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  1. Linux users are great spenders. AFAIK the Linux users have always paid much more for the Humble Indie Bundle than Windows or Mac users. Never mind, though. http://getormr.com/press/SadCatSoft_OrmrBetaForLinux_December2_2014.pdf
  2. 500k seems reasonable. There were about 16k votes on getsatisfaction for adobe to port cs to linux alone before it had to be closed because of the overwhelming response - and Im pretty sure there are some windows users too who want affinity on the os of their choice (although a bad one :P)
  3. Guys. Linux is the future. You may not see it at the moment, but you are trusting Apple way too much. What if your golden ecosystem breaks down? The thing is that I know lots of people who would be willing to purchase this software for even more than the original price if it was available for Linux. The Linux community is not cheap. If there is a quality product that is worth it, we're gonna buy it. And I'm pretty convinced Affinity is. When I read about it, I was super excited because as a young alternative to Illustrator, Sketch and Vectormator, there would be a chance of Affinity being
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