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  1. giantlobsterprd

    Avengers mandala

    Something I’ve been putting together between other projects. Prints available (probably)
  2. ...neither of which enjoyed anything like the market dominance that QXP had in the late 90s, which is the period I’m describing here. So I’ll stand by my facts.
  3. Here's a story for anyone under 30 who might not have been there at the time (I have put it into spoiler tags so as not to annoy the TL:DR contingent):
  4. giantlobsterprd

    Screen redraw issue

    Yeah that’s what I meant. The Mac’s got 16gb main RAM. And just to underscore that this isn’t an issue related to underpowered hardware — I’ve got a version of this file on the iPad and it’s fully editable with no issues.
  5. giantlobsterprd

    Screen redraw issue

    Boatloads of objects – that's how I roll
  6. giantlobsterprd

    Screen redraw issue

    Hey - so I’m on a 2017 MacBook Pro, touch bar, top end 4gb AMD gpu etc. It shouldn’t be a hardware issue. And it’s only happening on this file, I’ve got other files that are way more complex that work fine. Very odd.
  7. giantlobsterprd

    Sausage party

    Incidentally now available as a 4K wallpaper on my site at giantlobster.uk/wallpapers
  8. giantlobsterprd

    Screen redraw issue

    Guys, am getting some weird redraw issues with this file (enclosed) – see screen recording. Thanks Dan affinity.mov banner.afdesign
  9. giantlobsterprd

    Sausage party

    One-legged guys need love too. It's 2018 after all...
  10. giantlobsterprd

    Sausage party

    Thanks! I do think iPad deserves its own space on the forum. I’m fascinated to see how far people can push it.
  11. giantlobsterprd

    Sausage party

    Two guys, two girls and a pair of massive sausages. What more could you possibly want?
  12. Yes and no. Illustrator does everything, but not particularly well. For example, the chart tools haven’t been updated in years, the perspective grid is a nightmare of awkwardness, 3D rotate/extrude creates overly complex objects, and those new-fangled shape-creation tools are next to impossible to get your head around. The only thing they’ve added recently that I thought was half-decent was the puppet warp function. And yet I still haven’t used it because I keep forgetting it’s there. For now, I have to keep on using AI purely because it works well with After Effects. But I live in hope that one day soon I’ll be able to give it the elbow for good.
  13. giantlobsterprd

    Sausage party

    My first piece of work done entirely on iPad. Absolute game changer, thanks for all your efforts Serif. It was worth it. (Hi-res of this will end up on instagram later, once I’ve worked out how to reformat for square on iPad)