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  1. +1, miss the shape build tool from illustrator
  2. wow, you mean the next beta or several interations 😁
  3. Sorry, I'm new to this place. I've tried to type a "@" sign and then I pasted his nickname and nothing happened. Now I learned how to call out people. Thanks a lot!
  4. Can't agree any more. BTW, can we have a solution in Affinity designer to store or mark a set of layers/objects that belong to individual artboards. Thus when exporting in the export persona, we could use the "marks" to export certain elements been marked to several files which each file repects the relationship between the elements and artboard . This feature could help a lot of designers like me. I do a lot of packaging design. In my workflow, I use adobe illustrator. When I make a new design, for organizing, I create layers that being named of certain material or processing method and putting corresponding design elements in them so the manufactor would easily filter and seperate elements for identical manufactoring process. Apart from the manufactor, myself could also easily export elements to their own pixel map for 3D visualization rendering. Quick example, as you can see this is a simplified box design. The screenshots self-explains themselves. illustrator file layer and artboard structure below: export option the exported pngs used in 3D application Due to different layer and artboard system Affinity design used, can we set some tag or mark that offers the ability to quickly select/isolate/export certain elements that share the same "material"(anything that user define property)?
  5. I also vote for this proposal, I may translate this thread for the Affinity Stuff. ----Here vazoe says: In my point of view, the Affinity suite definitely could take the place of their equivalent Adobe products. HOWEVER Affinity apps doesn't support showing Chinese fonts name in Chinese language. That quite bothers me and a lot of Chinese designers. To me, I have seen quite some complaints here on this issue still not solving yet. ----end of translation
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