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  1. Thank you, Lee! The issue is fixed now! If anyone faces this issue, try this method @Lee D has provided: Browse the to the following location via the Windows Run (Windows key + R) - C:\ProgramData\Affinity Now rename the Photo folder to PhotoOLD, close the window. Now reopen Affinity Photo, you should now receive the prompt to start a trial or enter a product key.
  2. Hi, Yesterday I purchased Affinity Photo (for Windows) on 20% off sale. I downloaded the application directly from the order page. When I installed and launched it, there was no option for activation! The application worked straight without that! I uninstalled it and tried launching again after re-installation. Sill the same; there was no activation window! I also tried removing the Serif registry entries and reinstall. Still no option to enter the product key for activation. Is that normal? Does it come pre-activated as I downloaded it from the order page? If no, what's the solution? Is there any option on Affinity Photo to know whether the product is activated or not? My OS: Win 10 Home 64-bit (1809)
  3. I didn't mean just photographic prints. Photo is also used to design posters, banners, book covers, business cards etc. Don't they need bleeds while printing?
  4. I don't think it makes sense. Because users will also print raster based works. For this basic function, users have to leave Photo and depend on another program which doesn't make sense to me! I guess Serif can easily implement this on Photo as it is already available on Designer and Publisher. It will be useful for people who only need Photo for their works.
  5. Hi, How should I use the Include bleed in the Export Persona of Photo? I couldn't find any option to add bleeds. So, what is the actual purpose of this? Also, is there any workaround in Photo to export a document as PDF with standard bleeds? Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Thanks for the reply. I think I'm on 1.65. I'll try updating the version now.
  7. Hi, I created a 24 x 36" (609.6 mm x 914.4 mm) document in Photo and added guides like this: Then I added 6 mm Canvas Size equally. But after clicking the Resize button, this is what I get: You could see that guides on the left and top are not visible! When I do this in Photoshop, all guides stay where they are! What might be the issue causing this in Photo? Am I doing something wrong? Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Maybe an option for it. Thus depending on the user's needs, they can turn it on/off. For me, it's a very handy feature.
  9. It'll be a very useful feature if implemented. @GabrielM