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  1. I find Watercolor painting in AD satisfying. Like every other artwork there is a dilemma whether to keep on pushing for clarity of your work or making it watercolor like effect. The decision when to stop always confront me. Affinity gives you many options how to end it. Since I’m only practicing and in the learning stage, how the image end up to be is more about knowing how much you can do on these software.
  2. I add snowfall and water drop to watercolor painting.
  3. Works great. It’s what I need. Thanks a lot.
  4. I did use a lot of blur on my watercolor project but mostly shading. I have to try blurring my lines and see next time . This is excellent tip.
  5. Thanks so much. Coming from the pros is way much help for my confidence.
  6. Thanks firstdefence. Watercolor is a nice option to mimic the image . I started fall in love with it too. It even look better if you make mistake and draw out of line.
  7. Painting with watercolor can be very difficult because I was fighting the urge to make it clean and trim. Mimicking the water spread and blots make it even more interesting.
  8. I would gladly take anything you can throw. We learn from simple things. I am a slow learner anyway. That would even be better for me. Much appreciate for thinking of sharing your talent.
  9. I did that too, but I could never got those result. 90% is on the artist skill + technique I presume. You are just beyond among the best. Hope to see more of your work.
  10. How do you do the shading? This is beyond amazing!!
  11. This time I put the paper on top and lower the opacity. Trying to get used to the brushes in watercolor.
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