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  1. Affinity Page (Yea yea... I know it sounds like Apple's Page word processor)
  2. @justwilliam You're not far off... It's a white on white overexposed snowstorm in a bowl of rice digital composition with a nice b/w photo of Ballintoy Harbour layer multiplied over the top! Well done loonaclik! Also sorry about the jokes but it was such a tempting opportunity! XD
  3. @To Affinity and Beyond I'm a HUGE Affinity fan... but I admit I'm experiencing something similar. (I have Macbook Pro 2011 17") I find for big files, AP struggles a bit more than PS. I work with both. I'm suspecting AP struggles because of all the realtime updates, and high FPS (if you could call it that) etc, comes at a cost. I hear my macbook roaring fan inside very loudly from time to time. I rarely hear that with PS. @ AP Developers. If all the realtime and "smooth operations at small file sizes" is causing AP to lag at big file sizes. Could there be an option to turn those "funky realtime smooth FPS perks" off, so that it would lag less? When file sizes are small, AP look like it kicks PS butt, but PS is more practical with big files IMHO. I also find this to be the case with Apple-Motion vs Adobe After Effects. I loved Motion's smoothness and real-time, and timeline structure, but AE was just more practical with big complicated files and effects. Here's hoping Affinity will beat Adobe in the end.
  4. Framelynx

    From China's style

    Hi Huachee, welcome to Affinity! Your Chinese style image composition looks very nice! A mix of authentic traditional Chinese elements with modern elements like the hexagon honey comb and lines looks good together. The bokeh/lightblooms gives it a nice touch. Keep up the good work!
  5. Ahhh, I thought it was a slightly overexposed closeup picture of a flash of a speed camera on a sunny day in the middle of Antarctica! Forgive my misperception! =P
  6. Thanks for encouraging me to make it better! I'll give it a shot.
  7. Very nice! It's very adorable and distinctive. I can see it working as a character in some kids cartoon! It would be nice to see the tail, arms and legs have a more similar orange to the body, which looks very nice and vibrant. :)
  8. Thanks! I put words on it originally, but I wasn't very serious about it and it looked crap. But since you suggested it... I've updated the image with movie poster-y words! :)
  9. Framelynx


    Cool stuff! At first the thumbnail looked like a tattoo of some sort. The BG resembles a skin color. That girl vector could be used for so many things! Like a sunset & cocktail scene in LA I imagine.
  10. Framelynx

    I'm going home, to where I belong

    Very nice! I can't put my finger on it... but the image feels... 3D... like it's popping out from the screen at me? Perhaps its because the line down the middle of the road is sharp, but the sides of the road are blurred? Interesting effect!
  11. An easy way to jump/navigate folders (in mac) is just to drag the folder you want your project saved in, into the Save dialogue box, and the save dialogue box jumps there instantly!
  12. I 2nd Mredig When I resize Image, I always want to use "Bi-Cubic" instead of "Nearest Neighbour". But it always defaults to the 1st option everytime I resize images. Or perhaps allow us to set a default?
  13. This was originally an Affinity Photo test. Particularly the hair masking tool. I was surprisingly pleased with the results. If I had to do this seriously I probably wouldn't use this dancer model. But dancing models tend to make interesting poses which makes for great supernatural compositions. She had reddish hair which I enhanced and it reminded me of Dark Phoenix... so I went with it and made my alternative version of Dark Phoenix from X-Men. This was just for fun (for once). I find Affinity Photo much like Photoshop, only more "fun" to use because of live preview features and slick refined work flow and a tight smooth program operations. Only $50 no subscription was a bonus too. This image was originally 6000px Wide and which made the program struggled a bit more and made the fan in my Macbook Pro 2011 sound like a cyclone! My artwork is also on Behance: https://www.behance.net/gallery/28344101/Dark-Phoenix

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