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  1. I think I have worked out the cause of the problem. Attached is a screenshot showing the recent file list from another app that I use (Graphic Converter). It seems that GC maintains a list of the 10 most recent files even if those files do not exist any longer; those that don’t exist are grayed out. I guess AF doesn’t do this; instead, if the file doesn’t exist, it just doesn’t include it at all in the recent file list. With the photos I was processing recently, there were so many that the full set wouldn’t fit on my SSD. I had to pull a portion in from secondary storage,
  2. Hi Chris B. Thanks for your note. Sorry I misinterpreted your previous suggestion. However, you can see from the image above that the issue is not related to the OS setting to 5 or None because 10 recent files are shown and no OS setting changes take place between that screen shot and the one showing just “Clear Menu.” Let me investigate this further and get back to you.
  3. Hi v_kyr. It’s a good question you ask (how long does it usually take) but I’m afraid I have no good answer because I’m usually just processing images and not paying attention to the list until I happen to need it. I can say two things. First, I usually have a lot of stuff going on simultaneously on the Mac: AF plus an HDR app plus another for RAW processing that I vastly prefer plus a few web browsers, etc., so memory pressure can be high. Second, I very rarely reboot - the OS is very stable - and the Mac “sleeps” frequently. Maybe it’s related to this way of doing things; I don’t know.
  4. MacOS Sierra 10.13.4. As I said, this recent file capability works for a while and then it stops. As soon as I open a file, it’s already added to the list for me, too - just like you. And the list grows, as I open more files, to the system-imposed limit of 10 (see 10Showing.png). However, after a while, it shrinks, first to five (I didn’t create a screenshot of it), and then to zero, showing only “Clear menu” (see attached). All I’m doing in the interim is using the app normally. Check out https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/17974-file-open-recent/ , where Quality Assurance
  5. If I work on file “A” and then close it and open file “B,” then the recent file list should show A while B is open. I shouldn’t have to close the app to have it show A.
  6. After a while, the “Open Recent” menu shows no files, only “Clear Menu.” I’ve heard that to fix this, one needs to quit the application and restart. Why? Is this a bug? If it’s a bug, will it ever be fixed? It’s quite inconvenient to quit and restart. Are bugs such as these ever fixed? Are versions of AF ever released to fix bugs? Thanks in advance.
  7. Can you please comment as to why I need to close the app and re-open it to have "Show Recents" work properly? This seems like an Affinity Photo bug. Will it ever be fixed? The “Show Recents” menu works for a while and then shows only “Clear Menu,” no actual files, even though I’ve been using the app on a lot of files. I don’t like having to restart to get functionality to work properly. Thanks
  8. I would like to suggest that the user interface to HDR processing is all wrong. The AF program generously comes with a large bunch of presets. Thank you very much for those. However, one needs to go back and forth between the tone map and develop personnas to apply more than one to the same HDR merged image. On my machine (MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, OSX 10.5.5), it takes a considerable amount of time to switch back to tone map after being in develop; the time to do it for several presets is ridiculous. More importantly, I find that the HDR merged image changes characteristics qui
  9. Hi Keith, et al., and thanks again for all your help. I’m convinced that this is not a setting-in-the-camera issue. The primary evidence in support of this is that when I change the setting within AF from SerifLabs RAW Engine to Apple (Core Image RAW) the image looks perfect within AF. (I need to quit and restart the application for this to take effect.) Additionally, I downloaded some RAW files from an internet site I found (rawsamples.ch) and they, too, look very dark when opened in my AF (with Serif Labs RAW Engine) but normal within other apps (such as GraphicConverter). So these fil
  10. Thanks, Ed. Am going through them one by one now. Anything in particular that I should pay careful attention to?
  11. Hi Keith. No, I don’t think so. I don’t have a Canon and I haven’t changed any of the camera settings wrt dynamic range. I’m opening some RAW images that had previously looked fine when I opened them in AF, so something has changed within the app. Maybe I need to reinstall. Thanks for your help.
  12. Thanks, IanSG. I didn’t know about that assistant. Setting the tone curve to "Apply tone curve” didn’t help (and the assistant was already enabled). However, I found that setting the RAW Engine to Apple (Core Image RAW) from Serif Labs did cause the RAW image to look as it should. Should I be using Serif? Setting it back to Serif causes it to be dark again. Could you please suggest what other settings in this dialog should be used, e.g., Exposure bias is currently set to “Take no action”; is that correct?
  13. All of a sudden, all my RAW images open in Affinity Photo about 1ev darker than they should be. I’ve used Edit->Defaults->Factory Reset several times; doesn’t help. I’ve quit the application. I’ve rebooted the system. If I open the same RAW file in other applications, such as Apple Photos or Graphic Converter, the image looks just fine. My camera writes a JPEG and a RAW file for each image and if I open the corresponding JPEG in Affinity Photo, it looks just fine. But the RAW is too dark. This just started happening; wasn’t always that way. Is there some setting I might
  14. Oh, thanks - this is very helpful! However, could we please convert my original request to, "adding a way to enter values directly” [within a curve adjustment] and "a way of storing control points on every channel of the curve adjustment in one single click?” These capabilities are very useful for another workflow I use frequently. (Or are they already being considered?)
  15. Hi, I would like Photo to allow me to implement the method given in https://dmacphoto.wordpress.com/finding-neutral-grey/ (among other places) for accurately finding neutral gray pixels. I don’t think it can be done now (v1.5). It requires: (1) a method of creating a pixel marker within a threshold adjustment layer that will remain selected/marked after the threshold adjustment layer is deleted; and (2) a method of setting the gray point in a curve adjustment layer using a mid-tone eyedropper (which I guess is sometimes called a pipette?) with the same pixel marker that was selected in #1, a
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