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  1. you cannot save a preset for all adjustments and details made in your project. Each tab is threated separately :-( presets you save do not store the whitebalance :-( presets you save does ignore checkmarks you set in the adjustments (e.h. whitebalance) :-( overall: brush sizes etc. you select are not stored - they a all reset all the time once you switch tback and forth the tools :-( painful: if I want to close Affinity Photo while developing a RAW picture, I don't want to be forced to cancle Developing first and then again hit X again to exit the program and then again being asked to save my work. If I hit X, I want to select, yes.... terminate everything. Done. Why is developing RAW handled that stupid? Please, Affinity... fix it. Thank you. Jeff
  2. Hi, It seems in our case that the PDF contains a black hidden bottom layer. In a PDF viewer, the layer is not shown. Which is correct. In Publisher, the hidden layers is displayed, so the bottom layers shines through. So.... the PDF seems not to be in a good state with such hidden layers, but Publisher may also have a closer look on that embedded layers in the PDF. I deleted the bottom layer from the PDF, so it was working in Publisher as excepted.
  3. Hello, I've added a PDF with transparant background on my page. But the transparanet part is shown in black color. Jeff
  4. Thanks, it is the right way. Have to check this. But it would be great to have those "symbols" globally so you can use it as single source in other Publisher projects. And all get updated at once.
  5. But you cannot change it, once added to the asset panel. You also cannot apply any changes to all the places at once, where the assets have been added (without being locally changed). For example: You have a warning box that you want to use in 5 Publisher documents. Now, for corporate design reasons, you need to change the warning box. Those changes won't be updated in the assets that have been added on the pages. I don't want to do that on all pages and all 5 documents manually. :-)
  6. 1) Ability to insert global text variables in a text frame. Reason: Sometimes you want to share a piece of information several times in the overall document, or even over several Publisher documents. Once a change is needed, you only have to change the single source. 2) Ability to create text/table snippets that can be re-used (and also edited for a local version). Reason: See 1), think of "WARNING" boxes or similar that you want to style once, but use very often. 3) Ability to have global Master Pages/document settings/styling over multiple Publisher documents. Reason: If you need to change the style (e.g. CI change), you only have to do it once.
  7. Hello Stuart, Thank you very much. It works! I've completed an entire camera brochure within 2h hours, while the same stuff in another crappy application took me days. Thank you! Jeff
  8. Is there a way to define separator dots (..........) to fill out all blanks from the heading up to the set tab (where the number appears), independent of the character length of each heading? APPLES.........1 BANANAS.....2 FRIES.............3
  9. JeffreyWalther

    Any text variables?

    Thank you all! View > Studio > Fields and using sections in the page panel seems to work (though I would like to see the current Heading 1 text (or any other by settings), in the Fields for a more dynamic build-up).
  10. OMG!! That's it! This checkbox is so hidden due to the short table topic! Thank you very much to pointing me out.
  11. Hi again, Is there a way to use text variables? I would like to insert a variable on a master page in the footer area that shall contain the current header name (Header 1). On large documents, this is important to give the reader a hint which section he is currently reading. Jeff
  12. There seems to be something odd if you create your own style and then use this one in the TOC. Then the numbers are not shown up. If you use the standard Heading 1 for example, it works. With own styles not.
  13. Yes, I do. I added a text frame in the master page and inserted the page number. The page numbers are displayed on the pages itslef, but are not inluded in the TOC (while the headings do).
  14. Hi, Is there any hidden option to unhide the page numbers in the table of contents? Though my heading are all found, the page numbers are not displayed. They are missing. A bug in the beta? Jeff
  15. Hi, I really like Affinity Photo (coming from PS after 6 years). But I really miss one important feature: Loading and editing RAW pictures without developing them, but save settings in a meta file (like XMP in PS). That way I could re-open undeveloped pictures but with the already made adjustments. This is also important if you want to forward RAW pictures with those settings that can still be adjusted. Please, also add global "presets", where all settings from the development persona are stored. At the moment, this is only available for each individual tab. Please, increase performance. RAW editing is too slow. Changes are slowly build up while adjusting settings. As well, development takes too long. Jeff