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  1. Thanks Werner. That seems to have worked. Madness! I hope this is all worth it. I really valued the Serif products, especially Publisher which is so good.
  2. Like a fool I thought I should update when told an update was available. I have been unable to do so, having 'setup failed' notices, and now I don't even have the old A/p available. I have tried installing both the and versions both normally and using run as administrator.
  3. December now, and still apparently unable to scan. The same scanners work happily with other 64-bit programs. Not impressed at all.
  4. Thanks. That is how I normally do it, but I hoped that it might be possible to interlink the first and final pages in a similar wy to the other facing pages. Perhaps one day.
  5. I am trying to design books with an image that carries over from the front to the back pages - possibly also including a spine. How is it done, please?
  6. I wonder whether you edited or altered it in any way, or simply accepted the pdf as was?
  7. Not quite true. I would like an importer to allow me to open existing hard-created documents in your bright shiny new program. Then, if the new program works as well as PP for my purposes (which are not hugely complicated) I can safely and happily move across to using that. .
  8. Patrick, this may or may not be true, but whereas I have frequently recommended Serif as a company in the past, I now will only do so if trust can be rebuilt. You forget the truism that says that every complainant tells ten people, whereas the same is far from true for satisfied customers. You also overlook the fact that at some point in the future we now know that PP will cease to function with Serif's deliberate policies and external influences. What would be the point of creating new documents? At present AP is NOT as good by a country mile, and I have tried to import a PDF file to recreate a document. The text turns out, if I transfer to a word processor, to be in single line paragraphs, which is not helpful, and formatted (ie lengths) as in the pdf file. It cannot be a good or probably workable way to import anything more complicated than a leaflet with four pages - if that. Serif has made a decision. It may have been for good commercial or technical reasons, but it is a decision that is alienating a significant user base.
  9. Which kind of proves the point we are making. If AP is so brilliant, then why use PP to create the workbook? You are simply underlining the fact that a lot of us have created templates which are completely useless in AP. Sorry, but whatever the positives of AP for you and the programming team, I don't see how it can work well for the users who have become wedded to the very sophistication that has made PP so good. We shall just have to agree to differ on the future magical qualities of AP if all our previous work will at some time prove worthless.
  10. This is techy-speak to me. What do you mean by the first sentence in plain English? And how can you have 100+ programming years? Are you saying that ten people spent ten years on it (in which case it is only 10 years, not 100) or are you trying to say that Serif predated Turing and his people? However you slice the particular cake, it does not seem to me to be such a giant leap to find a way to import older files. If that is too much effort, then don't be surprised by anger from existing (and possibly also new) users. I only recommended Serif to someone a few days back. I would think long and hard about doing so now.
  11. Thank you. This clarifies things much better. What you are saying is that whatever operating system happens to come along, the Affinity range will be independent and work. That does sound good. That said, why not offer open access to the PagePlus and other legacy software, so that it can be developed alongside or independently? It is hardly likelt to affect sales of Affinity products because they are clearly going to be much better sooner or later.
  12. I am not saying that other packages would make the situation different, but they might actually do some of the publishing stuff you seem to be lacking and disinterested in at this stage. I am thinking I want to buy a pig, but not one in a poke bonnet. The whizzo idea that you can cross platforms is all well and good, but ultimately you are in hock to the owners of those platform systems, and that can alter overnight. I used to have Sinclair computers, Texas Instruments Computes, and various other systems all of which have gone the way of all flesh. Frankly, I couldn't care less about Apple compatibility. I don't have one and will almost certainly never bother to buy one. I am probably not unique - in either direction. Reading between the lines I suspect this is as much to do with internal challenges and self-driven ideas as it is about providing a functioning worthwhile package. It may work, but I won't hold my breath, even though I wish you luck. I have liked Serif for longer than perhaps some of its staff have been around, and don't like feeling the way I do at present.
  13. And, to quote someone, there's the rub..... At least Ben is clear and honest about why, although my guess is that he is only right about the user base numbers if existing Serif program users have also been thrown out with their packages. I will continue to try AP (at least, I will if I can either load the new beta or reload the first, neither of which is playing currently), but I shall start looking at other publishing programs as well, which is something I have at no time felt the slightest urge to do since joining PP way back when....
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