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  1. I regard this thread as a platform that was established for people to record their surprise and discontent with the omission from Affinity Publisher of footnote and endnote features, and to ask whether they would be included eventually. That degree of surprise and discontent, and that question, has already been registered many times by various contributors to the thread, and Serif / Affinity have responded by indicating that they are well aware of these sentiments, and that they will in due course be including the features in the product. With that in mind, to me it is nugatory to ke
  2. I didn't infer any insinuation of "censorship" in garretm30's observations. I read them as merely a gently humorous reminder that the absence of the features in question, footnotes and endnotes, is already well known and well debated in this forum, so that continually making the same point in different ways becomes an arguably futile activity. We all want Affinity Publisher to have the widest possible collection of features (and many of us continue to wish, currently in vain, that it could at least match the full set of features that PagePlus provided). We know, because Serif / Affinity h
  3. Yes, what a shame it can't still be bought from Serif (as it could until October 2019) as a low-cost, unsupported legacy product, by those for whom -- despite its "legacy" nature -- it would provide the functionality they need.
  4. Courier New and Times New Roman — I think.......
  5. garrettm30, thank you for this, reminding everyone that Serif / Affinity are already very well aware of the need for these features, and are going to introduce them, when they are confident that they are ready. I had wanted to post the same point here yesterday, but couldn't find it — after having searched in vain for the phrase, as I mistakenly recalled it, "it will be worth the wait".
  6. Thanks, Callum. But (note to Serif/Affinity)..... why on earth isn't this under Edit > Preferences... > Tools, instead of View > Customise Tools ? Why not have them both in the same logical place ? Thanks for the generally fine product, though.
  7. Sudden feeling of déjà vu..... https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/65541-footnotesendnotes/&do=findComment&comment=536959
  8. 100% agreed — and reminiscent of over a year ago... https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/65541-footnotesendnotes/&do=findComment&comment=536959
  9. Pyanepsion, Well said. Of course, Affinity Publisher is still a relatively young product; no doubt the features many people want will be added over the years. But in a product that purports to be a professional publishing package, some of these features have been a long time coming.
  10. Hmm, reminds me of an older chapter.... https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/65541-footnotesendnotes/&do=findComment&comment=536959
  11. It is still good value at the price, and is available on a free trial basis for a while — why not give it a try for free and see whether it meets your needs. https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/publisher/
  12. Hi Pyanepsion, Just as an aside -- noting, in passing, and with some embarrassment, as an Englishman, your comments on the French translations in Affinity Publisher: -- I'm sure you will already have reported this to Affinity, using an appropriate forum thread (and I acknowledge this is not the appropriate one), but if not it might be worth adding to the list: isn't that yet another mistake on the French Texte menu shown in your screenshot.... ...shouldn't "Interlignagede paragraphe" be "Interlignage de paragraphe" ? This is probably not at the top of your list, but the jo
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