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  1. So, two years ago there was an idea, but it was apparently abandoned... Pity...
  2. Hi! I report a problem with the Wacom Intuos Pro M tablet in Affinity Photo Sometimes when I use a brush, the line does not show up, although I can use the "Undo" option. It only helps to restart the application. Yesterday I had to restart 3 times, today two*. Horribly annoying. I have up-to-date tablet drivers (6.3.30-6) #1 Edit *three times
  3. Thanks for the answer. An interesting idea with clouds and the Displace option, but it does not give a good result. At least that's my opinion. I used a few pics of clouds that I found on the internet in high resolution. Those where there are several clouds and where the whole sky is covered. As the effect was poor, I decided to make the clouds myself thanks to the Perlin Noise in Affinity Photo (Filters / Noise / Perlin Noise) option, something like Render > Clouds in Photoshop. Well, the quality is definitely better, but the main problem is that this option makes the image or text jaggy/ragged not jittery/wiggly. I do not know if it's a matter of the "Pixel" layer and because of that it's loses on quality, and if it would be on the vector image it would work ... #1 Edit Of course, I used a small effect of "Displace" (like 20-30 was max because of noise / jaggy) #2 Edit I checked if I can draw something in Affinity Designer in a vector (by the way, can I connect them somehow? I wrote two words and I had lots of layers that I could not combine into one.) I moved work back to Affinity Photo, but unfortunately the option "Displace "requires a raster layer ...
  4. Well done. Aesthetic. I like this golden sign the most. Especially the way you put it there. Maybe some short tutorial on creating such a sign and adding it to the material?
  5. Hi! I'm here for the first time! I admire the work on the program and keep my fingers crossed for further development I would like to ask if there is an option in the program or any plugin that would allow me to make a "jitter" effect? Something like shaking in animation. Currently, I draw two pictures and then place them in a video editing program next to each other to get that effect. However, the process of drawing twice the same image is time-consuming. If there was a possibility of moving lines/making jittery/wiggly in in the finished picture, it would speed up my work at least twice #1 Edit: Oh,I am using Windows 10 It's more or less the effect I'd like to get:
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