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  1. I am having a similar problem, but in Windows 10. I am trying with Designer. When I click to register, it pops up with a message "There was an unexpected problem while handling the server's response (0x00000001). It then gives the option to try again or remind me later. Try again does nothing. Reminder me later exits that screen. I have tried the already registered button and it takes me to the same page. I bought the problem in the Microsoft Store, but I am not sure that is relevant here. Didn't have any issues with Publisher from last year. Although I currently cannot login via the program.
  2. I am trying to get a table format. What I would like to do is to have the top row one color. Then the bottom rows alternate between two colors. For example, the top row could be blue, then the other rows alternate between white and green. The problem I am having is that after a create a style, the top row repeats itself further down the table. For example, what I would want is Blue, White, Green, White, Green, etc. However, what I am getting is Blue, White Green, Blue, White, Green, etc. What I want to do is create a basic template that will work no matter what size table I make. However, it seems that I have to create a template that fits exactly the number of columns and rows. I am assuming I am doing something wrong so I am hoping so one can clarify how to build a template for a table appropriately.
  3. Because it doesn't really answer the question. The tutorial are common things that people who have not used the software would need to know. As a list of topics, nothing seems new compared to PagePlus. Previous versions of PagePlus would list the new things a new version could do that the previous versions could not. My assumption, although I could be wrong, is that there are people who used PagePlus who have now used Affinity Publisher. So that someone can point out something that Affinity Publisher has that Pageplus does not, or vice versa. Or ideally, someone from Serif would make a nice list of things that its software offers that other software does not and post it up on the Affinity Publisher page like they did with PagePlus and its new versions.
  4. I own PagePlus and have been waiting on Affinity Publisher. The available information does not compare Affinity to PagePlus so I am not sure if it really has any additional features. I was hoping someone could run down a comparison for me. I don't like wasting money on new software if it is not needed and I have upgraded Serif products in the past and many times there weren'y any benefits to me.
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