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  1. an answer to 3 ( because it happened too me too. Click off new filesize! )
  2. So, if you want to buy this Nik Suite because you don't have it..it all works as fine in Affinity as did the same, 'older' version. Don't worry about perspective, it is just a new name for DXO viewpoint.
  3. More to : Don't waste your $$$ But this is not all . You might have been thinking what about the perspective tool. Good news. I f you have one of their Studios from the last 5 years, it is just viewpoint. on the left it is called perspective 'efex' on the right it is the same viewpoint you have known for years. I'm not done yet. so I did the same file all with Nik, well DXO and the other one with my favourite denoiser and Viewpoint. you know the left one done with Dfine didn't look right. Sorry about the file size, if it is too big I'll upload just a snip
  4. They were nagging again with the new version. I was warned because I had "upgraded" to V 2.5 before and felt seriously conned. There was nothing new, they had various screens about new adjustment, as it turned out that was all about some crippled Studio they sold with it. The rest were just 10 presets coloured in different shades of purple and sepia. jejeje. They had me once so this time I was VERY careful. Now look at my screenshot. Click here to see what it says on their site!! 25 new filters... but all you get is some previews for each filters like this or this ( at least they have translated the settings, but not the filter names now) Still looking for the 25 new filters, I find at last what they really are! You just need to rename some presets «filter»
  5. thank you. I didn't feel any urge to upgrade and I am still mostly running Sierra apart from one up that absolutely insists on Mojave. And yes I love little snitch , find it more important than ever. They can put their Big Brother or Gran Sur where the sun don't shine IMHO.
  6. No se escribirlo en alemán. Simplemente clique en las guias. In English.. click on the guides. look here
  7. Thank you @Alfred .For all who would like to know, the correct link for Designer is https://store.serif.com/es/update/macos/designer/1/. As a result my Designer definitely launches faster again. BTW I also have the beta and that comes as fast as the 1.8.4.
  8. Sounds like a good idea to strip it. We did that all the time with Intel files when we had PPC didn't we. Only I am not sure if lipo works on dylibs, because that is where the bloat sits
  9. Please, is there a link to the older version? I was sortof not paying too much attention and Designer updated itself.. The new file is huge and definitely not an improvement on my computer. I really can't afford new hardware...
  10. Thank you very much you have a good idea there , sure the graphic in the oval can be used as long as you use none of their fonts and lettering. Still, somewhere has to be a modern Rangie. the back of the card is already foreseen, it is just a list of things like , has to be squeezed in 2 languages. dépannage electrique 24/7 mise au point de moteurs diesel réparations elecetroniques, deblocage. ingénieur avec20 ans d'expérience dans la marque
  11. OK.. they are boring and they say nothing about the company from far.. Please be a bit more specific in your critique
  12. not sure about the black scarf under the beard but it is very nice. I like the Evoque on your site
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