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  1. It would be cool, if you could create and finetune a selection mask by color involving: Hue Saturation Luminance Like so: Such an option speeds up workflow like hell. I use it all the time in another app. The available options in Photo are quite deficient and useless (compared to the app above). UPDATE: It would be nice to have this future feature: during raw development as a dynamic mask layer, so that the color range can be changed at any time
  2. Sometimes you want to check a certain area of the image. At the moment, this can only be done by creating a merged image and then do a mask on that wished area. Afterwards, you have to delete everything. This is too much workaorund. For the scopes, it would be cool if you just could select only a specific area of the image.
  3. I was requesting this, too.
  4. Before a picture gets processed, there is the time before: raw development. Here are some MUST HAVE features: General It should be possible to save the current editing state of raw developing (URGENT!!). Sometimes you spend hours and hours on the overlays and you cannot pause until you hit "develop". This is annoying. Developing should be no-destructive. Performance. Currently, the entire GUI response is way too slow. Sometimes parts of the canvas are not properly painted. Even on high end machines. Overlay tools Brush/eraser,... they need feathering and opacity adjustment (URGENT!!) Brush/eraser,... shall share same size setting Brush/eraser improvement: currently they do not properly work for small sizes (splotchy lines) and canvas painting has latency (URGENT!!) A way to combine gradients and brushes on the same layer Polygon tool (beside brush and gradient) with adjustable feathering and opacity. Smart selection tool based on colors/edges. You really do not want to brush all the details during raw development.
  5. Hi, I think this should not happen. If you have a small brush size to paint your overlay mask in raw development, you get splotchy results instead of a clean line. BTW feature request: I also miss adjustment for feathering and opacity.
  6. I wished it was possible to also save the RAW development. I've already lost many hours due to heavy and complicated processeing with the overlays when Photo crashed.
  7. JeffreyWalther

    Remembering and adapting settings

    Thanks. But this does not exist for raw development.
  8. I find it quit annyoing that Affinity Photo: Does not remember the last used LUT folder after restarting the application. I always have to dive deep into my folders. This is really annyoing. Does not use the same brush size for any other selected tool that uses the pixel size. There should be at least an option for that. At the moment, every tool has its own pixel size setting. When working on masks for example, you want to have the brush and the eraser at the same pixel setting. Does not remember the last used brush size (or any other tool pixel size) after restarting the application.
  9. The refresh of the GUI is not good. When working with blur or masks on the image, the canvas is not properly refreshed. Often, there are parts that are not updated or when zooming in or out parts are not painted to the canvas (programmatically spoken). I do not know if it is due to .NET or somethine else... but the GUI has a slow response. Does not matter if you run the app with a cheap onboard graphic card or with an NVIDIA GTX card.
  10. Call it whatever you want. If you have an "overlay" selected and choose a preset from the list, you only affect the master overlay and this should not be the case! If the preset is only applicable on master overlays, the presets should be grayed out and disabled when any other than the master overlay is currently active!
  11. If you develop a raw file and also use a development gradient/paint layer for additional raw adjustments, they won't accept any presets even if the layer is active. A preset will overwrite the main development layer. Lost 60 min of work :-(
  12. Affinity Photo really needs a preview gallery of LUTs with the current picture in edit. If you're close to the final touch of the picture, you do not want to browse through hundreds of LUTs by filename and see/check by trial and error.
  13. No, I need the canvas to be displayed and scaled to full screen. No buttons, no menu no whatever. PREVIEW!

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