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  1. Recent paintings I've done. All with my personal brush set, link in signature.
  2. Not sure if it has anything to do with the recent update but Affinity has been crashing/freezing very frequently for me. I get the pinwheel of death, and then just give up on waiting for it to resolve and have to ctrl+alt+del my way out.
  3. I want my layer to be completed protected from pixel edition. I shouldn't be able to erase on it or draw on it when it's locked, that's the only reason (for me) for a lock layer function to exist. If I accidentally select it on the layers panel, I still want it to be protected unless I unlock it.
  4. Can we please have a layer lock function that actually protects the layer from any kind of editing when it's locked? One of the biggest nighmares of digital painters is painting on the wrong layer, especially if you're coloring under a line drawing and you accidentally selection the line drawing itself.
  5. Not sure if this has been suggested before but I'd love to have a timer plugin. Preferrably with the ability to create a different one for every project.
  6. I only use the color picker via keyboard shortcut. I set it to Average (3x3) as soon as I open the program because it always reverts back to 1x1.
  7. I'd love to be able to set my color picker to something other than Point (1x1) and have it stay there without my having to set it again to Average (3x3), which is what I prefer to use, EVERY TIME I start the program.
  8. I've made a brush set for painting that I'm quite happy with, and it's available via Gumroad. These are the brushes I use for painting images like the one attached. There's a free sample set that you can download for free, and the full set. They're all textured brushes with custom tips that I've made myself from scratch, all with pressure, size and opacity sensitivity made to mimic traditional painting brushes. It's not a big set but there's enough brushes to paint anything you could ever want to paint, and they're optimized to work without lag even at very large sizes. https://www.gumroad.com/adrianodocouto I'd highly appreciate it if anyone who downloads would leave me a rating, as that's crucial for exposure on the Gumroad platform. Cheers!
  9. Don't know if this is an issue with my keyboard/computer but sometimes when I draw straight lines by pressing the shift key + brush, my shift key acts as if it's stuck, and I have to hit it again after drawing, otherwise it keeps connecting lines whenever I touch the canvas. Not sure if this is made to be like this or if it's a bug.
  10. My Instagram if anyone wants to give me a follow: https://www.instagram.com/adriano_do_couto_art
  11. That doesn't mean it can't be used very effectively for photo editing and digital painting, which is what I do. https://youtu.be/96EEfOeNHDU
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