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  1. Here is a free flat vector. Heart-shaped sunglass in pink colour created in AD. Feel free to use it for any purpose. License: CC0 - Public Domain sun glass.afdesign sun glass.eps
  2. Fontself, a plugin to create fonts in Photoshop and Illustrator has contacted Serif back in 2016 itself. Yet, we didn't hear anything +ve from Serif! It's quite sure that there will be more plugin-makers who're interested to extend support for Affinity products.
  3. @Sean P Can you please check this? Any workaround?
  4. In my case, I need it as an EPS itself without flattening for submitting to stock sites.
  5. I added some text with layer effects (shadow, outer glow) on a gradient background. Here is how it's appearing at 90% zoom. Exported it into EPS with these settings: Opened the EPS and there are visible "rectangles" or "box" around the text! It's more visible in the latter text. I also noticed this in layers by hiding the background layer. Tried converting the text to curves. No change in result. I've attached the afdesign and EPS file. Is this a bug? TEST.afdesign TEST.eps
  6. It'd be great if there is an option in AD to add metadata to EPS like Illustrator.
  7. Experiencing the same here. I think this might be a bug. @Chris B
  8. English (India) is set as default. Region India. Nope. Issue exists even after unchecking Subset fonts. I've attached all the files you've requested. Let me know if you need anything else. Files.zip
  9. Exported a document with text written using Roboto font to PDF in AD. But, it's appearing like this: The issue seems to be with the Thin variant only. Tried AP and there were no issues!
  10. Thanks for the reply. I checked the Windows folder for fonts and there were 20 styles installed. Although I couldn't find anything repeated, I uninstalled the font family and reinstalled it. That fixed the issue!
  11. Not sure whether this is a bug or not. I've Montserrat font installed in my system. The font has 18 different styles. But in AP & AD, some of the styles are seen repeated. For e.g. Regular, Italic and Bold. Any idea about this behaviour?

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