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  1. Just getting around to checking on this because I'm also using GFS and seem to have several large branding files that got corrupted with the same issue. Subscribing here to see if in the future there's any discovered fixes. For now to be safe I'm guessing a better practice is to work off the desktop and copy up new versions to cloud storage? I tried copying the files down locally after I started having some issues to see if it was a connection hiccup based on file size instead of actual corruption but it does seem inherent in the file now.
  2. Hey guys! I've recently started using Drive File Stream to get files on demand to save some SSD space on my MacBook Pro. Both Affinity apps seem to be working nicely with this, until I hit the export persona. When I go to hit export I get a spinning beach ball freeze. If I copy the file to my desktop and export from there, no issues. Anything you all could check into?
  3. +1 for list view option/categorizing/sort of symbols. For lots of symbols, a quick-search box inset in the panel would also be great (same for Layers panel).
  4. +1 (or more) to this. It's my most-used shortcut in Sketch and Protopie (my fav prototyping app) recently added it as an option by hitting Enter. But at least adding a menu option so we can map a shortcut to this would be amazing.
  5. Hey guys, at long last I'm happy to share that my beginner course Affinity Designer Fundamentals is live at Pluralsight! It covers the nuts and bolts of everything from customizing settings to typesetting and image adjustments. You can sign up for a free trial if you're not a Pluralsight subscriber. If you enjoy it, feel free to share!
  6. I don't have a ton of knowledge of underlying architecture differences, but it seems highly unlikely that Affinity will support Sketch format or will achieve perfect PSD compatibility. Overall I feel like Affinity's UI workflow is pretty strong, and the biggest leg up there will be opening up some kind of extension framework similar to Sketch and allowing shared libraries/symbol syncing, which is the big request a ton of designers currently have for Sketch as well. What's made Sketch incredibly popular is not just its core featureset but the huge amount of community plugins that add a ton
  7. I searched to see if anybody else was having this issue and looks like I'm not alone. :) I've started noticing this more frequently. I often quit and reboot the app and that often seems to do the trick but not always. I too was thinking maybe it was only files from Google Drive but yeah it's happening on desktop as well. Would love to hear if there's any update!
  8. Thanks—ha, sorry I uploaded before I read your whole message! File is "m4_web_layout_start" for reference. Not sure what was off last night but had about 5 crashes. I started rebuilding the layout in a new file today (after deleting all symbols) and haven't had an issue in the new file.
  9. I've got a web layout file I've been playing around with that's given me a repeated crash after about 5-10 min each time. I'm trying to prep a file to include as an exercise file in an upcoming course, and I'd like to know what I need to do to get a stable file to show/include. Can I get an email to share the file for review? I don't mind reworking it, but figured it be helpful.
  10. Just a bump to this, wondering if any other UI designers have thoughts on it as well.
  11. I don't necessarily want/need a pattern creator tool, but I really would like a more adjustable raster pattern fill option. That would be quite helpful for web design.
  12. A mixed question and suggestion. For UI work, since we have 1x, 2x, 3x asset export (but no .5x export), why are UI presets, such as the iPhone 6 for example, offered by default set up at retina resolution? This switches from 72 ppi to 144ppi, meaning all assets are exported at @2x by default, correct? It seems the suggested workflow from the Export Persona (which is my standard workflow) is always to work at 1x and export up from there. So I typically switch to 72 dpi from one of these templates. However, the bundled UI assets are all set up @2x to fit the retina-sized presets. It takes q
  13. Bump. Any ideas or thoughts on this?
  14. Question! I recently was working on an Android app and got some design files from a pre-existing source. I opened up some icon SVGs provided to me, opened up in Designer, made some edits and saved out as SVGs again. For some reason, one of them worked and the rest gave this error: ERROR@ line 1 <clipPath> is not supported I copied the vectors from Affinity into Illustrator, saved out again, and that avoided the clipPath error, however the SVGs wouldn't display correctly that way either. Any ideas?
  15. For a start, I think having a scripting API for plugins for Affinity Designer would be a huge boost—but built-in functionality for inputing data like this would also be really impressive and would potentially draw a lot of Sketch fans.
  16. +1 for PMS colors in EPS for me. I tend to rely on TIFF less, but I just finished up a logo job for a client and would've preferred to be able to send EPS versions of my Pantone files as well.
  17. Efficiency in layer naming is a biggie for me in UI work. At least having the option under Preferences to set a shortcut to rename the current layer would be a help. Having an option or shortcut to batch rename/find+replace within a selection of layers would be awesome as well.
  18. A big +1 for this for me as well, although I can live without it in the meantime. "Transform each" when making individual selections (vs. selection of a group) is default functionality in Sketch and some other apps, and it is quite handy—it could potentially just be a checkbox option in the Transform panel to toggle on and off.
  19. As I've been working in Designer recently, it's a bit frustrating when adding a swatch from the Pantone set the default has the name of the next unused global color (e.g. "Global Color 7") instead of the name of the Pantone swatch. It would be great if all swatches, even if global, contained the name of their value so I didn't have to enter them manually (including CMYK and RGB swatches).
  20. Resurrecting an old post—has anyone used After Effects and Apple Motion enough to compare how sufficient Motion is for UI animation?
  21. As an aside, it would be really, really great for Affinity Designer's growth if in the future it did support some types of plugins!
  22. Having a search box included in the standard color library panels is fantastic, but when editing a color's fill (for instance, replacing a pantone global color with another pantone color) is quite tedious without the search being included in that second overlaying library panel. Any chance it could be included there as well? :) It would also be really nice if the currently active color was highlighted or outlined slightly in some way.
  23. I know to some this may seem to be going too deep, but one feature that would be tremendously helpful in Affinity Designer for UI work is the ability to rename multiple layers or find and replace in a selection of multiple layers. When creating a lot of different similar layers, it's great to make a selection and be able to add or change a folder prefix, for instance. Adding the ability to create a shortcut for renaming a current layer also helps make things just a bit faster in heavy workflows. I use these in plugin form elsewhere and it saves tons of time.
  24. Allow me to be obnoxious and throw in a suggestion based on another tool that has a jewel for its logo (*cough*), but one thing I would love to see added in Designer 1.5 is adding or allowing for a shortcut for renaming the current layer. I've found that to be a tremendous speed boost. Or am I missing a way to do this already? Another borrowed idea (from Ps as well) that would add to a speedier workflow would be adding a layer search/sort option and perhaps auto-moving/expanding of layers while making selections (obviously requiring some kind of drill-down).
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