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  1. Yeah, it was me. I had to delete it as there was a mistake on my part. I tried your method, and it works on the browser. If the text is not so long, I usually use the glyph browser to type Indian languages as it will help to display ligatures correctly. So, no need to open it in a browser and print screen.
  2. UPDATE So, I've added this list to a GitHub repo and from now on updates will be here: https://github.com/zcraber/Freebies-Hub Feel free to star it, fork it, make suggestions... or use however you want.
  3. @SPaceBarAny update on this? I checked with latest version and issue still exists. c71f5b2a-e1a7-4396-b39c-70145594fa3c.dmp
  4. If they don't have the necessary expertise to implement Indic languages in Affinity products, why're they not interested in hiring someone who's an expert? India is a huge and potential market for Affinity products. Many Indian designers are willing to leave the Adobe ecosystem to join Affinity, but this is the major issue that holding them back.
  5. Around 46 monocoloured social media icons. If I missed any important one, please let me know. Most of them are sourced from SVG Repo & and Wikimedia Commons. Hope this will be useful to someone. social media icons monocolour.afassets
  6. I know this is an old thread. But, maybe you can check out the new Cavalry app which aims to be an alternative to AE for motion design. Also check Natron, which is free & open source, for VFX.
  7. Please consider adding Openclipart to the stock panel which has a huge library of free public domain vectors. API: https://openclipart.org/api/docs/ API Turorial: https://openclipart.org/api/tutorial
  8. Just tried. It didn't work either. b4cf0b1d-d20d-4d93-805c-3a910f9cdbba.dmp
  9. Already did that sfc scan before posting as I had some issues (like print screen using Snip & Sketch not working) after the Windows update. Thanks anyway.
  10. I did a clean install of NVIDIA driver with DDU as Komatös suggested and issue still exists. Attaching the latest crash dump. e146b0bc-adf1-40d0-a7ba-c4a582dce8b2.dmp
  11. I tested with latest Affinity Photo and issue still exists. Strange enough, I tried testing in the Photo Persona of Affinity Publisher and didn't face the crash!
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