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  1. I think I have the exact same problem. I want to cut out (multiple) parts from a photograf and put them on seperate layers. Then I want to export all images with the same image dimensions, that I can put them on top of each other ( without manually setting any transformations). Ultimately, they are displayed on top of each other and the user can manually turn single layers off. This example shall illustrate the problem: Source Image(1) The source image is split up in two images: Background(2) and Flower(3). Background (2) Flower (3) So that wenn I put 3 on top of 2 for example in a browser i get again 1: What is my current status? My current workflow is to create the layers 1,2 and 3. Then I go to the export persona, select all desired layers and click "Create Slices". Problem: The slices match the outlines of the layer, meaning that the exported flower image has a different dimension than the background, which would require another manual matching step, which is not acceptable for my workflow. Workaround: Writing this post I found a workaround by manually changing the size of the slice to the documents size. Problem: This must be manually done for every slice. Question Is there an option to... a) ... export all layers to images using the artboard size? b) ...create slices for all layer that automatically have artboard size? c) ... export slices using the artboard's size? Thank you in advance. Best regards, ukmasmu