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  1. @carl123 Success!! The brushes loaded correctly. I appreciate your help. Regards, David
  2. @carl123 Unfortunately your 20_Sunshine_Brushes.afbrushes file will not import into version 1.7.2. But thanks for trying! Awaiting a fix from Affinity. David
  3. Since upgrading to Affinity Photo Mac version 1.7.2 I have been unable to load PS brushes. The error reads "unexpected brush format." MacBook Pro running MacOS Mojave 10.14.6. Example PS brush file attached. Thanks in advance for assistance. 20_Sunshine_Brushes.abr
  4. Watching this thread closely. I as well can no longer import PS brushes into AF 1.7.2 Mac version.
  5. Chris B, I was on OpenGL. I could not get the error to occur with either Metal or OpenGL Basic.
  6. @Chris B I tried your suggestion. Loading one image at a time, editing and closing each image so that only one image was ever open at a time. The error occurred on the 4th image. This happened using Affinity Photo Beta 1.6.7 (RC1).
  7. Chris B Unfortunately the same problem occurs in the beta version as well. I loaded 5 images to edit, and the problem was there by the time I was working on the third image.
  8. While using Affinity Photo, the Adjustment Panel periodically stops displaying one or more adjustment options. The attached screen shot shows a blank space where the Levels adjustment option should be. Clicking in the blank space where the option should be, often opens the desired option, but not always. Clicking a different option will sometimes restore the missing adjustment, but then a different one disappears. Rebooting the program restores the missing adjustments, but after a while, they begin to disappear again. I am using Affinity Photo version 1.6.6 on a MacBook Pro running High Sierra version 10.13.3.
  9. The lens is AF-S NIKKOR 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR. Actually, it occurs to me that the distortion is caused by Serif Labs RAW trying to perform lens correction, even though I have turned lens correction off. If this is true, how do I prevent lens correction when lens correction is already disabled? You will note that the files I sent using Apple RAW and Photoshop Elements to develop the raw file, contained no such distortion.
  10. I did use the link provided, and Dropbox had sent a confirmation email that the files had been uploaded :( At any rate, I have uploaded them again. There are 4 files: - the original nef, - jpg created using affinity photo set to use affinity photo raw, - jpg created in affinity photo set to use apple raw, and - jpg created using photoshop elements. The distortion only appears using AP with it's own raw, despite lens correction being turned off.
  11. Lens correction was already turned off. Files sent to you via DropBox.
  12. Developing a raw image, then exporting to jpeg, creates barrel distortion, most evident at the left and right edges. This distortion is significant and is clearly visible when comparing the raw image to the jpeg image. The distortion is obvious using a variety of image viewers, but curiously, the distortion is not evident when comparing the raw to jpeg images from within Affinity itself. I have duplicated this repeatedly. Open a raw file, click develop, then export to jpeg, without making any modifications to the images either in the develop persona nor in the photo persona, including making no lens corrections. Then comparing the resultant jpeg to the original raw file outside of Affinity. Developing the same raw images in Photoshop Elements does not create this distortion. Is there an automatic adjustment Affinity is making? I have been using Affinity Photo for several months, and had not noticed this previously. Granted, I had not been carefully scrutinizing raw-to-jpeg back and forth in any image viewer other than Affinity Photo. Needless to say, such distortion is unacceptable. My repeated attempts to attach example images to this post, even sized less than 1.2MB, were not successful. Additional information: After posting, I found that selecting Apple (Core image RAW) in Developer Assistant will avoid the barrel distortion. So the distortion problem appears to be with Serif Labs RAW engine. The second issue is that AP creates distortion that is not evident until the images are viewed outside of AP. Could there be other differences between what AP displays and what will be visible in the actual final product? At any rate I'm researching other software, at least for raw development.
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