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  1. Hey guys, I designed my full pages artwork which contains vectors, photos and texts elements in Affinity Designer and I want to export as pdf without compression and then place into InDesign and finally export again as print ready pdf and ePub3 ebook. But a lot of vectors in my page are thin and people say it’s better to print them in 100% K black so there won’t be rich black printing problem. However, how do I export the pdf in Affinity Designer which still be RGB but the black for the vectors are 100% k black? Will InDesign read it as 100% k black or some kind of rich black? I also thought about export 2 versions, one is RGB for the ebook and one is CMYK for the print but I did like to retain RGB for the images so I won’t lose much of the original quality with the possible of another conversion done by InDesign that I didn’t know(I’m still a newbie). However, I heard the text in the pdf might not treated nicely in InDesign and is better to re-add the texts in InDesign, I not yet tested this but is this true? I did see that elements in placed pdf can’t be edit or select.
  2. Hey guys, so I made all my pages content with Affinity Designer and now I want to export it as full page pdf and place into InDesign, however I learned it's better to have 100% K black for small line of vector so the printing process will have no shifting problem cause the line to have color shift. However, the affinity designer file has photos on the page too, and I want to export it for epub book version too, is there a way to export to retain everything and the profile as rgb but the vector's black is 100% k black? Or I should export one as rgb pdf(for my ebook) and also a version as cmyk pdf and change the vector to 100%K black(for my print book) to be placed into InDesign?
  3. I not sure how they can surive until now, their email support is like a robot, no care and emotion
  4. When can those happen? Can’t buy Affinity Publisher even its on sales now. like the speed but not useful if it doesn’t export ebook and not even able to link my image heavy pdf
  5. Yes they don’t provide a profile, one question, does the profile is depend on the printer only or the paper as well? Like if it’s the same printer but different paper(different gsm and coated/uncoated) will need different profile as well? Becuase I plan to use Fogra47L for the interior(uncoated 70lb 104gsm paper) and Fogra39L for the laminates Coated cover(I think I will pic matte and not glossy, not sure if this will need a different profile too but I guess don’t need) i just need that profile to convert my sRGB contents to CMYK pdf during the export. They say don’t embed the profile too so I guess if my profile different to their is still too(of course better if they can provide one) i do know Blurb use their printer and Blurb has a custom profile based on GRACoL2009, but that profile is around 300% TAC ink limit, plus I read an article from PrintNinja day that’s its idea to have TAC around 150-250% so they artwork won’t be too dark due to too many ink, so I guess I won’t use that profile. Although the paper simulation from the profile I can see it’s more white and not cream like the defaults US WEB Coated SWOP V2, and the Fogra39L(it’s an Coated profile with 260% TAC) is almost same as the Blurb simulated paper and Fogra47L(its a uncoated profile with 260% TAC) is just slight washed out due to the uncoated paper property
  6. Hey guys, IngramSpark has a 240% TAC ink limit and the only ICC profile(other than newsprint profile) I found is http://www.color.org/registry/Uncoated_Fogra47L_VIGC_260.xalter And I do a color proof test in InDesign and it has a tiny blueish white on the paper(the left one on the attached picture). For me this is close to how a paper should look in real life. however, InDesign set the default is US Web Coated (SWOP) V2 and most people let this be their default too I guess, I try to do color proof of it and the paper is so much more yellowish like a cream paper(right one on the attached picture), if this is the color I should get, then the Fogra47 is not for me? i emailed to IngramSpark and they not willing to recommend me a profile but they do mentioned for portrait book which is my case is uncoated, for landscape book is slight sheen on paper which should mean coated.
  7. Ok thanks but which programs you recommend? since my pdf are exported from AD and AD can edit pdf and it make sense to use AD but when I click the pdf and edit it, it doesn't save as pdf but I have to go to the export option to convert and export as a pdf again, will this done anything to the pdf that will reduce the image quality even it's not noticeable? if the best method for me is to redo the edit in my AD files and then export as a pdf again then I will do that just the export time will be long compare to edit a pdf and save it
  8. Thanks, I will export every full page artwork from AD and place them in InDesign so I guess no right ICC profile also doesn't matter, but in InDesign should I use http://www.color.org/registry/CGATS21_CRPC1.xalter or http://www.color.org/registry/SNAP_2007.xalter? they both are the 240% limit color I found on the ICC site http://www.color.org/registry/index.xalter and I will let the embed profile, donor spot color, overprint black and convert image color space in AD. BTW, what's allow advance features in the most bottom of the export option? MikeW, where do you get that color profile?
  9. Can anyone guide me what are these? . My full page artworks are done in AD and will be placed into inDesign and then export as print pdf book and fixed layout ePub3 ebook, but the IngramSpark printer require a 240% CYMK ink limit, should I set that right on AD or do it while setting up the document in InDesign or after completed and ready to export in InDesign? I want the ebook to show the original color I see on screen, so better don't convert to cyme in AD first right? . The printer also say don't include ICC and spot color, so should I untick the embed profile(I not sure if this is same meaning as ICC profile or it mean something else) and untick the honour spot color? How about overprint black? . And what's convert image color space mean? . And from googling, I found a site with 2 340% ink limit profile, they are ICC, if I use them then how do the final result will still be under 240% ink limit because IngramSpark say don't include ICC profile and spot color? http://www.color.org/registry/index.xalter (the last 2 from the list)
  10. Hey guys, Ingramspark require you to not include ICC and spot color for your pdf. I working on my full page art on AD and will export as pdf and place into InDesign. I see there's "honor spot color" and other option in the pdf exports option, should I untick it? How about the color profile I must choose one when setting up the AD document? are that ICC? and in the export option, there's an optioon to untick the embed color profile, should I untick? And should I remove them in AD or do it when export in InDesign? I don't see an option to select color profile in InDesign by the way
  11. Hey guys, i see there's an option in the export of AD called overprint black and google a bit of it, is that you should tick it only if all your text are true black? My book only has one text are gradient color. Should I tick it and make the gradient color text become outline shape?
  12. Hello everyone, I made my page design in Affinity Designer and need to export as pdf and then place into InDesign. I will re-add the text on InDesign, arrange these text to the location of the text in the pdf and then delete the text on pdf so there won’t be any error when I export the final book as ebook and print ready pdf. But I found that in InDesign I can’t edit the pdf and not even select or snap object to the elements in the pdf, so I think to export the pdf to have layers so when I added all texts in InDesign I can delete the pdf and places the pdf again without the text layers. I clicked include layers in the export option(I don’t use e port persona), is it because I grouped all images and text into a group? Do I have to click the add layer in the layer panel?
  13. But my numbering’s are not within the same text box, is this mean I have to adjust manually each time? Oh and how do I make the new text box automatically start with the next number?

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