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    Another novice here, I have oscillated all my life between technical design and fixer for just about everything. I am also a photo addict .. As an industrial engineer and Land Rover workshop owner I have to do a lot of my own design. Since 1991 I have used Freehand and still boot 10.6.8 from an external disk if I need to draw something, although I am afraid I can't do that any more once this Mac gives up the ghost. I miss a lot of stuff in Affinity, like the info panel, the simplify tool etc but I love the paths and lots more. Who knows, maybe in the end I'll get the best of both worlds.
  2. Hi Mr Harris, ( I love your avatar ) I am having a strange issue wit a pdf export for my business cards, the original drawing was done in FH. To avoid the rebooting from an external HD I have recently bought affinity but I'm really struggling with imports and exports. Curves that have no stroke have a fine hairline in AD. It is only *just visble* but it fattens up in export. When I zoom in it disappears. The annoying thing is that it is back in print. Text along a curve some gets rasterized or isn't lined up properly, it is more like groups of letters hanging to parallel horizontal lines rather than a radial align. any ideas welcome
  3. great Idea, yes. I love lightroom but they have shot beside the target in the latest updates. All I needed more was a better SIMPLE html export like in version 3 and a bit more masking for touch ups. So mine is still version 5
  4. Yes, I am glad you asked. I have been looking everywhere, I used it a lot for my car drawings to make the window rubbers.