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  1. Been a while since I just sat down with Affinity and let something happen more-or-less on its own. This is what came out this morning. I like her, she's sassy.
  2. Another of my occasional movie posters. This one took a bit of redrafting (and rewatching) before it came together.
  3. @Ali glad that comes across - it's exactly the vibe I was going for. Had to do quite a bit of research around travel posters of the era.
  4. @MattP shout if you do - I can give you exact locations
  5. I was recently commissioned to create a set of illustrations to go on construction hoardings around the Euston Station (London) area. I picked Affinity Designer as my weapon of choice, and the results can be seen if you take a wander around the district. The one small production bummer was that the agency doing the artwork insisted on AI files so I have to convert them all before sending them out. Even despite that I would still have used Affinity for these as it's just a much nicer illustration tool than Adobe. I think these would have taken me twice as long in Illustrator, and given me a migraine along the way.
  6. Mucking about during Covid downtime. This is a combination of AD and Cinema 4D.
  7. For all the people out there that love peak 70's high-camp Vincent Price horror movies. Yes, both of you.
  8. Observed in Peckham, drawn in AD on my iPad and then animated in After Effects.
  9. Tinkering during a slow work week. Inspired by the rain hammering against my office window.
  10. Something I’ve been putting together between other projects. Prints available (probably)
  11. ...neither of which enjoyed anything like the market dominance that QXP had in the late 90s, which is the period I’m describing here. So I’ll stand by my facts.
  12. Here's a story for anyone under 30 who might not have been there at the time (I have put it into spoiler tags so as not to annoy the TL:DR contingent):
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