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  1. Hello john, The images are vertically and horizontally shot. I first loaded each image one by one and made exposure corrections and saved as TIFF images. Then all 26 were loaded to AP. I did not have to do any alignment adjustments. Photo was taken handheld with nikon D7000 and 70-300mm lens at 70mm/f7.1. Just took overlapping images from top left to bottom right in zig-zag way. I would have been about 500 mtrs or so from the hill. In AP, it was File>New Panorama>Stich panorama>OK. Then did some normal enhancements. The location in google map is 12.978369, 80.165544. Its Thirisulam Hill, Chennai, Tamil Nadu,India. There is a quarry area where I have gone a couple of times and taken pictures but have not covered properly. Have to go again. regards, Unni
  2. The picture is a panorama made from 27 TIFF images totaling about 2 GB size. AP did a fine job, fast, with such a large total file size and number of images. cheers, unni
  3. unni

    Introduce Yourself

    @AITCH: i never knew there is something called auto colouring. Internet search show a few softwares only for this and some of them use artificial intelligence based logic. Also saw many tutorials for photoshop to achieve this colorization in the traditional way. These tutorials are also applicable to affinity photo 95% with some changes in GUI or menus. Ap is a very powerful professional quality software and there are many good video tutorials fot AP. If you spend some time to learn the application it will be easy to apply traditional colouring of a B&W photo and it will give very satisfying results. If you consider the additional time to finetune an auto coloured photo, i think in the end manual and auto will have similar efficiency with manual method ending up better ,pictorially.
  4. Try to open it in notepad. Take a copy of the file 20191103092525.autosave and save it on desktop. Now right click on this copy and select Open from the menu. click the mouse at : Select a program from a list of installed program. Press Okay Now, in the dialog box, untick : Always use the selected program to open this kind of file. Click Okay. You will be able to see the location of the linked file location. Here is a sample below. If the referred file is not in the location, then it may not be possible to retrieve. You have to locate it from the drive and put it back in the referred location with the same name.
  5. The windows screen shot for changing folder options and location of the autosave file of Affinity Photo is shown in the screen shot below. @alecia
  6. @alecia as mentioned by @Palatino above, hope you have figured it by now. If not, i can take screen shots and post it.
  7. unni

    Introduce Yourself

    I have not tried anything on cloud storage, so cannot comment. Someone with knowledge in this area will step in and give more details. As I understand, the focus of AP is mainly on the image processing and not library management . So it does not have features like that of Adobe Bridge. Maybe, sometime in future such things will be incorporated. Affinity Photo and other apps by this company are very powerful, pro quality and very much affordable. The community is also very helpful.
  8. unni

    Introduce Yourself

    I think such a facility is not there in AP. You may probably be able to do it by configuring Windows Network so that when you press FILE>OPEN in Affinity photo, you are able to proceed to the Amazon portal. I am not sure. someone with better knowledge on networks may be able to tell. There could be a security compromise when this is done on the internet network.
  9. In Affinity Photo, there is an auto save feature. It may be available in other Affinity applications also. The autosave time is default 300 seconds. This is under EDIT>PREFERENCE>PERFORMANCE File recovery interval. So every 300 seconds it saves the file. For Affinity Photo, the file is saved with an extension .autosave and file name is year date time . In Windows 7, The location is C:\Users\unni\AppData\Roaming\Affinity\Photo\1.0\autosave (Unni is my user name. For you, it will be different depending on how the windows is configured) The AppData folder is hidden. So you have to go to TOOLS>FOLDER OPTIONS>VIEW in Windows and enable show hidden files,folders and drives. Once inside this autosave folder, find the file and copy it and then paste in desktop (for example). Rename the file by changing the extension from .autosave to .afphoto. Example : 20180909175347.autosave TO 20180909175347.afphoto (For Affinity Designer the .afphoto extension may be different. Look your other saved files for this data.) Now open the file in the application. That's it !! If you have MAC OS, it will also have a similar location from where you can recover the file. Hope this helps ! @Jeanette
  10. A feature i am looking for ,have also requested this and seconded in other threads. For LAB, without this its almost impossible to apply learnings from Dan Margulis who is probably the only person with extensive guide on LAB .
  11. unni

    And then that happened!

    I wonder what would i have done if Affinity Photo was not present. PS is not an option for hobbyists like me. This has all that i want- normal features, focus stacking, panorama stitching. Great software, a boon for many. Wish the team a tremendous growth in coming years and many thanks for giving Affinity software to the world. Unni from India
  12. I am also checking each beta release to see for the implementation to input exact values for the node points for moving it but it is yet to be implemented. So I am not able to utilize LAB space curves with precision as described byDan Margulis. In some other thread also I have given this feedback but may be because LAB is not so popular , the AP team is not giving a high priority to improve. Hope this gets improved sometime soon.
  13. Just checked Steve's website and the about page. You are a professional with decades of experience, great! Well, I am a hobbyist with very little hands on experience and diy resources. So my ideas and inputs may not work for pro use !

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