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  1. Has Affinity tried to get crowdfunding for Linux development before? I would happily contribute! I read somewhere that you guys need $500,000 or so to break even? That means if only appx.2000 users buy all 3 Affinity programs. I'll buy 2x for my worker so now you only need 1998! =D Some Linux distros/flavours are just so much quicker and agile than Mac and Windows, and so much more stable! Mac has been getting more and more unstable recently even when freshly bought!
  2. I would be paying $300/month actually. can I afford it yes (rather save it for mortgage/rent etc). Can I make make business profitable without it? Yes Thanks to Affinity. And a tiny bit of Adobe CS5. "Adobe falling apart" meaning: The Adobe programs starts to work less and less well with every upgrade of MacOS. Uninstalling completely and reinstalling doesnt help. Photoshop crashes automatically after opening new file. And quitting normally generates a crash error. Nothing wrong with Adobe software per se. The MacOS upgrades is what screw things up. And it happens so frequently that things become obsolete faster. Sometimes new OS upgrades are necessary for security or additional features but they make more things incompatible. I know Adobe programs work well. With that much money poured into it compared to affinity, I'm sure it helped. But I'm actually doing well without Adobe. If I can do the same thing without paying more, why not? Now I want to get away from Apple too (fine software / hardware though it is)
  3. BTW why can't Affinity do a kickstarter campaign? Wouldn't that prove once and for all if you have enough supporters for it? Or has that already happened and failed? I would totally back it! take my money! PLEASE!
  4. I’m a 15yr senior graphic designer / art director (been using adobe on mac for 20 years) - I don't speak for all creatives... I REALLY WANT TO MOVE TO UBUNTU STUDIO but can't yet.. coz Affinity's not there! I despise Adobe for introducing subscription. I despise Apple for forcing machines and programs into obsolescence with their ”free upgrades” they nag you without option to permanently silence. Software that once worked stopped because they can’t afford to keep upgrading their product to fit Apple’s new release and apple does jack all to support good software. Tim Cook prioritizes profits at the expense of quality and value. Adobe's the same. I reached a point where if I upgrade macOS, Adobe suite (The last non Subscription version) will stop working permanently, but if I don’t the Affinity publisher won’t work! Luckily Affinity fixed that issue without needing to upgrade macOS. The Adobe suite is falling apart. And I’m using the Affinity suite now. That was the last straw. I get that Affinity need to be careful where they invest development. If Affinity lose, then we all lose. Apart from limited collaborative potential, scribus is quite awful to work with. Gimp and Inkscape are ok. And I’ve reconfigured them to behave as close to the Affinity/Adobe suite as possible and I know how to use them well. But they’re still lacking (mainly scribus). I’ve already asked my team to adopt Affinity on Mac and that was tough, I don’t think I can push them to adopt the Open Creative Suite. It’s largely that open Source files are quite incompatible with adobe, and affinity files. I wish those open source developers would just get their head out of their asses and make their software a bit like Adobe but better, like how Affinity does it. But noooo, they’re trying to be special. but i understand why they can't do things like make Scribus open adobe's IDML files, but Affinity can. I would pay for the whole Linux Affinity suite in a heartbeat if it was available on Linux. it would mean that I can finally leave Apple and Windows for good. I would even pay quadruple if it’ll help Affinity! (Still cheaper than adobe!) Coz I trust that Linux and Affinity won’t pull dirty tactics like subscription and obsolescence and that the software will last. Affinity is waiting for graphic designers to jump onto linux before developing for Linux. I'm waiting for Affinity to develop for Linux SO THAT I can jump on Linux. *sigh* Chicken or the egg?
  5. Thanks. I was referring to Publisher. But it would be great if there was something in between. Like a "low resolution" preview. So you can see what the image is supposed to be.
  6. I really love the Affinity Suite. I want to see Adobe crash and burn. I know all the Affinity Shortcuts and can use it with ease. BUT... I can't quite delete Adobe off my computer just yet... HERE'S WHY: Affinity slows down on larger hi-res raster projects. Affinity has this appearance of "speed and efficiency" when you start off, but it's just high FPS. It looks flashy and feels nice. But once the images are hi-res for large scale projects, Affinity can't efficiently manage & optimise system resources without requiring faster hardware. Whereas on Adobe Photoshop & Indesign, it slows & lags a bit, but doesn't choke to death. Adobe overtakes in productivity at this point. I don't need to see everything in super high smooth quality at 60fps all the dang time. I just want to create work quickly and admire the work upon output. I wouldn't mind if the FPS on Affinity was sacrificed for more system resources to handle large files. Or maybe there's a low res-preview mode. Adobe had "High, Standard, Wireframe" modes on Indesign, which helps speed things up. I'm sure all those slick real time, non destructive, high fps, speedy features takes a toll on system resources. Adobe Illustrator has Live Trace (Raster to Vector)
  7. Affinity Page (Yea yea... I know it sounds like Apple's Page word processor)
  8. @justwilliam You're not far off... It's a white on white overexposed snowstorm in a bowl of rice digital composition with a nice b/w photo of Ballintoy Harbour layer multiplied over the top! Well done loonaclik! Also sorry about the jokes but it was such a tempting opportunity! XD
  9. @To Affinity and Beyond I'm a HUGE Affinity fan... but I admit I'm experiencing something similar. (I have Macbook Pro 2011 17") I find for big files, AP struggles a bit more than PS. I work with both. I'm suspecting AP struggles because of all the realtime updates, and high FPS (if you could call it that) etc, comes at a cost. I hear my macbook roaring fan inside very loudly from time to time. I rarely hear that with PS. @ AP Developers. If all the realtime and "smooth operations at small file sizes" is causing AP to lag at big file sizes. Could there be an option to turn those "funky realtime smooth FPS perks" off, so that it would lag less? When file sizes are small, AP look like it kicks PS butt, but PS is more practical with big files IMHO. I also find this to be the case with Apple-Motion vs Adobe After Effects. I loved Motion's smoothness and real-time, and timeline structure, but AE was just more practical with big complicated files and effects. Here's hoping Affinity will beat Adobe in the end.
  10. Hi Huachee, welcome to Affinity! Your Chinese style image composition looks very nice! A mix of authentic traditional Chinese elements with modern elements like the hexagon honey comb and lines looks good together. The bokeh/lightblooms gives it a nice touch. Keep up the good work!
  11. Ahhh, I thought it was a slightly overexposed closeup picture of a flash of a speed camera on a sunny day in the middle of Antarctica! Forgive my misperception! =P
  12. Very nice! It's very adorable and distinctive. I can see it working as a character in some kids cartoon! It would be nice to see the tail, arms and legs have a more similar orange to the body, which looks very nice and vibrant. :)
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