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  1. The brush overlay mode for masks seems to be working now in the latest version.
  2. There are various image processing softwares available in the market and PS is one of the best applications. Whichever software suits, one should go with it and ignore the rest. In the end, its what we do with a tool that matters and there is no point in keeping an unusable tool.
  3. For anyone who has used PS a lot, there will be a natural expectation to have same or similar interface. As i know, AP internals are different from PS and it has only kept some of the basic PS type interfaces to aid in easy transition. As long as the requirements are met, it is fine and i keep going forward, otherwise will get stuck in comparing. AP team is very good in listening to the customers voices, providing solutions and implementing whatever is possible or required. @Jowday
  4. @walt.farrell Thank you for the alternative way, just checked , it meets my requirement.
  5. There is another thread on this topic "Adjustment selections,Double click" where @MEB says this is intentional. So I don't think it will revert back. So have to get used to this ! BR, Unni
  6. I have been off AP for a few months. So do not know whether this observation applies to earlier beta version also. In AP stable version, when single clicking on any adjustment (Level/curve/HSL etc), the adjustment layer opens. In the present beta version, single clicking does not create the adjustment layer. Instead, the sub menu opens with icons like default/darken/lighten (as appropriate) and one of these icons have to be clicked again. I do not know whether this is intentional or not. Single click makes the work flow faster and hope single click method will be considered to be retained in future release. Best regards, unni
  7. Many thanks to the AP team for providing this feature ! @MEB I had requested this in OCT 2019. Now I can seriously apply learnings from Dan Margulis on LAB processing.
  8. I bought AD and APub about a month back just to have all the three package. I am a serious hobby photographer basically. I am also not an artist or graphics designer and do not know the basics of drawings, shadowing, giving a 3D look, etc. Browsed through various videos and discussions and also got support from @firstdefence@Gnobelix on this forum when I got stuck in some menu selections. Below is a drawing made with AD. It was a good experience to make this and learned many aspects of vector software. BR, unni
  9. @firstdefence@Gnobelix Thank you for the guidance. I tried both the methods. Depending upon what all layers come below one of the two method has to be selected. I noted that whenever pixel persona in AD or switching to AP from AD to do pixel edit is used, the shape (text also)gets pixelated on the edges. This creates bleeding when used as mask or something else as there is a gradual transition in the edge which is the nature to pixel layer. So I am forcing myself to stay in vector mode as much as possible and switch to pixel only when all options fail. This way it also helps to explore various vector tools and methods. Presently, I am trying to make a wooden barrel and this issue came up while making shades on the metal band that wraps the barrel. I wanted to restrict the blurred shade from spilling over. After it is complete, I shall put it on the forum but will take a while. During the youtube search, I saw people drawing a barrel with pixel method and vector method, both looked good. Best regards, unni
  10. I have drawn a round shape. Then in effects, gave a gaussian blur of 0.8px. Then outer shadow of 38 pixels, 15 px offset, angle 315 deg. Then a simple rectangle vector mask with 100% white inside rectangle. Similar to AP, I was expecting what is outside the mask boundary to be masked fully. (Should not be visible). In the screen shot below, it is noted that the greenish blur and grey shadow is crossing out of the rectangle. It appears that the "Effects" items are not masked.(All the listings of the effects tab). Is this the way it is supposed to be , I would like to know. I am completely new to vector based software and only 2 weeks into self learning Designer.
  11. would like to see when the label is made and pasted on the bottle. to see how you will warp the label and the text, whether the text will compromise clarity due to warping in pixel mode under AP. AD does not allow vector text warp.
  12. Hello everyone, Yesterday I assisted my niece to purchase and download APhoto, AD and Apub over telephone, she is about 1000 Kms from where I live. Just completing graduation in Fashion Design, I suggested to purchase the three packages and start learning and using it for designs, photo shoot, drawings etc. She is practically new to such softwares and has only little knowledge in PS. I told her that Affinity will be very useful for her work and there are several tutorials etc for beginners. Tonight, I have to assist her on installing the packages. My brother is a surgeon, not well versed in these areas ! I told her that I will help her to get started with the basics and from thereon, with the help of many videos, further progress can be made. Thanks to Serif for this wonderful softwares and the 50% discount(will end on june 20th)
  13. @firstdefence thank you for the detailed and encouraging comments!!
  14. @firstdefence @dannyg9 Many thanks for the valuable observations and suggestions. I realize now that lot of minute aspects are to be finished properly for the final perfection. Most of these aspects do not appear in my vision because I do not have natural artistic skills. To some extent these skills can be developed by learning. Since I work in an entirely different field not related to art, the only time I learn something is during such hobby attempts. So things do not stay in the head. However, I enjoy attempting to learn and improve upon !
  15. @Sandy Rivkin https://affinity.help/photo/en-US.lproj/index.html?page=pages/GetStarted/scanningImages.html?title=Scanning images
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