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  1. Libre office being OPEN SOURCE, I expect that this should give the Affinity developers a little headstart on developing this much-needed feature! 😀
  2. It's that and dimension lines for me... Corel has had this feature for many years, and it's a DRAWING program, not CAD...
  3. I think you have zero clue about what kind of "work" I actually do. 😀 Suffice to say that "drawing" software has served me perfectly for the execution of more than 400 projects for satisfied clients in 44 different countries . Its not like I am unfamiliar with CAD software, either. (It's just not the right tool for this particular kind of work...)
  4. Another vote for this feature! I need to make REAL things, and need to be able print blueprints for them REAL-SIZE. Corel Draw has always been helpful in this regard, but would dearly like to see your program replace Corel, which has become just onerously expensive ( not to mention very buggy the last couple releases!)
  5. Any hints about progress on this?? ( its been a year now...) yay or nay, on the grand scheme of priorities, will we see this in a year?
  6. I actually never use 'scale'... I've just been making gigantic paper sizes that I can tile together for printing (1:1 blueprints of large objects, for example). But I sure need to make precise drawings in my design software, and need them to print real-size in PDF. Need rulers and objects to work in both inches and mm, and really need DIMENSION LINES functionality too. Also, a percent-scaling tool... For me, that would make this software a Corel-killer
  7. This is about the only thing that still prevents me from ditching Corel Draw in favor of Affinity Designer. The ability to add configurable snapped dimension lines ( that auto-dimension as needed) is essential to my use case...
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