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  1. Thanks for the prompt reply. MacOS, The issue also occurs when selecting from swatches in that the new colour shows as selected but has not changed. It does not happen all the time, but I see your point that if you drag whilst clicking you can get it to occur all the time. However trying to be careful with the click is not something you should have to do. As soon as the new brush or colour shows selected you should be good to go, but no, you have to check somewhere on your workpiece that the selection is good, therefore not ideal and workflow is slowed. Previous post from moderator ( 10months ago ) states that the issue has been passed onto the developers, any news ? Regards
  2. Hi I am still experiencing this problem with the latest version just updated today... This was initially reported nearly 2 years ago. Any update from the developers? has it been logged as a bug? Regards
  3. Hi Is the Reset Brush button in the Brush Editor, suppose to reset the brush back to factory settings? It seems to reset it it back to last saved settings. It works if you leave the brush editor open, but if you close it, then continue working, when you open it again the reset won't work Regards
  4. Hi This issue does annoy me, I am new to Affinity and there are so many brushes I forget the names of them and the brush list does lose highlight especially when using keyboard shortcuts. Pressing more brings up the brush editor, but this doesn't have the brush name either. I would suggest that there should be some way of permanently highlighting or marking which brush is selected. Regards
  5. Hi Is there a keyboard shortcut for the Blur Brush ? Regards
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