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  1. Hi Sean - any update on when this will be available? I just purchased the full version of Publisher and still can't use Indic languages.
  2. I have created a 60-page Publisher file that is primarily a compilation of different PDFs, which I have imported into Publisher (both linked and embedded different files). Since Publisher converts PDF files to be somewhat editable, I went to page 3 of my file and made a small edit to one of the imported PDF files. After doing this, I realized that a large number of my OTHER imported PDFs (e.g. page 53, page 47, etc.), got corrupted. They were letters written by different people and the text on those letters got garbled up and overlapped on top of itself. Yet these were pages that I hadn't even touched. The only way to fix this was to delete the imported PDF and re-import it.
  3. So does indesign... just not Affinity Publisher...
  4. @Alfred - Do you know of ANY ANSI Indic fonts that support Unicode? I don't believe it's possible to type real Hindi text using an ANSI Indic font unless you have specialized keyboard software to enable that...
  5. Hi Gabe - just wanted to follow up on this feature request from back in August of last year. Do you know if if there's any update?
  6. Hi - when will all your products support text entry in Indian languages? I'm trying to use the Devanagari keyboard along with Devanagari fonts to type text into your programs (Photo, Publisher Beta), and they do not render Indian language text correctly. This type of Unicode support is standard across the Mac OS and also exists in most third-party programs. For example, when I use Pixelmator, or Pages or Keynote, it works fine. But your products don't seem to support this yet. Please look into this - it's very important to a lot of users out there.
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