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  1. Hi, It would be great if you could link objects and curves with each other, as known as in all mind map tools. For example, having a simple line connected to two edges of an object. Now, when I move one object, the line node follows. See picture below.
  2. JeffreyWalther

    RAW Development

    As mentioned before, the technology is already there and existing, e.g. in DaVinci Resolve. I see no difference in image processing. Photo is single frame editing, Resolve is a sequence of frames which requires much more technology and know how.
  3. JeffreyWalther

    RAW Development

    Coming from the film business, I also edit RAW footage. Most of the time I use DaVinci Resolve for its nice node workflow. There you have your raw footage, where you also can change the raw settings (ISO, whitebalance, shadows, highlights,...) afterwards. They are not baked in and never will. But then, any further edit on this is a non-destructive process. You places nodes after nodes doing something with the picture. This can be masking, grading, color shifting. The process is stored in the nodes and applied live while watching the footage. And those can be 4K at 60p or more and it works on beefy machines. This is something I would really like to see on simple (single) pictures. Having the raw image with changable raw settings and then live adjustments on top without crushing the original image. Even pixel edits should work that way (process instructions stored in an adjustment layer or a node as in DaVinci). Only at the time, when the final picture is exported to PNG, TIF or whatever, then it all should be baked in. This would be the best feature ever that would have been introduced in Photo.
  4. Hi, Coming from this post: I whished there was an easyer and more convinient workflow to export/import presets than finding and copying files from the Explorer.
  5. JeffreyWalther

    Saving Presets

    Ooops. Could some moderator move this topic to PHOTO, please?
  6. Hi, Coming from this post: I whished there was an easyer workflow to export/import presets than finding and copying files from the Explorer.
  7. JeffreyWalther

    Photo: Export Presets?

    Thank you! For those of you searching for those files on Windows: C:\Users\<your name>\AppData\Roaming\Affinity\Photo\1.0\user
  8. Hi, Is there a way to export the presets made for an adjustment layer? Those are available in the list, but once I re-install my system they are gone. How can I export and re-import them?
  9. First, if someone watches or reads a tutorial, he/she either chooses one in his/her language according to the set GUI or he/she has to switch the GUI to follow. There is no way around and everything else makes no sense. Second, no one ever will watch for example a Chinese tutorial having another language set and then count the items in the list to pick up the right one. This is just stupid. Again, counting items is stupid an no professional working at all. Third, you are way faster if the list is individually sorted. While in EN some items may be on top, in DE it may be somewhere else. But if you know the native expression, so you pick it up the one, like you do a name from the Yellow Pages. Fourth, you are too focussed on tutorial use case, not editor focussed who has to deal with it every day. Fifth, do not watch tutorials in a language you do anyway not understand. This makes no sense.
  10. Only alphabetical sorting makes sense. Individually for each language. And this is an easy task for any programmer (QuickSort, BubbleSort,...)! If you use EN, you search for the English expressions rather for French, German or whatever. So you go through the list and pick the word in the current GUI language. I see no conflicts with alphabetical orders. If you use any other language than EN, then you also search for the according expression in that language. Sorting alphabetically only for EN and just translate it to the other languages is bullshit. You're searching and searching for the adjustments which is time consuming!
  11. Thank you. Obviously Serif does not care much, what makes me sad.
  12. Hi, I do not why it is set up so, but: can we have the adjustment list in alphabetical order? It makes no sense to have it messy.
  13. JeffreyWalther

    RAW Development

    Well, that is actually not true. The raw file would still have no baked in data. The changable settings would just be updated. But I do not care. I really wish it was possible to develop a picture, save the raw state and open it again at any time to continue. But it would be great, if the raw settings would never baked in so that you can change them at any time. This is already possible with raw footage of cinema cameras. And this is much more data to process.
  14. JeffreyWalther

    RAW Development

    - also save the RAW settings back to the RAW file (instead of creating a new Affinity Photo file) - cancle RAW development by [X] without first cancle development [YES/NO] and then again close the window[YES/NO].

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