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    Buggy Hyphenation

    @mykee thanks! I went through the steps, copied these files (I'm on a Mac usually, file paths differ a bit): still, I don't have an option for Hungarian under the Language tab /spelling, hyphenation etc. Could you upload the files that are working for you? Many thanks!
  2. furtonb

    Buggy Hyphenation

    @mykee could you help me what to install, how to install the Hunspell dictionary? I'm running circles on github, but I'm not familiar what to look for... all the other languages contain a single .dic file in the Resources folder, shouldn't I get that somehow? thanks!
  3. Hi MEB, Thanks for the feedback. The global colours were mixed into this discussion by others in the previous replies. I don't expect anything at this point regarding this feature – this thread has been going on for multiple years without any concrete promises, which renders it clear to me, that I'm not in your primary audience, which is acceptable to me, as I do my drawings elsewhere primarily. I had similar feelings with this thread as I had with the ones prior to Affinity Publisher's release – there was no clear communication to the release dates, those being pushed over and over, nor is it clear to me, that anything will happen soon: yes, it could be certain, that Designer 21.3 will have some feature that makes it possible to do something similar than the "select same". That's something I expect to hear from our politicians. Jokes aside, sorry. I think there had been mentions about the way the Corona development is happening: they have a very clear Trello timeline about the expected deadlines and features to be implemented: https://trello.com/b/dgI8vjDb/corona-road-map-cinema-4d I know it is a different field with a different scope, but to answer your question, I would expect something like this. Right now you offer insight in the form of this thread: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/842-affinity-designer-feature-roadmap/ I understand that you have other priorities, and I am in no position to expect you to change this. I am working in a completely different field, where the promised scope and the expected deadline come hand in hand, not in the form of "it's done when it's done", even if it comes to maintaining support. Another perspective of mine on this: if someone would be in the need of cleaning up externally created drawings, he/she would instantly see the desperate need for this feature, where this could save ridiculous amounts of work. I work with a lot of software on a daily basis, for a ~seamless workflow I am using some kind of built-in selection tools, Designer being left outside the circle for this reason. Anything else basically has a workaround, or Designer is more than capable of doing, making other files workable is not doable with the time constraints I usually have. But we are talking almost half a decade gone since the initial wish. With this in mind, I flip your question: I don't know what else do you expect from your users in this thread. edit: grammar
  4. Jesus Christ, this has evolved one of the most commented topics in the "Suggestions for Affinity Designer on Desktop" subforum. This has been 4,5 years since the initial post, this is kind of infuriating: I don't know about the compound of your user base, but I hardly can imagine, that all of them would be solely graphic designers. I myself is an architect, which is very related to drawing stuff, but Affinity Designer is not my main tool, but I have it to complement my workflow, to make competition drawings fancier, to clean things up, etc. But I cannot do this, because after importing such PDFs/SVGs (ehm, DWG support?), it takes an insane amount of time to order things to a managable manner: in Illustrator, we had the "select same" options. I will go further: this is the "standard" of the selection process to me, this is a screenshot of ARCHICAD. I'm not going to expect this to happen, because this software is over 30 years old now and costs a few magnitude more than any of your products: But to confuse the need for such things with global colours show, that not even the user base has the proper idea why this is important. Yes, if I create documents from scratch, I can use them, but lets say I have a masterplan with tens of thousands of lines, where colour, linetype, thickness can be the differentiating thing, please don't expect me to manually select all the "dashed red hairlines" in my file, because that's just not cutting it. Speaking of cutting: I guess some other out there is dealing with laser cutting from time to time, where the intensity and the speed can be controlled with colours with many machines. If I have a file (again, created in an external source), I would like to recolour everything to the necessary colours. The use cases of this feature would not be "in-the-application" workflow, rather "to-the-application" workflow, when you don't have an illustration set up in Designer's terms. Right now, it is painstakingly manual. To sum it up, there is a plenty of people out there willing to support this company, because Adobe is not feasible for them. Many of these are supposedly not graphic designers. If you are not going to implement features, that are important for them, it is completely fine with me, but the lack of meaningful feedback makes people fed up. It seems to me, that there is a tendency for me to find features that are not "artistic" and has no love on the development side. I understand that you are developing a fairly new set of products, which has unforeseen delays and complications, but what I miss is the feedback. Right now there are no input from the development here, if someone would explain the situation why its not yet done, why it won't be done, what are the more important things, focus areas for you, then it is fine. But that is by far not the case!
  5. Yes, numerical input for curves should be implemented in my opinion too.
  6. +1 for this possibly a solution similar to live filters would be awesome!
  7. Since the most requested (based on the reply count) are technical illustration related, it would be awesome to have an official response on all of them, whether we can expect Designer to strengthen this side as well in the future. To be honest, although I've bought Designer for both macOS and iOS, they are mainly collecting the dust on my virtual shelf, because it is just that pain in the [ ° ] when it comes to dealing with technical drawings – which is basically 90% of my time during any chosen workday. The time required to organise my document to a workable manner (sorting through tens of thousands of different lines, fills, etc.) is not really worth to me. I hope though, that this will change in the foreseeable future, if not, please be clear about it.
  8. Thanks, that would be awesome! In the meantime there are alternatives – such as saving a PDF and exploding it after importing, but that's not what I'm looking for in the long run. Keep up the good work!
  9. Hi! I wanted to copy some lines from Publisher to Designer to make some explanatory graphics a separate file, but copy-pasting is not working: the lines won't keep their orientation/location, everything is messed up – I exported a PDF and reopened it, but this is cumbersome, and unnecessary. I would expect to be able to copy and paste between the suite applications, how to achieve this? I hope this is going to be sorted in the future. Thanks!
  10. I was missing this one, thank you very much!
  11. Hi, I'm struggling to find where to turn off auto capitalization of any text – it's disabled at system preferences. Where to look at in Affinity Publisher?:( Thanks!
  12. Hi, I know, that in the Preferences you can set the Lines and Text in mm, but is there a way to set everything to that? In the guides manager, etc. Or it might be a bug, because everything is shown in points, although the setting is unchecked. Thanks!
  13. Hi, OK, I give up. I've created various master layouts and added placeholder items to them (e.g. on the master page "Section title" there is a textbox formatted with the preferred text style, and the text itself says #SECTION TITLE – which I would like to change to the real title). Right now I would like to click into that box and make it unique – how do I do that? (InDesign handles this with Cmd+Shift+Click into the text frame.) I hope I made myself clear. Many thanks for the help!