. In one section, you want to format the text in a different way as in another section. So the plain text can be added as as snippet/asset whereever you want and format it, but the content itself remains somewhere central. So you change the text ony on one spot, and all other "copies" of it get the update. Let's say you need a warning box, format
  5. Hello Affinity, It would be very nice to be able to include text elements (without formatting) as well as general elements (text blocks, graphics, etc. as a whole) as single source or snippets in Publisher. Two examples: I have several documents in the project, and would like to place the same warning with icon over and over again. To do this, I create this note 1x and drag it in every time I need it. This is currently possible with "Assets", but unfortunately it is not possible to change the text once, so that all references from this asset are updated. I have sever
  6. This is a very strange insinuation now. Of course the tools are bought. My gasoline to the film set is more expensive.
  7. Hello, Since version 1.9 is too sluggish for my notebook, I have to switch to my editing workstation, which has more power, as a test. For this I would like to save my workspace and all the settings (also the ones from the Development Persona, like Basic, Lens, Details,... or also assets). Is there somewhere in Affinity a possibility to export the whole thing in one go and take it over for a new installation? I know: I can export assets and load them again. But that doesn't work with the templates from the Development Persona (no export available). Also I would like to take
  8. Sure, not enabled. With HA enabled, Affinity Photo is not usable at all.
  9. Hello, I have to report that Affinity Photo V1.9 and V1.9.1 have significantly worse performance than V1.8.*. What is really noticeable is that the operation is very sluggish and the changes to adjustment layers are redrawn much slower. Something seems to be wrong with the memory management. I have the feeling that the image is reloaded like from a 3.5" disk when you have made a change. 😜 This was not the case in V1.8 on the same machine. And I don't have to list the problems with the hardware acceleration. 😕
  10. Hello, Just let you know that any saved asset (e.g. a group of adjustment layers for grading) do not work if the hardware acceleration is turned on. Dragged assets have no effect, no matter if you disable and enable the adjustment layers again (as you had to in prev. versions due to a bug).
  11. I have been asking for this feature for a long time. But there doesn't seem to be many RAW developers at Affinity to understand the problem. I also have quite a few RAW images every day and I feel the same as you.
  12. I have the same issues with OpenCL enabled, though I have the lastest NVIDA Studio Drivers. Before V1.9, I had no problems at all.
  13. I have the latest Studio Drivers from NVIDIA. But enabling the hardware acceleration in Photo leads to massive performance drops. Raw development is almost impossible with that latencies between me, the GUI and the redrawn canvas.
  14. I had the same issues... but unchecking Hardware Acceleration improved the performance (incl. RAW development).
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