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  1. Yes, in fact this time I got 2, both the same.
  2. Checked my notification setting and they seem to me to be OK but just in case this is them :- Thanks for interpreting my typo "but" correctly as "put"
  3. You've got "Check for updates" in the File menu?
  4. Hi Patrick I have put a "following notification" on that forum but have never received any notifications. If you are not going to email all forum members, with which I agree, and "following" notifications seem not to be being issued, perhaps you could put an announcement re new beta issues in the 'News' section.
  5. That seems to be for Mac only, unless I'm mistaken. And why do we not get notifications re beta releases?
  6. Going back (somewhat) on topic but also involving memories of the past - didn't I read back in February @MattP posting on twitter and on here something about arrow heads coming in the next two weeks ...... or did I hopefully imagine it? On the subject of of getting old and what we use to use .... I knew (as if I needed reminding) that I was getting old when I read of people who use to use Dulux Paint on their systems, which baffled me until I used my magnifying glass and re-read Deluxe Paint
  7. You will have noticed that joke was in inverted commas, meaning that whilst Mac users may not have actually laughed at Serif products, that they did not take them 'seriously' as 'professional products', despite them being more than capable of doing a very competent job with Windows. For example I have used, for more years than I can remember, and for some things am still forced to use, Serif DrawPlus (in all its incarnations) in my job/profession as a design engineer - because in all honesty as I initially had a home desktop set-up and used three laptops I could not afford Macs, so went for Windows (in all its incarnations) and Serif products. So a couple of examples of Serif products not being 'professional' - (1) I submitted, via email, a proposed design for a new piece of equipment ..... which was rejected as being 'un-openable' as their office only used Macs - I then had to travel a large distance in order to attended in person and submitted the proposal on my laptop, much to their surprise, even the disbelieve of some, that such work could be done using Serif DrawPlus. (2) I was asked to tutor a 'beginners design' group at night-school but found out that I was unable to do so because all my course work was prepared on Windows, using DrawPlus, but the school only used Macs because "Macs were the preferred system for professional offices where the students would be working. In my experience many so called professionals, who have not heard of or seen the Affinity products, know that Serif are now in the 'Mac market', still think you are not being 'serious' if you suggest that they think of using Serif products. Bearing the above in mind I can fully understand why Serif are, or seem to be, giving the Mac versions of Affinity 'preferential treatment' in order to break into that market and I wish them ever success in winning over the 'scoffers and disbelievers'.
  8. Semantics ....... if Affinity did not succeed then Serif would not succeed.
  9. Mac has always been the 'favoured son' of Affinity - (perhaps) understandably so as the 'Mac market' was a market that Serif had never had and which they had to capture in order for Affinity to succeed, But that still doesn't stop it rankling at times with those Windows users who have supported them over the years, when the Mac users treated Serif as a 'joke'.
  10. This thread goes back to October 2015 ........ and still not one single word from anybody at Serif.
  11. To run my head at this brick-wall once again, but before I do so let me make two things very clear : 1) There can be no greater devote of Serif than I am, my computer room looks like an archive of Serif computer products, going right back to the days when to get themselves known they issued free programs (yes in those days they were programs) on floppy discs. I was advocating Serif products when the 'Mac boys' looked down their noses at them and treated them as a joke. Nobody could wish them market beating success with their AF range more than I do! 2) I fully understand that AF Designer is a totally different product from DrawPlus, and therefore items cannot just be 'cut and pasted'. Having said this, I think that for @MattP to have used the fact that arrow ending in DrawPlus were not perfect as a reason that they are not yet, after 4 years, in AF Designer is what is known as 'smoke and mirrors' .... if the things are not the same then don't use them as comparisons. As @R C-R likes analogies so much - "Klingon" - let me try one back at him : A car manufacturer brings out a (supposedly) all singing, multi-purpose, all terrain vehicle, to replace an out of date imperfect one, able to tackle any job and take on others in the market place ......... but they omit four-wheel-drive and when questioned why the answer they give is "Because the system in the old model was imperfect and we are (still) working on a new one" ...... and 4 years after the 'Grand Launch' they still haven't got around to implementing it in their 'basic model' (Windows & Mac) yet carry on introducing 'new models'...... if something like this happened people would shake their heads in disbelief, and start wondering; wonder like I am starting to do, and some others apparently are, whether AF Designer is ever going to a 'true/full' design product, capable of covering all aspects of design work; wondering whether Serif having at last 'found their feet' across the market have started to run too fast (with all their attempts to capture more markets) over-stretched and tripped themselves up. I appreciate that Serif, whilst having a highly dedicated and highly talented team, have limited resources but please use those resources to (quickly) implement the basic requirements before adding 'bells and whistles' A 'rant', maybe ....... but a member of the 'Serif family' saying what's on his mind.
  12. Having waited sooooooo long for some of, to me, the most basic feature of a 'true' designer ap covering all possible design uses and not just one for the 'art group' I have to admit that I have become cynical ........ and so would point out that there is a big difference between "should be" and "will be". My cynicism really 'kicked-in' when Patrick Conner referred people who were asking/requesting/ begging for arrowheads/line ending back to Serif DrawPlus, an app Serif made a Legacy product, implying that AF Designer was, in future, the app to use ........ and yet after 4 years AF Designer still does not have some of the features/facilities that DrawPlus had.
  13. I am one who most certainly does agree with you Alfred! It is almost ludicrous that those of us who have been waiting patiently (and impatiently) for nearly 4 years for certain implementations do not have an easy way of checking if they have been implemented. Come on Serif surely it wouldn't be too difficult to 'tick' an item on the list as it is/has been done, instead of completely removing it. Admittedly the list would get longer as other items were added but so what - lots of other software companies issue a 'history' of all changes made.
  14. Ah, yes alfred - it would be the note that accompanied the strikethrough that would make all the difference ....... much better than just a strikethrough or a complete 'disappearance'. Quote
  15. But if you strike it through and leave it on the list then add something in its place then the list will get longer ------- adding even more to the confusion