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  1. 100% agreed — and reminiscent of over a year ago... https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/65541-footnotesendnotes/&do=findComment&comment=536959
  2. Pyanepsion, Well said. Of course, Affinity Publisher is still a relatively young product; no doubt the features many people want will be added over the years. But in a product that purports to be a professional publishing package, some of these features have been a long time coming.
  3. Hmm, reminds me of an older chapter.... https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/65541-footnotesendnotes/&do=findComment&comment=536959
  4. It is still good value at the price, and is available on a free trial basis for a while — why not give it a try for free and see whether it meets your needs. https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/publisher/
  5. Hi Pyanepsion, Just as an aside -- noting, in passing, and with some embarrassment, as an Englishman, your comments on the French translations in Affinity Publisher: -- I'm sure you will already have reported this to Affinity, using an appropriate forum thread (and I acknowledge this is not the appropriate one), but if not it might be worth adding to the list: isn't that yet another mistake on the French Texte menu shown in your screenshot.... ...shouldn't "Interlignagede paragraphe" be "Interlignage de paragraphe" ? This is probably not at the top of your list, but the journey towards perfection is a long one.....
  6. I created a new file from scratch, incorporating a different image and a different shape. That file is attached (Af......file 2b). When I open this file and then: left-click on the cloud shape at the top of the Layers stack, to select it right-click on it and left-click on Mask to Below left-click on the little triangle next to the top item in the layers panel... the cloud item should show as selected right-click on the cloud item and left-click on Release ...the same thing happens: program termination. Affinity Publisher - mask to below + release bug - embedded photo - file 2b.afpub
  7. Thank you for looking at this, and my apologies for the previously attached sample file, which contained a link to an image that, obviously, no one else could access. I have now removed that file from my original post. Here, instead, is a version containing an embedded image. The behaviour is still the same, for me, as described above. Affinity Publisher - mask to below + release bug - embedded photo.afpub
  8. Open the application, and the attached test file: Affinity Publisher - mask to below + release bug.afpub In the Layers panel (View > Studio > Layers), - right-click on the top item, labelled “(Ellipse)”, - and then left-click on Mask to Below. This produces a combined layer-item labelled “Photo (Image)”, comprising the photo and its elliptical mask. Click the little triangle at the left of the combined item, to expand it. The item labelled “(Ellipse)” should now show as the only item selected. Right-click on the label, “(Ellipse)”, and then left-click on Release. For me, Affinity Publisher then crashes and terminates, every time these steps are repeated. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ System details: Affinity Publisher Windows 10 Home (© 2018 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.) Intel(R) Core(TM) Ì7-7500U CPU @ 2.70GHz 2.90 GHz Installed memory (RAM): 8.00 GB (7.89 GB usable) System type: 64-bit Operating System, x64-based processor Graphics: GeForce GTX 950M DirectX runtime version: 12.0
  9. Certainly, a lot of software does work that way, and it is indeed one of the possible logical approaches. But some software takes an arguably equally logical, but more helpful approach; for example, Microsoft Word, and many web browsers, after pressing Ctrl F, start finding and highlighting instances, as you begin to type your search-term. Thanks, Walt, and Lagarto, for taking a look. We all seem to agree that the the list of found occurrences isn't working as one might expect it should.
  10. From using and experimenting with the spelling and find-and-replace functions in Affinity Publisher, the following behaviours seem like bugs – or at the very least, strange, unhelpful, and unintuitive – to me. Am I alone in thinking this? Set-up A test file is attached; or... create a new document; make a text frame and fill it with some text (real text, not filler text). Put a few instances of the word “cat” into the text, in different places. Test 1 Go through these menu items: Text > Spelling > Show Spelling Options In the dialogue box (entitled “Spelling”), type the word “cat” (without quotes) into the upper box. Press the Find Next button. Nothing happens. Why not? If you now repeatedly click the Change button, it repeatedly inserts whatever is in the upper box, into the text This is not really a "change" operation (changing one thing into another thing). It's just a "text insert" function, with no apparent purpose, or relationship to spelling options (nor to find-and-replace). Test 2 Close the Spelling dialogue opened in Test 1. Put a few instances of the word “horse” (without quotes) into the text, in different places. Open the Find and Replace dialogue by typing Ctrl F. Type the word “horse” (without quotes) into the Find box, and “pony” (without quotes) into the Replace with box. Nothing happens, which seems strange; it would seem logical for the cursor to move to, and select, the next instance of the word “horse”, but it doesn’t – unless and until you click the Find button. When you do that, the instances of the word “horse” appear, in context, in a list beneath the Find / Replace / Replace all buttons. Now click the Replace button, repeatedly. Each found instance of the word “horse” is replaced by “pony”, but the list of found instances does not update. It continues to show, and cycle through with each click of Replace, the original list of instances of “horse”…. ….unless, or until, you click the Replace all button. Only then does the list update, by (as would be expected) disappearing completely. bugs query - affinity publisher spelling options and find and replace.afpub
  11. Antiquities can be very peaceful places; and PagePlus X9 is a much, much calmer place to be than Charybdis..... But let's hope Affinity Publisher is getting closer to reliable Footnote/Endnote capability than I suspect it actually is.
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