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  1. Yupp, Also this is why people are also mentioning a wine accelerator with sentences starting like "at least ...". Everybody is aware of this issue. But imagine it runs with nearly native performance with the minimal effort from Affinity. This then might lure more people into Linux. Because if it may turn out to be a very lucrative investment in the terms of ratio.
  2. People here are just asking Serif to bring the Affinity suite over to Linux, and they're even claiming they will extra money to buy another license for it if it ever happens. This thread should only exist here to campaign this request. Contra-arguments about how Serif doesn't "owe" anything to anyone and how Linux is not for XYZ seems a little repulsive, also ridiculous at least. Dodge released Viper RT/10 in 1992 and the car only had a chassis, a hood, two seats and an engine. People asked for more, Dodge delivered and people bought the new models. That's it. It's a matter of demand and supply, not some ridiculous enigmatic subject as "Linux not for certain people". Please do not pollute this thread. We just want to use Affinity on Linux, if you don't like it, just leave this thread alone.
  3. The reason people are mentioning Windows VMs are out of despair. Most people really want Affinity on Linux, but some people don't have that much of hope. Because this is page 57 on a single thread where all these people are asking for it for years on and on...
  4. I can agree on this one. My only reason to bring up the Steam Store + Proton was to make the devs' lives a bit easier with some sort of corporate support, that's all.
  5. I currently own Designer, Photo and Publisher and would pay for an extra license if they released it for Linux. My humble two cents on why it makes sense on publishing Affinity suite on Linux is: Affinity's approach of being affordable, independent and the alternative to a number of competitors Less strict, more trust-based approach on licensing (in my eyes, they are the CDPR of graphics design / manipulation software industry) The huge lack of proper graphics design / manipulation softwares on Linux platform How it could be done? Steam Store + Proton A little help with the guys who make Wine or WinApps, or even maybe some minimal collaboration Yes, Linux usage is very minimal, but it's growing. Steam had a big role in it. Now is the time to invest into it. Kind regards and happy new year!
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