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  1. 9. You cannot disable "new update available" dialog everytime you open Photo. No pro updates everytime an update is availble during running projects. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. 8. You cannot manage presets (only create them and delete them one by one)
  3. Hmmm.... I do not want to lose all of my presets, only a bunch of selection. So acutally, there is only a way to collect presets, but not to manage them. This is not good.
  4. Any preset you create. I think this is a major flaw. E.g. "Basic" preset in raw development.
  5. How can I delete multiple presets at once? I mean.... 30 or more that have accumulated over a long time.
  6. Thanks for pointing out a point I forgot to mention above: The interface should be cleaned up in places and tools should be in one place instead of being spread all over the place. Adobe Photoshop already has that and it's pretty annoying.
  7. I mentioned it because even cheap or free tools have this feature. Even me, if a write a new app in C#, this is one of the first features I implement when loading or saving a file! This is standard! It is easy to remember the last used paths and store them somewhere. Slower alternatives? Affinity is slow, there is barely no room to get worse. For example raw developent (processing) takes so long.
  8. Does not memorize last folder you saved an image to. After restart you have to dig through your folders again. Every other tool memorize the last used folders in the combo box in the save/open file dialog. Raw development cannot be easily stopped for exit. You have to exit raw developement first and afterwards to confirm again. This is annyoing. You cannot save raw development progress. In raw development, only simple gradient layers. No radial or ellipse. GUI is slow. It is really slow and not always responsive. Sometime I have to choose my pen 3 times till it really gets selected. And window, canvas refresh... all is slow. Using GTX1050, having 16GB RAM on a i7 Intel 4x 2.2 GHz machine. Slices tool. No (magnet) alignment of slices available. No color/luminance range selection. Only poor color picking with tolerance. Does not work most of the times.
  9. No, I was actually looking for some more professional controls like this, where you also can immediately see the effect while adjusting.
  10. Sliders are okay, color wheels for shadows, midtones and highlights would be much better and easier to access instead of the Tonal Range drop down menu.
  11. Well... I do not know why this simple must have feature is still not available, but I thought to mention it again: I want to make a selection by just setting a color range (with ramp/luminance options and feathering).
  12. Thank you for the tip. But how to add the group of adjustment layers to the assets, neither drag&drop nor "adding from selection" works 😕 EDIT + SOLVED: You need to show the assets as "list", otherwise you won't see the group added via "adding from selection".
  13. Hi, There seems no button or option to save a group of adjustment layers as preset. Is this correct? I do not want to open an old file using the layers all the time and copy them into the new image. Thank you. Jeff
  14. Hi, I often grab some screenshots and start a new canvas based on the clipboard content. But everytime I have to rasterize the image before I can work on. Why do I have to rasterize it? Isn't it clear that the image has to be processed anyway? This should be default. Jeff
  15. Coming from the thread above, I really wished there was a way to disable the annoying update notification every time I open Designer, Photo or Publisher. I haven't seen this “feature” in any other application and I really want to decide by my own, when to update. Please, add an option to disable this. Thank you.
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