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  1. Hey guys! I've recently started using Drive File Stream to get files on demand to save some SSD space on my MacBook Pro. Both Affinity apps seem to be working nicely with this, until I hit the export persona. When I go to hit export I get a spinning beach ball freeze. If I copy the file to my desktop and export from there, no issues. Anything you all could check into?
  2. smallreflection

    Asset/symbol management

    +1 for list view option/categorizing/sort of symbols. For lots of symbols, a quick-search box inset in the panel would also be great (same for Layers panel).
  3. +1 (or more) to this. It's my most-used shortcut in Sketch and Protopie (my fav prototyping app) recently added it as an option by hitting Enter. But at least adding a menu option so we can map a shortcut to this would be amazing.
  4. Hey guys, at long last I'm happy to share that my beginner course Affinity Designer Fundamentals is live at Pluralsight! It covers the nuts and bolts of everything from customizing settings to typesetting and image adjustments. You can sign up for a free trial if you're not a Pluralsight subscriber. If you enjoy it, feel free to share!
  5. Expand stroke does look much more promising! At the moment I'm having a strange issue with a larger-ish file (216mb) hanging when attempting to open. It seems permanently stuck saying "Loading 1 document" and I can only quit the app by Force Quitting. Doesn't seem to be affecting my other files though, so possibly my file is damaged somehow (hope not). I might can share it privately for inspection by devs.
  6. Ooo— @MattP that sounds exciting. :) A Sketch importer would be terrific. Can't wait to see what's cooking!
  7. I don't have a ton of knowledge of underlying architecture differences, but it seems highly unlikely that Affinity will support Sketch format or will achieve perfect PSD compatibility. Overall I feel like Affinity's UI workflow is pretty strong, and the biggest leg up there will be opening up some kind of extension framework similar to Sketch and allowing shared libraries/symbol syncing, which is the big request a ton of designers currently have for Sketch as well. What's made Sketch incredibly popular is not just its core featureset but the huge amount of community plugins that add a ton of speed to the design process. That would likely make it a bit easier for third parties to support things like inspector tools for dev handoff, etc. With sufficient growth in the Affinity user base, Zeplin has indicated they'd be interested in adding Affinity support.
  8. smallreflection

    Affinity Designer: Failed to open / save document

    I searched to see if anybody else was having this issue and looks like I'm not alone. :) I've started noticing this more frequently. I often quit and reboot the app and that often seems to do the trick but not always. I too was thinking maybe it was only files from Google Drive but yeah it's happening on desktop as well. Would love to hear if there's any update!
  9. Thanks—ha, sorry I uploaded before I read your whole message! File is "m4_web_layout_start" for reference. Not sure what was off last night but had about 5 crashes. I started rebuilding the layout in a new file today (after deleting all symbols) and haven't had an issue in the new file.
  10. I've got a web layout file I've been playing around with that's given me a repeated crash after about 5-10 min each time. I'm trying to prep a file to include as an exercise file in an upcoming course, and I'd like to know what I need to do to get a stable file to show/include. Can I get an email to share the file for review? I don't mind reworking it, but figured it be helpful.
  11. smallreflection

    Designer 1.5.5 Beta 1 Character Panel Bug: Positioning

    Thanks, that's helpful until a fix rolls out.
  12. smallreflection

    Designer 1.5.5 Beta 1 Character Panel Bug: Positioning

    Just rebooted the app, and the inputs reappeared. Strange!
  13. Occasionally with the MAS version and the beta I'm having a bug where the shear and scale options in the Character panel will have only the icon show, and no input is available.
  14. Any idea if an API for user functionality add-ons (like Sketch) or integration with a dev handoff tool is in the works by v.2? Currently the only thing holding me back a bit.
  15. smallreflection

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (1.5.0 - Beta 11)

    Any chance we'll get an option to export Develop Persona Studio Presets for backup purposes, or to move from Betas to MAS installs?