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  1. I'm not sure I believe what I am reading. When a car manufacturer produces a new car they don't say 'well forget all the bells and whistles people are used to'. They ensure that they are incorporated - and continue to provide spare parts etc for previously sold cars for quite some time. Who says 'we have made 27 years worth of progress, but we will abandon much that we learned and start from scratch, intending to add stuff later? I don't see that the sharing of code is relevant. It is the sharing of key and standard components that matters. The code does not need to be the same, any more than the solutions to a problem in one vehicle are identical to those in another. If something is not present, it is by definition an omission. It may be an aspiration, but it unquestionably an omission.
  2. Nobody has been around since before Robert Maxwell, surely! But this may be the point. In days of yore our age would have been credited with giving seen as evidence of wisdom. Today it is all-too-often seen as evidence of senility, or the inability to move with the times. I am not suggesting this is the view of Serif, but it is a view espoused apparently by some. Like Ralph, I dread some future update to Windows messing things up for PPX9 and nobody being willing to salvage one of the most brilliant programs I have ever used.
  3. Garretm30 makes some reasonable points. However.... I don't think I was suggesting that Serif is not willing to listen. What I was suggesting is that maybe they did not ask the right questions. I may have ignored them, but I do not recall being invited to comment on what should be any replacement for tried and tested apps I was already happily using. I can also see the point of having items solved in one app leading to them being solved in others. What this overlooks, of course, is whether the problem is relevant in the other apps. If, to use an analogy, I have three vehicles and want them all to run on electricity, there are clearly many areas of overarching similarity. But if I want one to tow a caravan, one to nip into town, and one to carry several tons of hardcore, the areas of difference are significant. This is, I think, what people may be failing to see. I don't need the springs on my car to take me shopping anywhere near as resilient as those I need for my lorry. I don't need the toque on my shopping car to be as powerful as on my towing car, and so on. Yes, where a feature is needed on all three, incorporate it - in my example some form of power inlet point, and some form of steering mechanism might be examples. I suppose one might argue that the footnote facility could be used to provide a caption for a picture done in the photo app, but it is a bit of a sledgehammer for that particular nut.
  4. I gave up the struggle and reverted to PagePlus X9. I am astounded by just how good it is (was). I am adding footnotes, and index, a table of contents, etc. I can insert bits and with minimal fuss amend subsequent changes, and importantly (I use hundreds of images) to change the resolution of an image I simply change its properties. Not sure if it is a genuine change, but it works for creating printed PDFs, is easy, and can hugely reduce the file size. My new book is coming on nicely. Is it possible that insufficient consultation has taken place, and that perhaps the programmers do not get what the end-users want or need? It may be useful to be able to open an image from my document in Affinity Photo, but generally it is not necessary. On the other hand, I can foresee no reason to import a document from APub into Aphot except perhaps comics? But there are dedicated comic programs for that. I really, really, like Serif and have always found it an excellent company to deal with, whether with new programs, problems or purchases, but this new world has a lot to learn and much evolution is essential. Currently, there is hardly anything image-wise that I can think of that I cannot do as well or better in Photoshop Express or Corel Photopaint. The exception is the multiple 'spotlights' I can apply, which is superb. I don't do much design. All of my books and booklets have been created in PagePlus of various iterations. (I do think perhaps APub is easier for indexing, but have not really tried because other elements are not available. I hope things improve, because the firm deserves to maintain its first-class reputation as an inexpensive and responsive company.
  5. Is there such a thing as a 'simple' degree thesis? 🤔🙂
  6. Unless you are using Apple, you could have accomplished it with PagePlus X9 probably, or is there something that I don't see?
  7. I wonder to what extent the undoubtedly clever programmers are aware of the necessary functionality of the programs they are designing, or to what extent the needs of the end-users have been solicited? The old Serif programs were genuinely superb, but somewhere things have gone awry. Did the team change before the move to woo Apple users? Don't Apple users need the same essentials, so are they concerned, or have they never had the better experience?
  8. Not entirely sure how this helps, other than perhaps enabling one to enter numbers as superscript and then use them as notes at the end. Problem arises if you want to add or subtract notes in the middle. A proper system simply resorts. It is an idea though, although I we can set the superscript in normal text editing - not easily, I admit. Thanks Pyanepsion.
  9. Also, of course, needs book-making facility (linking chapter files sequentially and ensuring numbering and indexing across all.)
  10. Interesting. I just tested this, using a thread on chapters (also a pretty fundamental requirement for serious publications) by replying to a suggestion that the experts are concentrating on Apple at the moment. The thread has not moved, so you are right. Thanks.
  11. If this is true, rather than simple speculation, it does suggest that the loyal Windows users who have come forward from PagePlus are being overlooked.
  12. I suspect the reason is nothing to do with any sort of human intent, but is down to an algorithm placing threads in activity and time order.🤔
  13. And now, because of the risk of forward compatibility, I am trying Microsoft Publisher....
  14. Spot on. I think there was some mention about not being allowed to reverse engineer, but to be frank I have no idea when or where. Someone suggested making PP available as open source, but I can't see that happening as long as it works more effectively than the new kid on the block. Like you, I would have thought backwards compatibility would be a fairly obvious start point, but I was told ages ago to go whistle on that. People complain about Microsoft, but on the whole they do not pull the rig from under the feet of loyal users.
  15. And that, surely, is the point If you are going to build a better mousetrap, then be sure what a mouse looks like, how big it is, and how it behaves. Having a series of programs that inter-mesh is all well and good, but if they individually fail to provide significant basics they are neither one thing nor the other. My overwhelming sense is one of considerable disappointment that a company in which I have had a lot of confidence for probably decades can so completely miss the point. There probably is little point in continuing to discuss this at present. Either the Powers that be are aware of the (urgent) need for some of their user base and are addressing the problem or they are not. If the former we can hope they act with expediency. If the latter, well, what? And for the record, I have now returned to attempting to create this book using PagePlus. In a couple of hours last night on my laptop I moved on as far as it took me several days with AP, although to be fair I am less confident on AP, which has huge potential, but will fall by the wayside unless it is careful.
  16. I completely get the need for a degree of security about what is in the pipeline, and I am reminded of the anecdote about a company in which one team was proudly pushing a brand new design and another team was saying there was a new one just down the line. That is not quite the case here. My gripe is not that there is a conspiracy of silence (not my thought at all) but rather an apparent lack of concern about the needs of the end-users.
  17. Perhaps this is the issue. The software may not be intended for professional results, but given the launch comments, and even the enthusiasm meted out by such respectable organs as Compute Actuve for Affinity Photos, they must know the user base and its requirements. The daft thing is that to get on the Apple bandwagon they seem to have abandoned or ignored the needs of longstanding users. I have been a Serif devotees for more years than I can remember.
  18. Thanks dominik. Glad you did not take offence. I still think that something so fundamental should have been resolved by now.
  19. Not the most constructive reply, but possibly not intended to be. If it is possible to generate index entries, then it should be a simple procedure to generate some sort of cross-reference system, as it was in PP. If dominik is presumably content with something that is not suitable for serious book-publishing beyond simple chapter-headings and the like, will need to address this sort of question in a constructive and timely fashion AP is to break into that genre for those who want a more powerful product. AP was brought in in a blaze of enthusiasm, and I have all of the Affinity products in hopes of improvement, but it is almost as if the company has given up on addressing fairly basic stuff. I simply do not understand the apparent complacency. I would like to hear from the company rather than someone who is apparently content with a lesser product than was replaced. There are good points about AP, but they need to be extended.
  20. Having spent many hours working with AP on my new book, which will easily be several hundred pages, I find myself dusting off PagePlus and seeing whether I can do what I actually want to do. Also looking at MS Publisher.
  21. It is 18 months since this question was originally asked. The footnotes and endnotes were a feature of Pageplus and allowed me to publish several items, including one tome of nearly 600 pages. This is pretty fundamental stuff for publishing anything remotely academic. How much longer must we wait?
  22. Thanks Werner. That seems to have worked. Madness! I hope this is all worth it. I really valued the Serif products, especially Publisher which is so good.
  23. Like a fool I thought I should update when told an update was available. I have been unable to do so, having 'setup failed' notices, and now I don't even have the old A/p available. I have tried installing both the and versions both normally and using run as administrator.
  24. December now, and still apparently unable to scan. The same scanners work happily with other 64-bit programs. Not impressed at all.
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