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  1. I'm always here providing facts and balance.
  2. Oh, the bleakness. Good luck today, UK. Created in AD for Instagram.
  3. Well I never said it was perfect. Thanks for the feedback y'all.
  4. Quick illustration I did for Instagram self-promo. Playing with the isometric grid. Good times.
  5. Love this. Absolute genius.
  6. This isn't exact but it's a quick approximation - just done using pressure curves in the stroke panel. moon_pressure.afdesign
  7. No reason for this, other that it just popped into my head.
  8. Water $20. Yep I've been to that club.
  9. Companion to an earlier piece I did in a similar vein. Just to reacquaint myself with AD after a long hiatus using nothing but Ad*be :angry:
  10. John - yeah they are part of a series I've done. Happy to share the others D
  11. Damn, you caught me. Hands and feet are the bane of my life...
  12. I wouldn't know... no idea where I got it from... as with most of my font collection
  13. And the winner is...
  14. For anyone who's been to a music gig in the last five years.
  15. Love the new pack. Great work.