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  1. Hi! I'm unsure whether this is a feature request or whether I don't know the name of the tool I'm looking for. Basically I've started designing my app icons in AD and just discovered artboards which make it really easy to export all the different image sizes Apple require and their naming convention. So I've set up a 'template' document that I use to do each app I'm doing but I currently have to copy/paste the design to each artboard and re-size which is time consuming (albeit not a lot). It would be amazing if there was a way to automatically duplicate what's on the largest c
  2. Hi Chris B, I looked where you told me and you were correct, it doesn't have read/write permissions, weirdly it hasn't asked me yet which is why. I tried importing from photos and it asked me for permission and now the export works! Thanks for your help. Alfred, tapping ok brings up Files.
  3. Consistent problem, I can copy the object once inside the 'open in' dialogue but if I press save image it crashes the app. Strangely it's just a circle with a conical gradient I'm using for sketching in another app. I've attached the file for others to try. I'm on an iPad Pro 10.5" running the latest iOS 11.4.1. There's also a video showing what happens. Radial Brushed.afdesign IMG_0034.TRIM.MOV
  4. Hello to all who think they can help, or if you think this might actually be a feature request! I'm trying to make the switch between Adobe and affinity, and I'm having some trouble with Pantone colours. Scenario: One of our clients has asked us to design a product, we've done all the work leading up to the prototype stage, and need to know the Pantone colour value of their logo to match some highlight parts to. We have a .png of their logo, now usually on photoshop I would use the colour picker and then go to the colour library and it would tell me which is the nearest Pantone to my s
  5. I too would be interested in beta testing these apps when they are available, I can imagine the effort it takes to produce such powerful apps and then port them to other devices! With that said is there an ETA? I CAN'T WAIT D:
  6. Hi MEB, Thanks for the generous reply, it worked perfectly and it seems obvious now I know! In terms of the bucket fill tool, can I select the inside of the vectors I've created? The way it's been described is as if i can only fill pixel selections (in reference to Ai, you would be able to use the live paint tool. Secondly, when i trim a line or shape, it seems arbitrary and doesn't snap to anything in particular, is there any way of trimming a line back to another so I know they definitely join up? Once again thanks for the help, I understand you're not my personal tutorial wizar
  7. Hi All, I've been trying to replace my current workflow with affinity, however I seem to be struggling doing basic things which I thought would be easy, but perhaps I'm missing something. For example, I've been trying to draw a cylinder in perspective (I'm a product designer and it's the very beginning of a manual rendering), I drew the ellipse at the top, 2 lines from that tapering inwards as they go down, and then an ellipse at the bottom, I can't for the life of me figure out how to trim the bottom ellipse so only the lower half of it is there. In illustrator for example I would use the
  8. One feature I think all programs of this nature need to adapt is the navigation wheel from sketchbook pro. I've yet to find it on any other program and yet for navigation (zoom/pan/rotate) it simply can't be matched for ease of use. Photoshop and affinity already use the space bar to pan the canvas around, but what if affinity added a navigation wheel similar to sketchbook pro? It would make it hugely more useful, especially when using a graphics tablet, as you don't need to keep switching back and forth between rotate-brush-zoom-brush-rotate-erase etc etc. Any thoughts on this? I've a
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