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  1. I don't have access to the isometric panel or the Construction menu either.. hmm...? Edit (Finally found the construction panel , still missing the Isometric panel though!)
  2. I really enjoyed going through all your abstract work... Very cool stuff. Did you come up with the; 'Let's Make Shapes' challenge yourself? Or is it a challenge you found somewhere? hmm.. (Will love to do a similar challenge)
  3. RemN

    Perspective Grid

    Just put your objects above the grid/s group... the grid will only be visible when you hover over the grid Overview ..
  4. RemN

    Perspective Grid

    It works perfectly when you turn on; 'Snap to object geometry' in the snapping menu!
  5. RemN

    DAUB LiquidInk Tools and Macros

    Hi Paolo... I can't import the Macro file in APhoto? I can import other Macro files, but for some reason, not this one.. hmm