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  1. Yes, I can simply replace the font. But I'd like to know why Affinity can't detect it correctly while Photopea and Photoshop does.
  2. This is how it shows up in Photo. Does that PSD appears with correct font for you in Photo?
  3. I've attached a test.psd file which I've created using Photopea. Font used is Rothman (free). I've this font installed in my system. This is how the test file should appear. If I open the same PSD file in Affinity apps, it immediately warns that Document contains missing fonts! Is this a bug? I tried opening this PSD in Photoshop and faced no issues. test.psd
  4. malayali


    A minimal icon for podcast. License: CC0 - Public Domain podcast_icon.svg podcast_icon.afdesign
  5. Wow, never knew there's such an option! Thanks for the hint @Alfred! It's a life saver for me. 😊
  6. It'll be great if there is a feature for Glyph Browser where a glyph/character's enlarged preview can be seen while hovering (or one-click) over it. This comes handy especially with handwriting style fonts with very tiny glyphs like these where it's a hassle to find the right one because of the size. It's a Malayalam language font and I've to rely on Glyph Browser as Malayalam is unsupported by Affinity.
  7. malayali


    Donate stamp. License: CC0 - Public Domain donate_stamp.afdesign donate_stamp.svg
  8. Curious to know, how do you connect a camera to a telescope? Is the quality of photos taken using this setup and super-zoom camera comparable?
  9. Thanks for your suggestions. Not yet. Have to try a lot of things. Bought the camera few days back.
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